Beauty: Pout perfect and Eyeliner on fleek with Lip & Co's products!

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world!”

This is truly what my mom believed in — that lipstick is the most essential make up product that every woman should have. This is why she’d always gave me a little nag whenever I walked out the house bare face. But it’s true and I do agree that lipsticks are essential to women. I also believe that we can never have too many lipsticks … this I’m sure many ladies would agree with me on. So, what is your choice of lipstick?  

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new brand called Lip & Co, a vegan friendly and cruelty free beauty company which specializes on lip products! Their signature product is the Velvet Pout, semi-matte lipstick. As the name suggests, the lipstick  has a semi-matte finish and feels lightweight when applied. Did I also mentioned that this was a local Malaysian brand?

My first impression of the shade #10 Emancipation was that it was very rich in colour. I was afraid it’ll end up too overwhelming so what I did was to apply a thin layer first and then slowly build it from a sheer to an intensely pigmented, velvety finish. 

I love how the formulation glides effortlessly on my lips, making it super uber easy to apply it. It definitely feels very moisturising and nourishing for the lips, especially with the infusion of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. The product is light on the lips too, more often that not … you tend to forget you’re wearing lipstick! 

| Wearing #10 Emancipation  on my lips |

In terms of lasting power, I made it through one meal after eating very carefully. The lasting power of the lipstick can definitely be improved but seeing how lightweight it is, you can also reapply the lipstick whenever necessary.

The other shade that I received was the #05 Nearly Nude, which was a gorgeous peachy tone. Like the name suggests, it is almost nude but not quite. It’s closer to the nude spectrum of colours. This shade was something much less dramatic compared to #10 Emancipation. This was something you’d probably would end up wearing pretty often, the everyday shade I’d call it.

| Wearing #05 Nearly Nude on my lips and used #10 Emancipation as my blusher |

Compared to #10 Emancipation, I found that #05 Nearly Nude has a different formulation with a more creamy texture. As a result, the finish is more of a satin one vs my preferred matte finish. The colour transfer of this lipstick was more significant too but still minimal. Overall, this was a lipstick I would wear for my everyday look especially since the shade is very corporate and professional friendly too.

If I had to name an essential make up product, I would have to say .... eyeliner. This the one product I absolutely can't live without and that's why I'm always on the lookout for eyeliners. Other than lip products, Lip&Co always has other products like their newly launched 'Just Wing It' eyeliner and I managed to give it a try!

This eyeliner has a felt tip marker which at first look may seem a bit chunky but is actually pretty manageable to shape the winged eyes look. The tip will need some practice before you're get used to it. However, once you're used to it.. drawing the winged tips will be easy.

There are a few considerations that I have on what a good eyeliner is ; the pigmentation, staying power and how easy is it to remove it. This eyeliner has a slight darker pigmentation than most of the drugstore bought eyeliners. I was able to adjust the thickness of the line I was aiming to achieve and draw the tip of the wing too.

As for the staying power, it lasted through the whole day but noticeably it also faded out a little bit. This eyeliner scored best in terms of the ease of removal for me. Just a light swipe of make-up remover was sufficient to remove it.

* * * * * * * * * *

If you're hoping to get your hands on it, you can always hop on over to their website at to purchase the lipsticks and the eyeliner too. There are currently special editions beauty sets which have been specially curated just for the festive season! The prices are also cheaper than the usual pricing, so it has never been a more suitable time than now ..... to shop!

For latest updates, you can always follow Lip&Co on various social media such as on Instagram and on Facebook. 

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Review : Towards a healthier lifestyle with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water!

There is no denying that water is important in our lives, it is after all one of the source of life. That without clean water, we wouldn’t be able to survive and live. But more often than not, we take clean water for granted. Do you know how clean your water is? Unfortunately, water straight from the pipes here in Malaysia is undrinkable … at least not where I lived. My dad once turned off the water filter, and I was shocked to realise that the water is actually yellow in colour.

