Review : My Pet Shrimp, so tiny … it’s only 1cm long!

If  you’ve arrived at this post because the title intrigued you… I can assure you it’s not a click bait. It’s true that now I do actually have shrimps as my pet and yes, they are ridiculously tiny as well. Take a ruler and measure the length of a cm, if you cannot visualise. These shrimps of mine are actually called Aloha Shrimp and it’s known as the perfect pet ever. Why, you ask?

Because the Aloha Shrimp lives in a perfect self-sustaining ecosystem, which require no feeding or water change. How these shrimps survive is by utilising their resources without overpopulating or polluting their habitat. This is why you never have to feed them and there is virtually no maintenance required. The Aloha Shrimp feed promarily on mirco-algae matter and bacteria. In other words they are filter feeders and will often swim to the surface to feed on the water.

The bare minimum you need to do for the shrimps is to provide them with a source of indirect natural or artificial light to enjoy its delicate beauty for years to come. You can expect them to live for a minimum of eight lucky years. In fact, the oldest recorded Aloha Shrimp is 20 years old and going strong which makes these creatures have the longest life expenctancy when compared to other pet shrimp in the market.

After having them for a month plus, I must agree that it’s the easiest, most fuss-free pet which I have ever had. In all honesty, I actually never had any pet in my life at all because of many reasons. But the main reasons are the time, commitment and money involved in getting a pet. For most pets, you’ll need to care for them, feed them and play with them… on top of these, their food and care products will cost money. However with the Aloha Shrimp,  you can just place them anywhere, preferably at a place where you can sit and enjoy watching them swimming around.

I received my Aloha Shrimp in the Ahihi Habitat Small, which is the most basic habitat for the shrimp that can accomodate two shrimps. Inside each balanced habitat are active micro-organisms, algae and bacteria and of course, the two Aloha Shrimp. The Ahihi Habitat is part of the Ke Ola Collection, are customisable to your individual tastes! Thie Ahihi Habitat is the foundation of a great habitat, and you can add-on accessories to your personal preference and desires!  

There are quite a variety of accessories to decorate the habitat and provide your shrimps a playground for them, such as Ceramic Playground, Coral Stones, Japanese Lava Rock and Japanese Ryuoh Stones. What I noticed from observing my pet shrimps  is that they are highly active, incredibly social and love to gather in clusters.When provided rocks and corals, they love to frolic and play the day away with each other while savaging for food. They love places to hide and cooperate. Apparently, they also use these places when its time to mate.

The Ahihi Habitat Small is priced at RM99, which comes with hand blown glass habitat with cork top, color gravel, natural Black Sea fan coral, two Original Aloha Shrimp and 500ml Habitat Water. You can order them online from and these will be delivered to your home. As the shrimps are hardy, you need not worry and trust that they will reach safely, in one piece. However,  upon receiving your Aloha Shrimp, please do not be alarmed by their white appearance. When stressed or scared, the Aloha Shrimp tend to temporarily lose their vibrant red colour. You’ll need to give them a few days rest in their new Aloha Shrimp Habitat, trying not to pick up their home, and you'll see their colour gradually return.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that these Aloha Shrimp requires virtually no maintenance. But you can take additional steps to ensure that your Aloha Shrimp live a healthy and happy life for years to come just by topping up any evaporated water with Habitat Water whenever necessary, and by adding 1-3 drops of B-Water Complex Supplement or Z-Water Complex Supplement a week to maintain the preffered balanced ecosystem for your precious pets. These supplements are actually nutrient based water, which has a mix of healthy bacteria strains. It also keeps Aloha Shrimp happy and healthy by optimizing the balance of the habitat and providing them with tasty treat.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect pet … your search for one, just ended. You can get these cute, fuss-free and low maintenance pet of Aloha Shrimp. In fact, it makes an interesting story to share about your shrimp friends. For me, most of my friends asked if they are edible. After which I will begin to share my story about my pet shrimp! It’s definitely interesting to have them as a pet. :) But sometimes, they enjoy playing hide and seek, which gives me a mini heart attack then because I cannot locate them both especially since they are so incredibly tiny.

