Review: Say hello to healthy and shiny hair with Jemile Fran’s Juicy x Glossy Shampoo & Treatment Products!

Hello, lovelies! I’m back with another beauty product review and I’m rather excited to share with you about these products by Milbon. These products are of a new range known as Jemile Fran, which have both shampoos and treatments. They were recently launched at the Number76’s Starhill Gallery where I had the opportunity to attend it and had my first experience with the shampoo and treatment, demonstrated on me by the fantastic stylists at Number76.

During the launch, we were briefed on how their star product, the shampoo works. How it does it magic is through lathering the shampoo thoroughly through your wet hair; your hair need to be completely soaked for the bubbles to foam up. That is when the magic works, because the foams contains healthy nutrients which will seep into your hair to keep it moisturised and silky smooth! There are two type of shampoo to choose from, which is based on the type of hair you have. Naturally, my hair falls into the course type. The other type is the fine type.

On the other hand, the treatment works by improving your hair texture and giving you your desired hair texture for after the wash. What this means is if you love a silky and shiny texture after drying your hair, get the silky x shiny range. For me, with my curls, I would love a product which can keep my curls bouncy. Hence, juicy x glossy one is more suited for me as it add moisture to my hair.

I have taken closed up shot of the products, so that you can have a general feel of how it looks like. The packaging is of a very sweet light pink and simple, no frills design. Or minimalist, I would say. I love the simple designs and the squeeze type of dispensing for both the products are spill-free. Meaning, they don’t spill out excessive when you pour them out.

I have always received comments that my hair is damaged and frizzy, but it’s actually just because it lacks moisture to be honest. I am banking on this product to restore the moisture in my hair. From the launch, I received the product for me to try and use it at home. The launch was a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it since. Guess what? I loved it to bits!

It is are the most amazing hair product I have ever tried, and the best part is that it works on my curls too. It’s actually really difficult to find a product for my hair type given that majority of the market caters more for girls with straight hair. After using the product, my hair is very much softer and the curls more prominent. I used to have issues whereby my curls won’t behave and they love to bounce away from each other,  very much like a lion’s mane.

It is said that the more you use this product, the better your hair condition will get. I have already noticed this. I used to have tangles in my hair, but now as I run the water through it, I can actually comb my hair with my fingers without tangles. I can also feel the softness in my hair. But do you know what is the best thing about the product? It’s how amazing it smells like. Imagine spring with peonies blooming all over… that is what the shampoo and treatment smell of. It stays in your hair and just smell so damn goood.

So, where can you get the products? It is available in all Number76’s outlets, priced at RM80 for the shampoo and RM92 for the treatment. Currently there is a promotion where you can the limited edition gift pack which comes with both the shampoo and treatment but also with a travel sized set. Just as the one I photographed above. There are only 100 units available, so do hurry and grab while it last.

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Out & About : Sally Hansen’s Mother's Day Spring Tea & Pampering Party

About a week ago, Sally Hansen organised a pleasant tea party to pamper the ladies, along with their mothers in conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration. When I got the invitation to attend, I was happy that I’ll be able to spend some mother-daughter time bonding over one of my very first love which is manicure and nail polishes. Do click on the link here to see some of very early work in my days of blogging >> [ Manicures ] . Boy, do I miss doing these beautiful nail swatches and designs.

Anyway, back to the Sally Hansen’s Mother's Day Spring Tea & Pampering Party. At the party, we were treated to manicure session using Sally Hansen’s latest product range called the “Complete Salon Manicure Spring Pull & Plug Collection” . This Complete Salon Manicure range is basically nail polishes designed to cater for your own home manicure, all in just one bottle. Just one bottle, because this polish has the following 7 benefits; base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon colour, top coat, chip resistant with a gel shine finish.

This is basically the closest to gel nail polishes you can get, without the hassle of getting them nails done at a salon. Additionally, the brush used for this range have an 800-bristle count, with a shorter brush length and more precision to pick up the polishes. I didn’t know that there was a technology behind the brushes for the polishes! This goes to show how much research have been done for these products.

Having heard so much about the product, I was pretty excited to have a chance to try the latest collection from the  Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure range, their Spring collection. Since I had a wedding dinner to attend that night, I picked a sweet pink shade called Aflorable. To complete the look, I had a nail art done on one of the nails as well. Here’s how it looks like.