That just goes to show how important it is to have a water filter installed at home, to have a peace of mind knowing that the water you have is clean and safe for consumption. Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to try the Diamond Coral Water Filter, which filters water and changes the pH level to be more alkaline. Health scientists found that most of the common health problems are resulted from the acidic nature of the water and food we consumed. On the contrary, alkaline water provides our body the minerals that our body needs and that also helps to even out the acidic impact that is imbued in our bodies as a result of the food and drinks we consumed.

I could definitely go on and on about the nutritional value of consuming alkaline water to our bodies from a health perspective but today I’ve decided to share on a topic lesser known of the other various benefits of alkaline water. You’ll be surprised at the endless possibilities of the alkaline water. Let me share my favourite one, where using alkaline water for fresh flowers …. actually prolongs their lifespan. This is true as I’m a fan of fresh flowers and from my experience, they don’t usually last that long. However, after I used DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water, the flowers didn’t wither that easily and it lasted for about slightly more than a week. In addition to that, I kept my flowers fresh by spraying or sprinkling the DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water over it to keep it cool during the day.

Similarly, I used DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water to water my plants and noticed that it actually improved the condition of my dying plant. I have a Devil’s Ivy or it’s more famously known as a Money Plant which I keep indoors but rarely have time to care for. After watering the plant for a couple of weeks with the water, I started noticing that the leaves were turning green again, from their initial yellow dehydrated state. Part of me was left skeptical by this marvel so I took it to Google to satiate my curiousity. True enough, there are articles online which supports this as well, where it stated that using water helps with the growth of the plants as it would help to balance the pH level of the soil depending on, of course the acidity of the soil. But as you can see my Money Plant doesn’t have any soil, hence the quality of the water would really impact the health of the plant.

The other amazing feature of the DIAMOND Coral Alkaline Water is how it manages to remove the fishy and raw smell of seafood or chicken meat, when you cleaned them. I found this extra useful because I’d hate that my fingers smells funky whenever I had to wash and prepare them to cook. But it definitely baffles me as to how it actually works. That to me is a mystery still but I can tell you that the water does remove that unpleasant smell from my fingers.

For an enhanced Diamond Coral Alkaline Water experience, I had the opportunity to also try the DIAMOND Coral WaterBar which its key feature is the ability to dispense warm water in just 3 seconds. Imagine this …. before I can finish my previous sentence, you would already be able to have warm water in your glass ready to be consumed. The temperature of the warm water dispensed by this WaterBar, is at the temperature of 50 degrees Celcius which is ideal for drinking.

Before this, I never realised just how convenient it was to have this option of warm water on demand. With this machine, I didn’t need to purposely boil water just to get warm water. All I needed to do was to press a button! Of course, you’ll need to fill the machine with water for it to dispense out the water. But aside from that, it is extremely convenient and hassle-free. I would definitely recommend this to families, especially those with younger children to start them young to have a habit of drinking warm water instead of cold water.

If you’re interested in the DIAMOND Coral WaterBar, there is a 7 Days Free Trial catered specially for new parents as this waterbar  has the perfect temperature to make the babies’ milk formula. For more information, click here! Alternatively, if you’re interested instead in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water you can try their 60-Days Free Trial Program here >>

For more information, you can refer to Diamond Coral Official Website | | or stalk them on Diamond Coral Facebook Page | |

Review : White Elephant Spa – the most affordable spa with a CSR Initiative!

If you’re a fan of spa and massages, you would definitely have heard about Thai Odyssey before. Thai Odyssey is famed for traditional Thai massage, providing customers with an authentic experience since their masseurs are from Thailand itself. In the early few months of 2017, Thai Odyssey started a new venture by the name of White Elephant.  Similar to Thai Odyssey, this new spa offers their core service of traditional Thai massage in a family friendly, cosy environment. What sets it apart is that thss spa — the White Elephant is actually a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, with a collaboration with Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) Sabah.

Beauty : A:Concept’s Make Your Concept Black Set - Christmas Edition

It’s that time of the year again, the festive Christmas season where we will welcome an abundance of good food and presents to end the year with a blast! It is also my favourite time of the year because beauty brands usually release special edition make up sets which usually consist of limited edition items or items bundled together and sold at a special price!

