Out & About : Nail Workshop at The Touch, Sunway Velocity

Imagine if you could head to a one stop location to get your complete beauty fix whether in terms of the services or products to purchase, or even beauty workshop. Let me then introduce you to The Touch, which is a new concept where it’s a studio-academy-salon-retailer under one roof, located at Sunway Velocity on the Commune Floor (5th floor).

With its talented beauty professionals, The Touch can provide hair styling, make-up services, photography and express manicure which can all be done at their shop. There are a few areas/sections at The Touch which is known as FAVE, COLOUR, NATURAL and PRO. Under FAVE,  you will be pampered from head-to-toe. After which you can opt to immortalise your transformation with a picture taken by the photographers there. At the COLOUR Touch, you indulge in a colour play to discover the various colours which suits you, right at the studio part of the outlet.

As for the NATURAL, there are various different ranges of beauty products brands ranging from Made-in-Malaysia brands, regional brands and international brands as well. I found that most of these brands were exclusive to the The Touch, which is focused on bringing the best of the products available to our shores. Last but not least, PRO houses an academy for both aspiring and experienced make up artists where there is an extensive range of courses from fashion makeup, bridal makeup, special effects, face & body painting…. just to name a few. The courses are designed to be short term and intensive. In addition to these courses, there are small group workshops and public talks held to share the passion in beauty and health with like minded crowd.

I have had the opportunity to attend a Nail Arts & Nail Care workshop conducted by NatureInspired.my, which specialises in selling chemical free nail products for ladies who enjoy to DIY their nails, as well as providing services of nail stylists and manicurists. The products carried by NatureInspired.my is big five free with no formadehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA and other solvents

At the workshop, we were taught on the basic steps to get a perfect manicure by Elle Chin who was a trained manicurist. Each of us were given a simple manicure kit which contains the items for us to prepare our nails for the manicure. As I mentioned earlier on, the products carried by NatureInspired.my were On top of learning the steps we were able to try the different products which NatureInspired.my carries such as, Lacc Lacquer from Canada [ a Wudhu-friendly and 10-free formula nail lacquer that is water and air permeable ] , Sheswai Lacquer from USA [ an eco-friendly 5-free formula nail lacquer ] and Bio Seaweed Gel  from Canada [ big five free with no formadehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA and other solvents ] . There were also nail treatment products from Bio Sculpture, from Australia which is a range of natural nail treatment products that nourishes, strengthens and addresses dry brittle nails.

What we learned from the workshop was the ten simple steps it takes to get the perfect manicure. Let me share with you on what the ten steps are.
Step 1 : Remove current nail polish (if any)
Step 2 : Soak your hand in warm water and salt soak.
Step 3 : Clip, file and buff your nails.
Step 4 : Apply cuticle softener, push back your cuticles and remove any hard skin around the nails.
Step 5 : Exfoliate your hands, then rinse. Apply mask and rinse, if preferred.
Step 6 : Apply the nail polish base coat.
Step 7 :  Apply two coats of colour nail polish.
Step 8 : Apply the nail polish topcoat.
Step 9 : Clean up rough edges and let your nails dry.
Step 10 : Moisturize your hands and apply cuticle oils.

After going through each steps, I came to realise that it is actually quite simple to have the whole manicure experience by doing it yourself. It just might take some time since there are quite a number of steps and we have 10 fingers in total, which would add up to the time taken. Nevertheless, it was a very good sharing session conducted by Elle , who patiently guided us and answered our queries that we had. I really had a fun enjoyable session together, where we also learned how to fancy nail art such as the ombre/gradient shade and the shattered glass.

If you’re interested in participating with workshop as the one I have attended, do check out The Touch Facebook’s Page where there will updates on the upcoming workshops. They do have workshops pretty often so, you may want to look out for it every other week. I hope you managed to find one of your interest, or you could always just pop over to The Touch, Level 5 of Sunway Velocity.

 Till next time,

Travel : An Adventure to The Mystical Hidden Lake in Ipoh

I always believed that the reason why the world holds so many wonders, was because we were meant to explore and marvel at their beauty. And, contrary to many beliefs, you don’t need to travel far to discover these wonders. Dear Malaysians, you’ll be surprised to know that we have quite a few of these in our homeground. Let me share with you my travel adventure to the mystical hidden lake in Ipoh, which famously known as Tasik Cermin.

It was years ago when I first found out of this Tasik Cermin (it translates to mirror lake in English), when I stumbled upon a picture of it on Instagram. It looked absolutely stunning, and true to its name, the lake has a mirror reflection! That’s when I decided that I needed to see this marvel with my very own eyes. Especially since it was located just in Ipoh town!

So, off we made our way to the place using guidance and directions from Google Maps and Waze. Unfortunately when Waze annouced our arrival at the location, our excitement was deflated. It pointed us to some roads, which basically was a dead end. With no further clue or idea, we almost gave up but then I remember we passed through a temple on the way in. The temple is called Tokong Da Seng Ngan, and we drove over there to ask for some directions.

