Eat : Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant, Kajang

When it comes to food, the distance travelled to get there is negligible when the food is deliciously amazing. This time around, my gastronomic adventure brought me to the quaint Kajang town. Located along a row of shops, stood a grand restaurant called Fortuna Palace and true to its name it feels like a palace of three storeys high.

Review : My Botox Treatment at Premier Clinic, Bangsar

If you ask me on the one thing I'd like to change about my face, I would say .. "my chubby cheeks". I'd say that in a heartbeat, no doubt about it. I don't like it because I always appear to have a bread face on pictures. It is hard to look good at any angle if you have chubby cheeks. Some girls can pull that look cute but unfortunately that doesn't make me look cute. So, the solution is simple.

Out & About : DCODE 1A Private Lounge Event

Have you ever been to a speakeasy lounge? If you don't know, speakeasy is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. There are actually a few such bars/lounges around KL and Petaling Jaya, but I've never visited any of it. But recently, I've been invited to KL’s latest most exclusive speakeasy lounge, the DCODE 1A Private Lounge.

Eat: MIGF Festive Menu at Samplings on The Fourteenth, Berjaya Times Square Hotel

In conjunction with the Malaysian International Gastronomy Festival, Samplings on The Fourteenth which is an award-winning restaurant located in Berjaya Times Square have customized a special menu for the month-long festival. This menu have been meticulously put together by Chef Val, which is the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine who has 26 years of experience under his belt (or hat, if you get what I mean). ;p

Out & About : Helipad Cinema Adventure at Stratosphere, The Roof

About a week ago, I watched a movie at the world’s first helipad cinema… and that is a tick off the things-I-want-to-do list! If you haven been to Stratosphere before, you will know that the view there is absolutely gorgeous. But now, you can have a unique outdoor cinematic experience while overlooking the 360-degree panoramic view of the city and greater Klang Valley.

Shout-Out : XIXILI Stand Up For Pink Campaign 2016

Eat : Charlie’s Cafe, Taman Desa

I’ve first heard of Charlie's Cafe when it was featured that the cafe serve the best chicken chop in Kuala Lumpur. To be voted the best, I was certain that the chicken chop must have been nothing short of amazing. So, I’ve placed this cafe on my must-visit cafes. Then, from a friend I heard that they are also serves durian soft-serve ice cream, so smooth and delicious too! By then, I knew I had to come and try them myself.  Read on more below to find out how my visit to Charlie's Cafe in Taman Desa, was!

Eat : The Eating Guide at TasteMIGF, Berjaya Times Square

A couple of days back, I posted a shout-out on the return of TasteMIGF - the spectacular preview event of the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival (MIGF), which is happening today; 24 September 2016 and tomorrow, 25 September 2016. At this event, you get to try bite-sized portions from participating restaurants from their specially crafted Festival Menus, in conjunction with the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival.

Out & About : Petsmore Crazy Sales Roadshow & “The Secret Life of Pets” Collaboration

Have you seen the trailer about the movie on pets called "The Secret Life of Pets"? Ever since I watched that trailer, that movie have been on my Movies to Watch list. I'll be catching that movie soon and I'll tell you how it went. It has such a cute storyline on the things our pets may do when we are not around. I've never had a pet before but I know it'll be entertaining. If you have a pet of your own, all the more reason to watch it.

What's even better is that Petsmore Malaysia is running a promotion in conjunction with the release of the movie. You can now get discounts on the merchandise from the movies, such as frisbee, bottles and few others. So hurry on over to the nearest Petsmore outlets! In addition to that, Petsmore is running their 4 days roadshow promotion at their shop outlets, where they have crazy deals for the products they have. There's so many deals, so I'll just summarize it for you below!

Out & About : Grand Launch of Global Milbon’s 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line

If you recall, I blogged about my experience as one of the first few lucky ones to try out the Global Milbon's new Smooth Hair Treatment. This treatment was a different than those hair treatments I have done previously. I love how I could see the results of the treatment on my hair immediately after it. Additionally, the treatment can be customised to suit the various different hair types. From my experience, there are not a lot of hair treatments which is suited for curly, frizzy hair type like mine.

So, I was very impressed and amazed with the Global Milbon's new Smooth Hair Treatment, but when I first tried it, it wasn’t launched yet. Only after the launch, would the treatment be available at salons. If you haven’t read my post on the hair treatment yet, do click on the link to read it. Read it here >>

Fast forward to a couple of weeks back, Global Milbon have launched their 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line which consists of both the treatment and also, the home care products. The launch was a very exclusive event held at Grand Hyatt Hotel, whereby attendees were presented with the full range of the Global Milbon Beautiful Hair Signature Line. The line includes three different range which is Smooth, Moisture and Repair. Let me briefly summarize what each range consists of.