As it happens, I have the chance to review A:Concept "Make Your Concept Black Set" their Christmas edition which contains All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion Compact, a refill of the Cushion Compact, a lip and cheek stick and a lipstick. If you’re new to this brand, you should know that this product is used by by Girl's Generation's Taeyeon and their make-up artist Seo Ok. It’s called all-in-one because the compact has multiple features such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection and on top of which, the compact can keep your lipstick / concealer / cheek pen in it too. Read on more and I’ll show it to you.

Before I received this product, I read a couple of reviews online and I stumbled upon one blogger which mentioned that the coverage for this product is minimal even after three layers. With that in mind, I put it to test by applying the product. My initial thought is that it is a bit tricky to get the product on the air puff (the applicator). First I tried by pressing the air puff on the cushion, but I’ve only managed to get some of the product on. What I learnt after a couple times of usage is that you’ll actually need to press the air puff repeatedly until you feel that there is enough product for you to apply on. There after, I would repeat these steps a couple times more to get the coverage I wanted.

Let me share more about the design of the compact next. Its design is pretty similar to most cushion compact we have seen in the market. It houses the cushion which is soaked with the product, coupled with a dedicated compartment to keep the puff in place. The most unique and interesting part of this compact is that you can slot in your lipstick or cheek blusher or concealer to carry it on the go. This itself makes it very handy and convenient to touch up make up on the go!

Next is the lip & check stick which is a product that can be used for your cheeks as blusher or your lips, just like a lipstick! It’s aptly named as Everything in A Lip&Cheek. The shade I received is the Coral shade which is perfect for most skin type as the shade replicates that of a natural blush. It was easy to apply, although I must admit I didn’t really know how I should apply it. 

I ended up dotting my cheeks with the product (I’ll show you in the pictures) and using my fingers to then blend the colour. It definitely was easy to blend and the end result was a very natural and subtle blush!

The A:Lipstick I received was in the shade of RED ORANGE. As the name suggests it’s red in colour but with hint of orange. It appears more as an orangey undertone, which I’m personally not a fan of. Unlike your usual lipstick, this one came rounded in shape which I found to be trickier to apply. It’s managable still but you’ll need to be careful as you go on around the edges. The lipstick finish is matte, which is pretty much the trend now. The staying power of the lipstick is pretty decent, if you watch how you eat … you probably will be able to get to last a couple of hours. 

But reapplication is easy with the A:Cushion Compact because there is a dedicated compartment for you to slot the lipstick in, making it super handy to carry the lipstick around. You can also choose to bring the Everything in A Lip&Cheek instead as well. 

What I loved about these sticks are that they come with a mechanism which prevent you from accidentally twisting your lipstick by accident and ended up ruining it. To put it simply, after using the sticks, rotate until you hear a ‘click’ ! That’s the safety lock in place, because the product won’t be able to budge without firstly unlocking it. It’s very neat feature, because I lost count of how many lipsticks I have ruined.

Overall, I really loved how I can achieve a simple make up with just these products; the cushion compact, lip cheek and lipstick. If you don’t believe me, the pictures shown in this post are the results of using those three products! Of course, for the finishing touch, I dusted my face with Althea's Petal Velvet Powder to keep my face matte and looking fresh. Would you believe that I actually managed to finish my make-up using all the products above in just under 7 minutes?!

So, that’s why this "Make Your Concept Black Set" from A:Concept  is perfect for ladies who are minimal in their make-up and one, who always have that flawless face because the compact is so light and easy to carry around! I’ve been bringing them everywhere I go and pretty much loving the convenience I get. The set can be purchased from Althea for only RM106, here’s the link >> <<< ! With Christmas just around the corner, you better hurry on and grab it before it is sold out!

Shout-Out: the Beauties of Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017

Ever since I was little, I’d always been fascinated with beauty pagents. For starters, the beautiful ladies of these pagents are always dressed so pretty, exuding grace and elegance that a 9-years-old me wished to be when I grow up. Fast forward to today, I’m no beauty queen but these pagents fascinate me still! Recently, Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017 Grand Final Gala Dinner was held at Sunway Resort Hotel Grand ballroom, where Ms Kimberley Claire (Contestant No. 6) was crowned as the grand winner followed by Ms Gharam (Contestant No. 2) and Ms Valerie Lau (Contestant No. 5).