After getting our nails done, it was time for the scrumptious lunch buffet spread by Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar! I love the ambiance and the feel of Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar, it had a laid back modern feel to it. Not to mention that there was plenty of light filling in the cafe making it just the perfect place to take pictures!  

Throughout the food spread, you’ll find all the polishes of the Complete Salon Manicure Collection matched to the colours of what the food is. Like the dragon fruit yogurt was purple in colour, there were bottles in the purple violet shades placed right next to them. It was so gorgeous! Kudos to the organizers behind the Sally Hansen’s Mother's Day Spring Tea & Pampering Party, every single little detail was thought of! There were fresh flowers all around the cafe too, matching the Spring theme of the party.

You can see how cute some of food were presented in; there were salads in mini glass with yogurt and latte in a jar. Yums! The presentation of the food, made it all the more appetizing. I took a plenty other more pictures from the party, with my mom and the blogger friends there which I have not seen for the longest time! It was so good to be able to see them again and catch up on our lives. Enjoy the pictures!

Since the theme was spring, my sister Clarrisha suggested I wear this gorgeous chiffon floral dress. As it happens, I also have a long dress with a similar print but different design. So I asked my Mom to wear the same as well and ta-da! Our dresses matches one another, the sweetest ever! Boy, am I blessed to be able to wear matching outfit with my Mom.

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers out there a very belated Happy Mother’s Day! Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday of our lives, not just on a decorated day in May. Honor your mom each day for appreciate them for bringing us into this world and blessing us all with the unconditional love Mothers can give to us. :)

till next time.

Review: FUNA, the family locator app.

These days we have apps designed for each of our needs, from the simplest tasks to apps which can do incredible things just like the FUNA – Family Locator app! if you haven’t heard of this app before, what it does is actually helps to locate your family member without needing to check in on them, such as messaging or calling them.

How it works is basically you and your family members would both need to install the app; there’s an invitation to be sent out from one party to another. Only after accepting each other, will the location be shown. Sounds simple, isn't it? It really is that simple. After that, you can just let the app do its magic and it’ll tell you the whereabouts of one another.

In fact, the app can do more than just checking the whereabouts of your loved ones, because you are also able to send an SOS alert to your family members. I can imagine how especially useful it would be should your car breakdown, and you need help from them! The best part about the SOS alert is when your loved ones can see where you’re at and that way, they can come to you to your exact location.

Review: Personally, I have used the app for a period of a few weeks, getting my loved ones to join me on the app as it is only then would I be able to try and review the app. I found the app really useful for my parents especially given, the nature of my work which more often than not requires me to work till late. With this app, they were able to know of my whereabouts without needing to constantly check in with me. This helps a lot, since I rarely have time to check my phone during work. Besides work, on my weekends the app helps to inform my loved ones of where I’m at; if I’m watching movie, if I’m at the malls or etc. You can see it the real-life application of the app below.

In the experience shown below, I wanted to inform my parents just where I was at. With the FUNA app, my parents already knew where I was located at which was especially useful, cause whenever I’m out and about it is easy to get carried away and it’ll slipped my mind to inform my parents. Let me share with you another experience from using the FUNA app with my partner. He loves cycling, so he is often on the move cycling around. What happens when he does that is that he would cycle to a distance as far as 100km per session. As exciting as his passion sounds like, for me it’s a bit more worrying because I get so afraid if something would happen to him. But with the app, I would know when he reaches from Point A to Point B and vice versa. As he is on the move, he wouldn’t be able to text me of his whereabouts too.

My mom wrote a review on her experience of using the app, along with my sister’s experience as well. You can check out their postings here; & . So, if you’re considering to give the app a try by downloading the FUNA – Family Locator app today for Android or iOS, which is available for both Android and iOS phones!
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Review: Sales Alert for your online shopping at!

Having such a busy schedule means that there is little time left for me to do my shopping, so I’d usually resort to online shopping since I could do that at my own convenience without even leaving my house. The best part of online shopping? The shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year! I remember years ago when the online shopping scene was just at its infancy stage, things were so much different then. I even managed to dabble in that scene with my very own online shop!

Nowadays, things are so much different and there are so so many online shops available, we‘re all spoilt for choices. To be honest, sometimes it can be a bit hard to keep track with all the products from these site. You can not imagine how my email is bombarded every few days with the newsletters from the shopping sites.