This range is suitable for ladies who are concerned over the texture of their hair, as it instantly detangles and improves the feel of the hair which gives the hair a soft, silky-smooth texture. The range include Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Treatment and Luminous Bodifying Oil. For both the Smoothing Treatment and Luminous Bodifying Oil, they are available in individual formulas which are specifically designed for fine, medium and coarse hair. This range have a fresh, floral scent for the products.


This range is suitable for ladies who have dull, dry and porous hair, as it reverses the damage caused by repeated colour service by infusing moisture and ensuring longer lasting, vibrant colour. The range include Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing Treatment and Weightless Replenishing Mist. This range have a fruity, aqueous scent for the products.


This range is suitable for ladies who have severely damaged and over-processed hair, as it restores hair to look, feel and behave as if it had never been damaged in the first place, while enhancing the hair appearance during styling sessions. The range include Leave in Treatment (Milk) and Restorative Blowout Primer, where they have a warm, sweet scent. The Restorative Blowout Primer has two type, one for fine hair which boosts elasticity and coarse hair which enhances softness.

That is pretty much a low down of Global Milbon 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line. If you are intrigued and would like to know further, you can actually head to the salons below to purchase the products as well, to try the new deep-conditioning treatment along with the in-salon consultation.

  • A Cut Above, Kuala Lumpur
  • The Color Shop, Petaling Jaya
  • Color Bar, Johor Bahru
  • Empoir Hair Lover, Johor Bahru
  • A Creative, Seremban
  • Unique Expired, Johor Bahru
  • Momtz Hair, Melaka

Do drop by these salons to try the products and treatment by Global Milbon 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line! I’ll be happy to hear about your experiences, so let me know how it went! On that night, I was also invited to share about my experience since Global Milbon's new Smooth Hair Treatment already. I haven't spoken publicly since my college days, and I was only informed of it hours before the event. Luckily, it went well for me. Here's a picture of me during the sharing session below. 

And here are the rest of the pictures from the Grand Launch of Global Milbon’s 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line,  some of the pictures are taken by the official photographer (those without my watermark). Those with my water mark are taken by yours truly. 

I loved how cosy the event was, and it was such a personal feel to it too. For this event, there was black and white theme, so I decided to wear a long white lace dress. This have been in my wardrobe for the longest time, I'm glad I finally have an occasion to wear it to. 

If you noticed, my hair have been styled differently from my usual curly hair do.. which was actually done by Emily from Number76's Midvalley branch. All my life, I didn't think my hair was capable of this styling. Please get your hair done there by her, she's super talented! Her style is more of the edgy, rock type too. <3 

Congratulations once again, Milbon for the launch of Global Milbon’s 360° Beautiful Hair Signature Line. Thank you for inviting me over and for the collaboration! 

Till next time,

Review : Shopping online for authentic branded goods with massive discounts!

If you ask me, online shopping have always been my preferred method of shopping because of the convenience that comes along with it. Just a few clicks and you're done! Just like that, you have purchased your goodies which will be shipped directly to your house. The best part is not needing to walk out of the house especially since there is a so much hassle of finding parking in malls and not to mention the jammed roads. You can also pay via credit card or online banking as well, so you don’t have to worry about not bringing enough cash too!

Now, these are the plus points of online shopping but it also comes with its cons. One of the issues I have with shopping online would be the authenticity of the products I was purchasing. This is especially true when I purchase any BRANDED items. There are times that the prices for these BRANDED items are so cheap that it is almost unbelievable.

“Too cheap, it must be fake imitation goods.”

Yes, that would be the first thing to come to mind. But what if I told you that there is actually a legitimate online shopping site which sells AUTHENTIC BRANDED items at a huge discounts? Which website, you might ask. It’s none other than one of the fastest growing shopping website, If you have doubts over the prices, rest assured that the prices are so much cheaper than retail because Lazada deals directly with each of these brand principals. Hence, they are able to obtain these AUTHENTIC products at a discounted prices and these are reflected back on their selling prices on Lazada.

“Only real, authentic products are sold on by the respective brands.” 

To shop by the brands, you can easily navigate by clicking on “SHOP BRANDS” on the That way, you know that you’re purchasing directly from the brands itself.

To be honest, I just found out recently that carries so many brands now. This makes my shopping adventures so much easier! I was recently looking for some sneakers for training since I decided to start my fitness regime once again.