Review: Arissto Premium coffee maker–the happy maker!

I know of friends whom I’m allowed to talk to only after they had their morning coffee, because coffee is a good pick-me-up especially if you’ve had a long working night the day before. In fact, coffee is pretty much good to be taken any time of the day. If you’re a coffee lover, I think it would make sense to have your own coffee machine. With your own machine, you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of handicrafted beverage at the comfort of your home. 

Shout-Out : This weekend, Catch Harry Potter in Concert!

So, I received some news from sources who told me that there will be a Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Concert performance this weekend. The original film was released 16 years ago in 2001, which remained one of the most memorable movies I ever watched as I was growing up. It is after all the first movie of the Harry Potter series. 

Out & About: Malaysia, Are you Ready for UberEAts?

With the launch of UberEATS in Malaysia, we are welcoming yet another food delivery company except that this one originates from the ride-hailing app, UBER. UberEATS, is a standalone app that is powered by the same pioneering technology that made ride-hailing a norm around the world.  Malaysians can now enjoy a myriad culinary experiences and greater dining choices at the comfort of wherever you’re located at, be it the home, office or even a friend’s house during a party! The possibilities are pretty much endless, all this with just a touch of the button.

For this initial release, there are only three areas which they deliver to — KL’s central business district, Damansara Heights, and Bangsar. Of course, we should expect the coverage to expand further in the coming days, so fret not if you’re not located within these region. I’ve had a browse on the restaurant partners of UberEATS and within seconds, I’m already salivating at the thought of having so much choices available. Can you believe that there are about 200 restaurants already on the platform, offering foods, beverages and desserts of different cuisine?

During the launch we were given a chance to sample the food from Stika Studio, a fine dining restaurant with the chef preparing the dishes right in front of us. There was also Inside Scoop ice cream for us to sample, along with the servings of Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. It was definitely a fun night, filled with delicious meals as Malaysia have always been famous for - the variety of food choices available! And now, with UberEATS hopes to bring this food experience right to your doorstep, minus the hassle of queues and the jam!

If you’re wondering how long your order would take to arrive, it will be approximately 35 minutes from start to finish and the service will be available from 9am till midnight. Presently, there is only option to pay via credit or debit cards with the delivery charges at RM5 with no minimum order required. Additionally, UBER have also ensured that the delivery process satisfy the Halal requirements for both restaurants and consumers by working together with JAKIM. Halal and non-Halal food will be delivered in different carrier bags, which is a good initiative for our Muslim friends.

* * * * * * * * * *

To get​ ​the​ ​UberEATS​ ​app, follow these few simple steps
1. Go to Google Play or App Store and select “UberEATS: Food Delivery” to install
2. Register your details: Name, email address, mobile phone number and login password
3. Verify your details with a verification code that will be sent to your phone ​ ​ ​ ​
 ​ ​ ​ ​
* * * * * * * * * *

How​ ​to​ ​use​ ​UberEATS: 
1. Tell​ ​us​ ​where​ ​to​ ​deliver​ - add your home, work, or any other address or location you’d like
2. Browse​ ​local​ ​restaurants​ - search for your favourite local spot or select from a list of restaurants available.
3. Check​ ​out​ ​with​ ​a​ ​tap​ - pay with your card already on file and enjoy free delivery during the introductory period.
4. Track​ ​your​ ​order​ - watch as your order is prepared, picked up, and delivered straight to you.