How do you start your Aloha Shrimp Life experience? By  getting your very own Aloha Shrimp from the shop itself here >>  If you're planning to get the Aloha Shrimp, there is never a better time than now because I have a special GIFT CODE for you! Use the code [ JOINTHEFAMILY ] as you check out! You'll be getting the supplement for your Aloha Shrimp.

For the care items and accessories, you can purchase them from If you’d like to stalk these shrimps and get more information, you can check out the Facebook page here and the Instagram page here

Eat : Little-known Japanese Restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya — SoloMen Cafe

The area of SS2, Petaling Jaya is known to be brimming with various different cuisines, offering countless choices of delicious food. During one of my food adventures, I’d stumbled upon SoloMen Cafe, a relatively undiscovered restaurant which serves yummy, heartwarming Japanese food. The menu is extensive which ranges from appetizer, wheat-based homemade ramen, donduri and ala-carte items (such as Unagi Kabayaki, Saba  & Salmon Shioyaki/Teriyaki, Shishamo Shioyaki, Aji / Kisu / Ebi Fry … just to name a few).

Gyoza | RM11.90

Tori Karaage | RM14.50

Hoikoro | RM16.90

Tonkatsu | RM20.90

I have a special fondness for dumplings, so the gyoza being the Japanese version of dumplings is definitely one of my favourite appetizers. I love how this Gyoza was pan-fried, first with oil and then, water till the Gyoza is nice and crispy. The skin is also of the right texture and thickness, making it such a joy to sink my teeth in it. The Tori Karaage on the hand, had a slightly thicker coating that what I liked but the chicken was tender and juicy. Yummy, nevertheless with further improvement, it will taste better!

Negi Miso Ramen | RM20.90

Kimchi Ramen | RM19.90

Tenshinmen | RM16.90

Tonkatsu Ramen | RM20.90

As you can see, there are actually quite a variety of ramen dishes which you can choose from. I’ve actually counted the number of ramen dishes available to order and there is a total of 15 different types which you can try and order. There is one with kimchi in it, giving you that Korean Japanese fusion mix of flavour. Tenshinmen — a fried omelette on top of your ramen in a shoyu soup base, if you loved omelette as much as I did! Both of these are highly recommended and personally, very unique ramen dishes one ought to try.

Of course then, there is also the classic favourites of Tonkatsu Ramen — springy wheat-based noodles in pork bone soup, topped with char siew, sour pickled vegetables and boiled egg. The sour pickled vegetables originates from the Chinese cuisine and in my opinion, gave me it unique twist to the classic Tonkatsu Ramen. I would say this is an acquired taste as it is definitely, not one for everyone.

Hokkaido Buta Don | RM22.90

Kimchi Chahan | RM17.90

Although not as extensive as the ramen choices available, there are also aplenty of rice dishes you can choose from. Chahan is the Japanese term for fried rice and in SoloMen Cafe,  there is the kimchi (Kimchi Chahan) option or the one with char siew, fish cake and egg (Chahan). With the addition of vegetables to your chahan, the dish is then known as Takana Chahan in SoloMen Cafe. 

 Hokkaido Buta Don | RM22.90

But the obvious winner for the rice dishes have to be the Hokkaido Buta Don where white rice is served with grilled pork of sweet sauce flavored. This dish originates from Obihiro, a town in Hokkaido. The layers of fat and the pork meat, gives it a juicy texture. The sauce also complemented the meat well, it was light yet still flavourful.

Tiramisu | RM11.90

A meal is not complete without desserts and I’m sure many will agree with me on this. Whilst I was half expecting to be served with Japanese desserts, my attention was caught by the different cakes on display. There were a few choices available and in the end I settled for two different flavour. One is the Cempedak Lover and the other being the classic favourite of Tiramisu. The Cempedak Lover was a surprise to me, especially since it’s my first time seeing a combination of the “smelly” cempedak fruit with chocolate in cake. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the cempedak fruit but I know some of doesn’t like the smell and the pungent taste.