What we found out was that, we were actually on the right path but we actually needed to drive up a slope, which has a sign that says “Private property, no trespassing”. We hesitated, because it’s explicitly written not to tresspass but we took a chance anyway, and drove right up. The sight that greeted us then, caught us by surprise as we found ourselves in the middle of a quarry. It was dusty and vast, there was little indication of any lake in sight at all.

Once again, we were caught in a fix of turning our car away for risk of getting caught by the quarry workers for illegally entering their premises. But as we observed our surroundings, we saw a tiny opening amongst the limestones and there were cars and motorbikes parked there. It was there and then, that we trusted our gut feeling and checked it out. As it turns out, we have reached a tunnel and there was light at the end of it.

We contemplated walking down the tunnel, because after all we didn’t know what was on the other side. But we came this far and I could not not know what was on the other side. The tunnel itself was probably about 200m or so and it was not a pitch black tunnel, but every step taken closer to the light was filled with suspense. Nothing had quite prepared us for the mesmering wonder that awaits us. The lake appeared as if by magic as we exited the tunnel.

The waters of the lake were still, reflecting the limestones and trees around it, like an image in the mirror. Serene quiet, the idyllic scene took our breath away. It was vault still and restful, unruffled by wind or rain. The only sounds were the chirping of the birds from a far distance. I imagine if there was more sunlight, it would had added a golden tint to the face of the lake. A startling eureka moment came when I realised how precious this beauty of the natural world was. I kept it to myself, immersing myself in this oasis. 

And now, I’m sharing this best kept secret of the hidden mysterious, yet absolutely mystical Tasik Cermin of Ipoh. I post this in hope to create an awareness that sometimes we just need to look within our country, Malaysia to realise the wonders of the nature that it offers. My only wish is that we preserve the natural beauty of the lake, to admire from a distance and maintain its pristine condition.

By the way, I stumbled upon a detailed description on the directions to the lake, and decided to share it over here >> http://www.daphnescapades.com/tasik-cermin/. This post is written in conjunction with Traveloka's #MyTravelAdventure campaign, click here  >> https://www.traveloka.com/en-my for more information about what Traveloka do!

Till next time,

Beauty : Only RM199* for SHIZEN VISAGE Collection!

Ask most ladies and they will tell you that make up products can be rather expensive, especially since it can go from the range of minimum RM40 up to hundreds of ringgit. In all honesty, I’m all for natural beauty but there are some very basic make up products that a lady would need. Like myself, besides the usually skin care products, I would apply BB cream, loose powder and eyeliner for my everyday look. I believe that make up helps to enhance our natural beauty which also helps to boost our confidence level.

Review : Slouch me not with Jonlivia’s Phiro Back Support!

Growing up, I always remember how my mom would often nag at me to straighten up and not slouch. As annoying as I used to think it was, I realised why she’d do that now. It was because posture plays a very important role, whether in terms of appearance or from a health perspective, amongst other reasons. Thanks to my mother, I have a pretty good posture although it can be improved. I said this because I do realise now that I have a tendency to slouch especially when I’m tired, bored, annoyed, etc… you get what I mean and at that time, I just want to get into a confortable position. So I will just slouch.

Beauty : The Daisy Sky Travel/Trial Kit

Have you ever stopped and wonder about the different type of harsh chemicals that we put onto our precious face? That thought had actually crossed my mind multiple times but I struggle to find a product which is completely natural and free from these harsh chemicals. To make things worse, some of the products we used on a daily basis, could consist of ingredients which can cause cancer. :/

So, when I was introduced to Daisy Sky Malaysia, I was excited to learn that their products are a 100% natural, made from plants and floras (flowers, if you don’t know). In fact, because their products are all-natural, it is recommended to finish the Daisy Sky Malaysia products within 6-months (maximum) upon opening.

Out & About: Wedding Gowns Fitting at Ivory White Bridal House

Ever since I was little, I have had moments where I dreamed about how wonderful it is if I could be a princess or at the very least, dress up as one. But frankly, I never got to during my childhood. My parents brought me up in a way that I never did quite demanded for things, I just learnt to live without that need. Over the years though, I grew up and I didn’t revisit that fantasy until recently, when I tried on wedding dresses for the first time at Ivory White Bridal House. Now I know why wedding gowns are such an important part of a wedding, there is just an indescribable feeling.

Eat : Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理 , Kota Damansara

The cold rainy weather we’ve been experiencing these days make it perfect for steamboat meals, especially for the spicy Sichuan type. If you’re familiar with the Sichuan cuisine, you’ll know that it has very bold flavours, especially in terms of spiciness which results from the generous use of their chilli peppers, and their very own unique flavour of Sichuan pepper. People of Sichuan are very fond of hot and spicy taste, hence you can certainly expect this if you’re dining in an authentic Sichuan cuisine here in Malaysia.