This is where Off The Rack, a fashion discovery website comes in handy as it enables shoppers to find and compare from over 100,000 products from online stores from Malaysia, Singapore (soon) and UK and buy direct from them. What makes it even more amazing is the search filter on the site which makes it easy for shoppers to search for men's apparel, women's dresses, tops, shoes, skirts, bags, jewellery and more! Besides that, you can also upload your very own Outfits Of The Day ("OOTDs") or looks with their favorite outfits and get inspired by those of other members. You can also customize your own personal style by following brands and other users of the sites to latest trend updates from them.

I think of all the features the website has, the best feature from the site is the Sale Alerts, a website feature that monitors any item in your free alerts list and sends an email notification when the price drops. I love this feature the most, because more often that not, I’d fall so in love with a dress…. but I didn’t get it in the end because it’s too expensive. :(

With this Sales Alert feature, you can monitor sale prices on the products you’re interested in. When you save an item on the Sale Alerts list (by selecting "Get Sale Alert" below the product), you will receive an email notification when the price drops. Then, you can then buy direct from the online shop at the newly discounted price.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to to start saving and shopping! 

Till next time,

Out & About : Shopping at Freeport A’Famosa Outlet, Malacca

I have never met a Malaysian or in fact, anyone who doesn’t love discounts during shopping. I’ll be honest to admit that I rarely pay the full price for my purchases unless I really had to have it. Of course, there are a few exceptions here and there but I absolutely love shopping with discounts! Previously, I’ve only shopped during the Mega Sales Seasons or during the Warehouse Sales where prices would be slashed tremendously.

Only recently did I discover of Outlet Stores, whereby the products sold there are always on discounted prices at any time throughout the year! I first heard about these stores during the opening of Mitsui Outlet, located in Sepang. Then I had my first hand experience with outlet stores when I was in Melbourne at the DFO South Wharf; I got myself Levi’s jeans, Roxy wetsuit and Calvin Klein’s shirt at a bargain price. Ever since I’ve been back, I missed shopping over there. Deals were so cheap!

Thankfully, I recently had the opportunity to visit the Freeport A’Famosa Outlet located in Malacca, which opened its doors to the public on 5th December 2015. The Freeport A’Famosa Outlet or better known as the outlet village spans over 180,000 sq.ft in size with over 60 brands ranging from fashion, sport and accessories.

Before the opening, I have actually passed by the area and I was in awe with the beautiful architecture I saw from the car. When I actually visited the place, I realised that the outlet is in an open air mall concept featuring a lake, fountains, carousel and windmill with architecture loosely themed on Malacca’s Dutch heritage.

The outlet is actually pretty close by the Alor Gajah toll on the North-South Expressway, which made it easier and convenient for travellers to head there since you don’t really need to drive into the Malacca city to access the mall. Best part of it all, is the ample parking spaces available for free! That actually is one of the main factors I would consider when I’m out and about; whether the parking would be an issue.

Like other malls and outlet stores, the main attractions would be the brands available there. At Freeport A’Famosa Outlet, there are a myriad of brands to shop with such as Puma, Rip Curl, G2000, Espirit, Levi’s, Cotton On, Carlo Rino, Sacoor Brothers, Nike, Melinda Looi, Forever 21, Crocs, Daphne… just to name a few. The retailers here are more varied with different brands to appeal to the various crowds.

The moment I saw that Melinda Looi amongst the list of retailers, I decided that would be the first shop I headed to. There are really no better designers to support than the ones back in your own home ground; that for me is what I believe in. I always seen Melinda Looi’s designs and there is never a better chance to have one of her pieces at a very affordable price now.

There were plenty of designs available in Melinda Looi’s outlet store ranging from party dresses to modern traditional dresses and even some basic wear as well. You’ll be delighted to know that there are various sizes available, even from XS sizes! There, I fell in love with a sequinned party dress which oozes the Gatsby 1920’s era kind of dresses. I always wanted a stunning party piece and I’m so glad to have found it here! The dress was on around 50% discount. Such a steal!

You’ll find the discounts at the Melinda Looi’s outlet store ranges from 20% up till even 70%! So, do drop by there to shop for dresses which will make you the centre of attraction. /:p I saw so many other dresses that I love!

PS - If you're lucky, you might even meet Melinda Looi herself at the store! I was so lucky to have met her in person, and to take a picture with her too and also wearing a dress she had designed! 

So what are you waiting for? Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is approximately less than 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, with so many great shopping deals await. On top of that, you can also pop by the Malacca city for a day trip to fill your tummy with all the delicious food they have there.

Till next time,
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