Cempedak Lover | RM 13.90

Tiramisu | RM11.90

Cempedak Lover | RM 13.90

But, it was love at first bite! I absolutely loved how well, the cempedak flavour was so prominent in the cake. There are actually chunks of the cempedak fruit as well, and those bits are the best part of the cake. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that cake, if you love the fruit. Trust me, one slice wasn’t enough. In fact, thinking about it now has got me craving for inarguably the BEST CEMPEDAK CAKE in town. Try it, if you don’t believe me.
* * * * * * * * * *

Solomen Cafe
// 16, Jalan SS 2/24, Petaling Jaya, Selangor //
Open from 12pm-10pm on Tues-Thurs. Hours extended to 12am on Fri-Sun. Closed on Monday.
// 016-289-9079 //

* * * * * * * * * *

Eat : Raw Wholesome Desserts from Freaking Wholesome

I’d always live by the quote of, “Life is uncertain, eat desserts!” which I believe to be true. More often than that, life can get so complicated and sometimes, desserts can give you that comfort. Similar to most ladies, I struggle between indulging in desserts or watching my diet. No prizes here if you can guess which option I’d usually end up picking!

Review : Ginseng Flavoured Mouthwash? — Meet IBKEEO!

There is no denying that oral hygiene is an important element, one which we ought to give extra attention to. But how often do you actually use mouthwash after brushing our teeth. For me, that was something I’d do occassionally mainly because I’ve never been a fan of the strong minty aftertaste and the burning sensation that it leaves you with. All of my life, I’ve only known of these bright coloured minty mouthwashes only. Little do I know that there are actually another type of mouthwash… like the one from IBKEEO, which is a Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash.

Beauty: The SEP JEJU MASK PACK Review— Honey, Cactus, Tangerine, Green Tea

Growing up, I remember the days where I had my share of acne and skin problems during puberty. Gosh, it was such an awakward time as girls growing up and facing puberty. That time, I was naive and I didn’t actually know that there were a wide variety of beauty or skincare products to help address these problems. What I did back then, was to try out many different Do-It-Yourself (DIY) remedies to solve my acne problems. I’ve done tomato mask where I smashed raw tomatoes and placed it on my face, as I read that this will help me pimple scars. It’s hilarious thinking back those days, because the juice from the tomatoes will keep dripping down my face.

Beauty : Trying Althea’s first Beauty Product — Petal Velvet Powder!

The loose powder is an essential make-up products for ladies, which I'm sure many will agree with me. It may seem like a simple product but it is one which works wonders in any make-up regime which is why the loose powder step, is one not to be missed. It's usually use as a finishing powder because of how versatile it is. I'm sure ladies will agree with me on this one, because I personally swear by it too! Because of that, I’d always been on a hunt for the perfect loose powder which can set my make-up, get rid of oily shine (usually after applying foundation / BB cream) and sebum control, which will leave you face looking matte especially for those with oily T-zone.

Beauty: The Prettiest Beauty Parlour —Luminous Beauty Parlour, Desa Park City !

As ladies, it’s within us to appreciate the fine beautiful things in life. That can explain why we always dress up, it’s important to look beautiful and feel confident too. Let me share with you a secret on pretty little space, (which is so Insta-worthy) where it can make you prettier too! Intrigued? Imagine a beauty sanctuary, where you can opt for different kind of services such as facial treatments, manicure pedicure and eyebrow embroidery too. I call it a sanctuary because how gorgeous the place is, and it exudes a calm serene feel.

EAT: A gem of Japanese food in Butaya ISAKAYA, Sri Hartamas

For the longest time whenever my friends come to me for recommendations on where to eat isakaya,  I’d be stumped. Stumped because there are just too many options out there to choose from and I’ve only tried a handful.  There were mostly hits and misses, but I may have stumbled upon a place worth recommending to Japanese food lover. Although the name suggests that the eatery serves izakaya, don’t be fooled to think that that is the only type of dishes that they have.