Thanks to Lazada and New Balance, I now have new training shoes from New Balance. This shoe can be purchased from the New Balance online store in Lazada, the link to the store is here >> . You can find a huge variety of other New Balance’s shoes there which are massively discounted. My shoes originally cost RM 299, but after discounts it was only RM 199! Such a steal, indeed!

Lazada’s Fashion Big Brand Sale from 5 September to 11 September!

If you’re looking to shop and maximise your hard earned money now, you’re in luck because Lazada is having their Fashion Big Brand Sale now till September 11. You have just a few days left to shop actually! I was just browsing their Fashion Big Brand Sale and I already have my eye on a few things like this Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Lady Rose Gold watch. There is a 60% discount now! So so tempted. :x

So, what are you waiting for? Like I said earlier, the promotion ends on 11 September and that is this Sunday! You really don’t have much time to shop. Just live by the motto of “You’ll only regret the things you didn’t do.” ….. if you missed the chance to get that product you always wanted, which is on discount…. you may never get it again at that price. Haha! Trust me, I know it’s true.

Till next time,

Out & About: Top Five Tips for A Successful Pre-Loved Bazaar Sales!

About a couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity to participate as a vendor in Markets, the 19th edition at Jaya One. This was actually my second time having a booth sale to sell my pre-loved clothes and my brand new beauty product. My first ever booth experience was at ClosetStyles one where I shared my first day experience here >>> Out & About : The Star Closet - Celeb & Bloggers Bazaar by ClosetStyles. Do click on the link to read more.

It’s only been two bazaars which I had the opportunity to participate in but each of the bazaar had been an awesome exciting experience for me. Based on my observation and experiences, I thought it’ll be handy to share some tips on how to have a successful sales at these type of bazaar. I have came up with these tips from my experience at these two bazaars.

* * * * * * * * * *

Smile, often.

I know this is actually really obvious, but the thing is when you have a friendly face and it appears more approachable. That way, potential customers would be likely to come over, just to have a look at the things you have on display. When that happens, you have an opportunity to strike a conversation (this will be elaborated further in the point below). It doesn’t cost a dime to smile and you’ll even feel better by smiling. So, remember to smile smile smile!

Have a conversation.

This is a tip which my sister and her friend, Jue Shuen told me about, when they were helping me to man my booth. What they did was simply to chat up anyone who dropped by the booth and then show them what were selling. Of course, they went on to promote the items on sale, if necessary. When they did this, they actually managed to sell more things. Why? Simply because you build and create a rapport with them.

Be prepared to give discounts.

Somehow, when you’re selling your own items such as pre-loved clothes and beauty items whether brand new or used, people will ask for discounts still, even if prices are already stated on the items already. When they ask, there are two possibilities whereby they are actually interested in the products but wanted to see if they can get it at a cheaper price. Or the other one is when they are interested only if the price is reduced to what they would be ready to pay.

So, you also have to option then… to stick firm to your prices or to actually give them a discounts. I think when it comes to giving discounts, it would be very subjective. If your aim is to clear everything, then giving discounts would be the way to go. For me, if these items were not sold… it would just continue to collect dust in my room as compared to exchanging it for cash instead, albeit at a lower amount. Of course, there are items which are already cheap for what it is worth, so I wouldn’t give any further discounts on it. This brings me to my next point, on the pricing of the items.

Mark up your items.

This is the simplest solution to counter the discounts you would be expected to give from customers who ask for discounts. From my experience, I have had many customers who willing paid for the full price of the items I was selling and of course, there were the bargain hunters around too. Sometimes, I had to give massive discounts up to 50-70% of my already discounted items. Whilst I didn’t actually make a loss (since I have already written off the costs of these items and this is not a business to me), selling those items for extremely low prices can be quite the heartache. I sold off a really nice pair of brand new boots for only RM12 :(

And so, it’s simple. Mark up your items to an acceptable price. Say if I was actually willing to sell the boots at RM20.. I should place the price at around RM25. If someone asked for discounts, I could say, “Okay, RM23.” If they negotiated more, I can push it lower to RM20. My point is simply to sell your goods with an intention of giving further discounts but yet the prices are still reasonable.

Have an interesting concept.

The last point is one that I came up with after my observation of a fellow blogger friend of mine, who had an interesting concept to sell her pre-loved clothing. What happened was that she had boxes and boxes of clothes and to sell them, she sold Ziploc bag at RM10/each and allowed her customers to stuff as many pieces of clothes in it. If you can zip the bag, then you can take home whatever clothing in that bag. This concept is actually borrowed from the clothes buffet event, you can read more about it here ; I blogged about it years ago. But it works! My friend’s booth attracted a lot of customers and I’m sure it helped to clear her items out too!