* * * * * * * * * *

Till next time,

Review : Royal Bride Spa Package at OSTA Salon & Spa, Publika

Days leading to the big event, the wedding itself are one of the most stressful times that any bride will vouch to that. With that thought, came an inspiration to design a Royal Bride Spa Package by the ladies at OSTA Salon & Spa, Publika. The Royal Bride Spa Package is a 2 hours long package which consists of 60 minutes body baume massage and 20 minutes body bamboo scrub , both of which uses products from the Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic. This is then followed by a 20 minutes sauna with rose essential oil and 20 minutes floral milk bath with coconut milk. By reading the description, I could already visualize how amazingly pampered I would feel through out the experience.

| Double boiled Body Baume |

| Bamboo Scrub |

True to that, it was the best 2 hours I ever had in the longest time! My masseuse , Fieza is a petite, skilled lady whose skills are in the traditional Malay massage type. Combined with the body baume from Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic,  all the tensions from my body was relieved and it felt so relaxing! The body baume feels rich, yet it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your body. Body baume is double boiled to be liquidated before applying onto the skin for the massage session.This is followed by the body bamboo scrub which has bamboo beads that works to eliminate dead skin leaving skin soft and supple.

These two products are from the brand Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic, a skincare brand from Switzerland with Ecocert and Cosmebio certification. Organic Edelweiss flower is the main ingredient of this brand, a herb which is known for its anti-aging properties.

After the massage and the scrub, it’s followed by the sauna treatment, in which the heat from the sauna treatment helps to stimulate blood flow and the essential oil will help in clearing the sinuses and relieves congestion. 

Then, this is followed by the floral milk bath, filled with beautiful rose petals that helps to make skin radiant along with an additional ingredient; coconut milk that nourishes the skin with richness of nutrients that the skin need to stay healthy. Ending the pampering session with a floral milk bath, is the perfect way indeed. The rose petals in the tub can be used to scrub the body too!

The whole experience left me feeling ultra pampered and luxurious, which makes me wish for a next session already even before it ended. The Royal Bride Spa Package gives the body a total anti aging massage and enhance microcirculation to nourish and improve moisture retention of the skin.  Hence, it’s definitely highly recommended, especially if you’re looking for a package which combines both masssage and scrub, as well as the sauna and the bath too!

After the treatment, T2 tea and Royce chocolate is served to end the session on a sweet note! There is also a complimentary hair blow drying after the shower which you can utilise to dry your hair. Very thoughful indeed, to include that option. :) The Royal Bride Spa Package is priced at RM368, but in the whole month of October, there is a 20% discount! The price after the discount is RM294.40

* * * * * * * * * *

Allow me to share some information about OSTA Salon & Spa, which is unique and different than other spa places because they are a FEMALE only spa which caters only to FEMALE clients. The concept behind this was to cater specifically to female clients as they believe women deserve exclusivity in every aspect in life. Women nowadays are much sensitive with their surroundings, who know what's best for them. Hence, ladies can let loose and relax yourself at this little sanctuary without worrying about bumping into men, after you’ve finished your session.

| The Garden Room |

| Traditional Malay |

English Facial |

The OSTA Salon & Spa has four different concept rooms with different themes in each of them. There is the Garden Room, Moroccan room, Traditional Malay room and the English Facial room. The latter rooms of Traditional Malay and English Facial, each have two beds in them which allows them to accomodate friends who came in pairs. :) 

Moroccan Room |

Besides that, all the rooms have bath tubs in them but only the Garden Room has the sauna in it. You can actually pick which rooms you’d like it to be in but for the Royal Bride Spa Package,  it’s recommended to go to the Garden Room. For ladies, who plan to have a pampering session here, there is also an option to have a spa party for a maximum number of 5 pax with treatments, food & drinks and decorations provided.

Besides that, it is also worth noting that OSTA Salon & Spa is proud to support female and entrepreneur empowerment. The core belief stems from the fact that support comes from family members and they want their clients to feel like they are at home able to share their ideas with family members. They welcome women out there to share their knowledge, thoughts and ideas with them. Every bi-weekly, a small talk for a small group of 10 guests will he held at the OSTA Salon & Spa to share their knowledge and ideas. Guests will get to know each other and that's how word spread; via recommendation. Here is the link to attend their next event on November 11, a session called Personality Enhancement & Building Your Own Brand <<<< click here to find out more!

* * * * * * * * * *

// Publika, A1-UG1-09, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia //
Open from Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 8PM
// 03-6207 9006 //