Eat : Let's Chill at AfterWerk, Scott Garden!

Scott Garden has long been known as one of the more happening places, once the sun goes down. Located along conveniently along Old Klang Road, it’s obvious why many head over there to have a couple of drinks, chill or even party … which is mainly because of the central location, ample of parking, and abundance of food to eat. One of  these such establishment is Afterwerk – the cornershop of  Scott Garden with bold signage which you cannot miss if you ever drove past it before.

EAT : Cosy neighbourhood “Vin Wine Bar” at Sri Petaling

In areas such as Hartamas, Damansara or Bangsar, you’ll definitely be able to find establishments like bars and pub at these “happening” locations. But for some us, travelling to these areas can be quite a nightmare-ish given the distance from where we live and considering how ridiculously jammed it can get. Parking in these areas are virtually impossible during peak hours.

This is when you wished that there would be a neighbourhood bar for you to chill and hang out without going through the hassle. Why, say hello to Vin Wine Bar, a cosy boutique wine bar located in quiter side of the bustling Sri Petaling area. Sri Petaling is no stranger to the cafe hoppers since it houses  an array of hipster cafes. But Vin Wine Bar is an interesting new concept of wine bar & shop where you can enjoy a few glasses of wine or even just walk-in to purchase wines.

Beauty : Trying the Curél Sebum Care Trial Kit, by Kao!

Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of sensitive skin episodes where I found out the hard way that I’m allergic to excessive chlorinated water. The skin exposed to those water would itch so badly that I needed to take medication or apply calamine lotion. Besides that, I also suffer from exfoliative keratolysis, where the skin on my palm and feet would peel, most of the time for no reason at all. It took me years before I realised that the products I was using was not suitable for my skin.

Eat : Spicy Seafood Feast at Fatt Kee Roast Fish!

As a Malaysian, I'm proud to say that I can take spicy food with a fairly good tolerance for them. Not only can I handle spicy food, I actually love them passionately too. If you love spicy food as much as I do, then you must have heard of Fatt Kee Roast Fish. Fatt Kee Roast Fish rose to fame last year when its concept of serving an array of seafood on a silver pan, with a spicy broth went viral on social media. Riding on the wave of the hype they have created, the couple which hails from China came up with another “viral” social media  concept of serving their seafood dish but this time, a jumbo sized version. It’s called the Jumbo Seafood Platter, which comes in several different sizes too and a whole lot of different type of seafood too!


XIXILI unveiled the Spring Summer 2017 Collections in its 5th annual lingerie fashion show themed "Wanderlust, Come Away With Me" at Makespace, Quill City Mall.  The fashion show was themed around a wanderlust soul who loves exploring and enjoys every moment of her life. There were in total 14 models who breezed through the runway styled with wide brim boater hat and dainty choker to take on that edgy style with confidence. The pieces worn by the models portrayed free-spirited wanderlusts enjoying moments, as well as the power of being comfortable in your own skin.

Out & About : A Soiree Party at the *new* Posh! Nail Spa TTDI !

Located at the corner of the quiet street of Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7 in Taman Tun Dr Ismail is Posh! Nail Spa, a nail parlour founded by Ms Sereen Ng in 2010. 7 years later, Posh! Nail Spa have expanded to 4 different outlets across Klang Valley – with outlets located at TTDI, SS2, Nu Sentral and Damansara Heights. When you think of this and of their humble beginning of a room sized saloon with two chairs, you cannot help but feel amazed at Posh! Nail Spa’s success!

Beauty : Let's Talk! - The Pros and Cons of Hair Removal Methods

Most of us love our hair, striving for luxurious tresses we can arrange in hundreds of different styles. However, we also have hair we would rather not grow, like on the legs or upper lip or back. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair and each with their own pros and cons. Today I decided to list down several common methods along with the good and the bad of each treatment type.