As for me, what I did was simply to have pre-loved clothes in a box and offering them at RM5/piece. From my experience at both booth sales, I realise that customers tend to have a tendency of rummaging through boxes for cheap finds. I had both my clothes on rack and in boxes ….. it was always the one in boxes which sold more. So there’s a valuable tip for you, right there!

* * * * * * * * * *

And that is the top five tips on organising your first pre-loved bazaar! I’ve been lucky and blessed to be able to participate in the Markets at Jaya One, as a vendor after years watching it grow year on year. The experience have been an amazing one being able to sell my items to make spaces for new things, to know that my loved ones are so supportive of me from helping me to set up the booth and accompanying me, to meet all my friends who dropped by to say hi to me and to meet all the lovely customers who have purchased from me. I hope you enjoyed the items you have gotten and gave it a new home! 

I’ll leave you with some of the pictures from the bazaar at Markets 19 at Jaya One, which was held a couple of weeks back! I took some pictures of my booth and a whole tonne load of selfies with my friends and family.


And that is a wrap for my bazaar experience at Markets 19 at Jaya One! Like I mentioned above, once again I just wanted to say how thankful I am for my family and friends for always being so supportive of me! I really couldn’t have done this without my awesome support team. Thank you again to the Jaya One team  for the opportunity too. It’s been a blast!

I know I didn’t mention much about the other Markets’s vendors but just briefly, I actually fell in love the meatballs from Meatball Kingdom which is the most amazing meatballs I have ever eaten and one of the creamiest mashed potatoes too. I didn’t have much time to shop because I was on booth duty, having to care my booth but I saw so many clothes vendor, selling their pieces at a steal! Now, I cannot wait to attend the next Markets 20 bazaar which will be held on 15th & 16th October, The School, 11am – 7pm.

So, if you missed this one, be sure to catch the next edition! I’m already counting down the days till October comes. That is just a few more months more! Hit me up if you’ll like to go together. :)

Till next time,

Review: 360° Beautiful Hair, with the Global Milbon Smooth hair treatment!

Ever since I have embraced my curls, I have always been on a constant hunt for a good hair product and treatment which is suitable for my hair type. Before I go, let me explain more about my hair. It’s curly with almost even curls of those similar to instant noodles but my hair texture is coarse and also frizzy. If you know speak the curly hair lingo, my curly hair type is probably between Curly 3A or Curly 3B. My hair also hates water so much that it repels it, which pretty much explains why my hair is dry.

Meet the whole range of products which will be used on my hair! I'll explain more on each of the products below. So read more to find out! 
There are salon care products and home care ones as well, so that you can continue to have smooth healthy hair after the treatment.

Recently, I was invited for a special session to try the new Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment by the Japanese brand, Milbon under their latest 360° Beautiful Hair campaign. The Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment  have yet to be launched yet, and it will be introduced, available in selected exclusive salons. At the moment of posting, I am not informed of the salons yet but once I know, I’ll be updating it here.

Milbon, which is Japan no.1 professional hair care brand introduced the all new Global Milbon Signature Line which is made up of Smooth, Moisture and Repair range. The line of products contains a special ingredient which is called SSVR-Silk complex which helps to improve the hair, from the inside of it to the outer side of each of the hair strands. It’s basically a nano technology incorporated into their product after years of research!

Having heard this all, I’m curious over how it works especially since it will help with my frizz hair which have been a long battle I have had. For curly hair, it pretty difficult to see the results of the treatment cause the curls are all over the place. So, I was indeed curious when the educator of the brand, Jacklyn mentioned that I would be able to see the results, even with my curls. The treatment recommended for me was the Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment.

This treatment detangles and improves the hair condition, giving it a soft, silky-smooth treatment. So let’s begin, with a simple run-down of how the Global Milbon Smooth Hair Treatment.

We started off with the Smoothing Shampoo (this is part of Home Care series, so can be purchased and used at home), by shampooing the hair. After the shampoo, a special step using the Perfecting Primer, which helps to increase and maintain the slippery texture for the treatment to absorb better for a softer hair. For more coarser type of hair like mine, the hair will be blown dry and flat iron after the Perfecting Primer is applied to achieve the smooth texture.

As I mentioned above, my hair is more of the coarse type and hence, Jacklyn suggested that it'll be best for my hair to be flat ironed after applying the  Perfecting Primer to open up the cuticles in my hair for better absorption of the nutrients!