Snaps : Food Tripping In Penang Island, My Top Five Street Food!

It is no surprise that I live to eat, with street food being my absolute favorite type of cuisine. Having said that, it makes me feel pretty blessed to be born as a Malaysian, where street food are an abundance and you can almost eat at any hour of the day. I live and grew up in Kuala Lumpur where the street food here are one of the best ones you can have. But there is an exception to that statement of course, because there is another place which can rival Kuala Lumpr and it is the 'Pearl of the Orient' of Malaysia, the Penang island!

Shout-Out : Meet Honestbee, the online personalised grocery concierge!

It was probably a couple of months back that I first recalled seeing this cute bee logo, intriguing me to find out what they represent. Back then, what I knew is that the logo represent a new app in town which is called honestbee, an app and website which enables you to shop online for your groceries. Fast forward to now, honestbee have officially launched in Malaysia just a couple of weeks back in The Bee, Publika. (Did you notice what they did here by choosing to launch at The Bee?)

Out & About : Wine Tasting with Mr Pedro Pereira by Boozeat

There is a quote that goes like this, “The finer things in life are acquired tastes.” This is something I believe in, simply because of how true it is. A simple survey to your friends, friend will show why. You can ask a handful of people if they liked oysters, and I can assure you that not all will say “YES!”. Things like caviar, foie gras, oysters, wine … are just some examples of finer things which usually requires an acquired taste. For me, I absolutely love oysters and I’m still learning to appreciate wine. So, when I was recently invited by Boozeat (http://www.boozeat.com/) for the event; Wine Tasting with Mr Pedro Pereira, I was happy to perhaps be able to learn more about wines.

Eat : Chinese New Year Cookies with SCS Butter!

Chances are you may have heard me say this before, ‘'I’m actually allergic to the kitchen.” This basically translates to, I can’t cook and even if I do, I might bring the kitchen down or turn it upside down. A couple of weeks earlier was the Chinese New Year and I had the opportunity to try an assortment of artisanal cookies baked with SCS butter.

Eat: Italiannies’s New Menu at The Gardens Outlet

I remember years ago, I was craving for a hearty Italian meal and my foodie friend brought me to Italiannies. That was my first visit there and true to my friend's suggestion, it was indeed a restaurant which served comfort, hearty meals that is sure to satisfy any cravings for Italian food. It is as authentic as it can be as the head chef of Italiannies, is from Italy itself. And recently Italiannies have introduced a new menu, making its debut at their Gardens Mall outlet. The new menu is not only designed to provide high quality delicious Italian food, but to also proudly root the Italian tradition in all its dishes. Our night of feasting begins with the Classic Caesar, which is an Italian-style of caesar salad with toasted foccacia bread. As for the antipasto, we had both the Spinach & Artichoke Formaggio and Bruschetta.

Classic Caesar | RM 26.70 Regular

Eat : Pablo’s Matcha and Chocolate Cheese Tarts & Frute

The No.1 Japan’s world famous cheese tart can be found in the grounds of One Utama Shopping Complex (Second Floor at the Old Wing) in PABLO’s Malaysia first ever outlet. Ever since PABLO’s Malaysia opened, their PABLO mini cheesetart have always sold out daily. Whilst I love the Mini, I do also enjoy eating their Freshly Baked Cheese Tart too. The texture of the crust and the cheese fillings are fluffier and lighter in the Cheese Tart. So it came as a delightful news when I found out that PABLO’s Malaysia is introducing their range of Matcha and Chocolate products! If you’re curious what these products are, read on more below !

Review : Althea’s Box Collection –The Glitter Box

Do you remember a few years ago, there was a beauty box trend where you subscribe to a monthly box subcriptions and every month, you’ll receive a box of beauty products of samples sizes? That trend have since died down, thank goodness for that. I remember receiving a few boxes and to be honest, those products were given at random and most of the items were not even suitable for me. I ended up having a pile of beauty products samples which I will never use.

But before you decided never again to try beauty boxes, let me enlighten you with the specially curated boxes from everyone’s favourite Korean beauty website; ALTHEA. Unlike those monthly subscription boxes, these boxes from ALTHEA have specific theme behind each of the box. The box I have received is called the Glitter Box,  so it’ll have all the sparkly and glitter products for that fancy night out or for that extra sparkle. Other themes of the boxes released are like Base Makeup, Pore Care, Year-end Party, Life-Proof and etc.!

Eat : Chinese New Year Festive Spreads at Ti-Chen, Saujana Hotel

Nestled among the lush greeneries of Saujana Hotels & Resorts is Chinese restaurant, Ti Chen in which the name translates to ‘Emperor’s Palace’. Hence, it is only befitting to be greeted by the imperial guards (which reminds me of the Terracota Army) at the entrance of the restaurant. A step into the restaurant will take you back to the days of glorious China dynasty, especially with the live music of chinese instrument “guzheng” playing in the background.