The three part treatment is only then applied after the prepping the hair in the steps above. The first part, No.1 – Smooth is to smooth out the bumps in the hair, the No. 2 – Hydrate helps to keep the hair hydrated and the No. 3 – Top Coat, seals in the treatment for long-lasting smoothness. There is a salon technique in applying the No. 2 – Hydrate which help to emulsify the treatment cream and will remove the roughness of the cuticle, this technique is actually repeated until the hair is smooth. After all three part of the treatment is applied, it is then rinsed off from the hair.

After that, it’s the last step which is the Luminous Softening Oil topped on with the Restorative Blowout Primer applied to the hair, from the middle to the ends.The primer is an emulsion type, which is milky and appears to be thick. However, when I tried to apply it on my hair, it absorbs really quickly and was actually able to shape my curls or rather, it held my curls in position. I remember years back I stumbled upon a product which is similar to this and I loved it! I can’t find that product since but I’m so glad Milbon released this!

For the styling, Jacklyn opted to maintain my curls and she styled my hair with just the two products mentioned above! I usually just use oil to style my hair, but with the combination of the Luminous Softening Oil and Restorative Blowout Primer, my curls appeared to have more shape and body to it! See, the final look for yourself! In all honesty, I never seen my curls so gorgeous before. Not only was it defined, my hair looks smoother with definitely less frizz and healthier for sure. I’ve always had people telling me how “damaged” my hair was when it’s actually just dry and frizzy.

I’m actually really really amazed and satisfied with the end results, didn’t expect that the treatment would be able to show instanteous results. To be honest, I would have thought that with my coarse hair texture, it’ll be harder for the treatment to work? That’s my logic at least, but I’m glad it did. Now I cannot wait to try it again in the salon! I’m already planning to get the whole range of the Home Care which is the Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Treatment, Luminous Softening Oil and Restorative Blowout Primer, especially the oil and the primer cause I have seen how it works!

The primer actually also repairs damaged area while keeping the hair supple and manageable. What I love best about this was the fact that it doesn’t leave my hair oily and greasy after the application. When I use coconut oil to style my hair, my hair is actually oily when I touch it. So yes, if you’re interested to get the products and try the treatment, do look out for my update. I’ll be attending the launch for the Global Milbon range soon, so let’s hope they will let us know then. Thank you once again to the team, the very talented Jacklyn and Gary for styling my hair and Cain for inviting me for this review. I loved it to bits!

Till next time,

Shout-Out: Markets by Jaya One, the 19th edition!

Man, don’t you think that time flies by too quickly these days. I know I’ve been feeling so lately, especially with many of my friends already working and some even marrying now. I still remember those days in school with these friends of mine… oh, how we would crawl you many online blogshop and just browse. Back there, the online blogshop scene was booming and there were so many options to shop but there was a downside to it. We couldn’t try, see or touch these items since there were sold via online. Then came Markets which brought these online shop to an offline bazaar, where we could see these items in person and buy them.

Fast forward to now, Markets has ran 18th edition of their lifestyle bazaar and will be running the 19th edition, come this weekend! It’s their second time this year, so if you missed the first one this year, you can catch it at Jaya One on 6 and 7 August 2016, from 11am until 7pm on the Ground Floor! As I mentioned previously, this bazaar have now grown to host a plethora of vendors catering for fashion-savvy individuals, food lovers and music enthusiasts to find the best in fashion, gastronomy and entertainment.

There would be a whooping total of 80 different booths ranging from footwear, homemade paraphernalia, apparel and artisanal food! You’ll be sure to find something there that would suit your fancy. I’m eyeing on the clothing and food, mostly! Besides that, there will be entertainment from local up-and-coming musicians such as Nan Blues, Monsoon Market and Wolf that will be belting out melodic acoustic tunes to keep the crowd entertained. You can find the full list of the booths below! Do keep the layout below in your phone for easy reference since there are so many and it’s hard to keep track!

This time around, Markets 19 will be special for me as I will be having a booth there as well, selling my pre-loved items. I’ll be having cheap sale for my clothes, starting at just RM 5. There will other items for sale such as this Temporary Tattoo Eyeliner and Temporary Lip Sticker at just RM1 each! This is super clearance, so come support me and show your love. I’m located at Booth 79, the bloggers area, so do find me there! I’ve been really blessed to have friends come support me at my last booth gig which was for the Celebs & Bloggers Bazaar by ClosetStyles (see the pictures below!). Fingers crossed, I hope to see friends dropping by to support and accompany me again!

So, what are you waiting for? Mark down in your calendar and block the dates to attend this bazaar! Parking is only RM 3, a flat rate for the day. Do note that if you’re parking in the basement, park near Block J or Block H as these are the closest to the bazaar. :) See you there! Oh by the way, there will be goodie bags given out as well, so come early to grab them bags! 

Till next time,