Eat : Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理 , Kota Damansara

The cold rainy weather we’ve been experiencing these days make it perfect for steamboat meals, especially for the spicy Sichuan type. If you’re familiar with the Sichuan cuisine, you’ll know that it has very bold flavours, especially in terms of spiciness which results from the generous use of their chilli peppers, and their very own unique flavour of Sichuan pepper. People of Sichuan are very fond of hot and spicy taste, hence you can certainly expect this if you’re dining in an authentic Sichuan cuisine here in Malaysia.

Recently, I have just discovered of a gem where in addition to serving authentic Sichuan cuisine, there is also steamboat served here with soup base of authentic Sichuan spicy soup. As the name suggests, the soup is known for being extremely spicy and it’s one where the spiciness builds up gradually. There are many ingredients that goes in preparation of this soup namely the different herbs and spices, such as star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and fennel seeds, just to name a few.

These ingredients give the soup, its flavourful taste and aroma but what gives it its spicyness is the dried chillies and of course, their own signature Sichuan peppercorn. You can actually identify most of these ingredients as you’ll find them floating in the soup, that is when you know the soup is authentic. To be honest, I was pretty excited and afraid at the same time to try the soup. I took a sip and the first taste wasn’t spicy but rather you can taste the different spices used. However, as you drink and cook your food in it, you’ll start feeling a lingering numbness in your tongue. But somehow, you’ll crave for more and continue eating it. It’s almost like an addiction which you can’t stop, at least that was what happened to me.

If spicy is not your thing, there are actually many other options for soup. There are the Seafood Soup (海鲜火锅), Chinese Herbal Soup (药材滋补汤), Pickled Cabbage Fish Soup (酸菜鱼), Pork Bone Soup (猪骨清汤), Pork Herbal Soup (猪骨养生汤), Bamboo Fungus Chicken Soup (竹笙鸡汤火锅) and Mushroom Chicken Soup (野生菌锅).  When I tried the steamboat, our soup order was actually the Half Spicy & Half Non Spicy Soup where the non-spicy option was actually a combination of all the soups that I have just listed above. As funny as it seems to have a combination of all the soups, I can assure you that the soup tasted deliciously still and it was appetizing to say the least! The spicy option is of course, the Authentic Sichuan Soup (正宗四川麻辣锅) of which I have described in detail above.

Now that I have explained about the soup, let us move on to the wide-spread of choices you can have for your steamboat meal. You’ll find that Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理, there is over 100 items for you to choose from. It ranges from seafood, types of meat (including the innards), meatballs of different types from chicken, beef and etc.. , mushrooms, vegetables, bean curds, noodles and eggs! These are the general type of categories of items and under each category, you’ll have more options. I’ll be sharing with you some of the very interesting ingredients to the steamboat which I absolutely love.

Lamb Slice | RM16

Pork Belly | RM10

Chicken Slice | RM10

Spicy Beef Slice | RM12

Tender Beef Slice | RM12

Hunan Bacon | RM16

Scallop | RM15

Dory Fish | RM12

Sea Cucumber | RM18.80

Bamboo Fungus | RM12

Dumpling | RM8

White Beancurd Skin | RM4

Bamboo Shoots | RM8

Red Potato Noodles | RM6

The selections available at Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理 are actually quite vast and there are a couple of items which I found very interesting. I would highly recommend trying the Spicy Beef Slice and Tender Beef Slice, which have both been marinated using their special ingredients. For those who cannot take beef, you can give Bamboo Fungus and the Red Potato Noodles a try. These two items had a very special texture to it and I love how crunchy and chewy it was. The dumpling, although it may look like any other normal ones was actually very delicious. I found it to be rather meaty and goes well with either choices of the soup.

Sichuan Tea | RM12

Another must-try at the Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理 is their authentic Sichuan Tea, which is made from buckwheat. The tea is different from the usual Chinese tea you're probably familiar with. This one is lighter in terms of body of the tea, but actually is more fragrant and tastier in my opinion. 

Sichuan Tea | RM12

This was actually my first time trying an Authentic Sichuan steamboat experience and I must confess that it was not as terrifying as it seems like, because I was initially afraid that it would be too spicy for me to handle. But this experience made me realise it’s quite tasty and you will actually crave for it. As I type this now, I’m planning my next trip over there already.

If you read this post and decided that you would like to give Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理, I have some vouchers to give out! I have in total FIVE vouchers with a value of RM50 each for you to give this restaurant a try. If you would like to win the voucher, kindly share my post on your FACEBOOK, please set to public and copy the link to your Facebook share. Then, complete your entry by leaving a comment on this post with the following details; NAME, EMAIL, CONTACT NUMBER. I’ll drop you an email to arrange for the voucher to be sent to you or picked up from me. Each person is entitled to win one voucher only. :)

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// Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理 //
No. 19, Jalan PJU 5/12,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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It is no surprise that I live to eat, with street food being my absolute favorite type of cuisine. Having said that, it makes me feel pretty blessed to be born as a Malaysian, where street food are an abundance and you can almost eat at any hour of the day. I live and grew up in Kuala Lumpur where the street food here are one of the best ones you can have. But there is an exception to that statement of course, because there is another place which can rival Kuala Lumpr and it is the 'Pearl of the Orient' of Malaysia, the Penang island!

Shout-Out : Meet Honestbee, the online personalised grocery concierge!

It was probably a couple of months back that I first recalled seeing this cute bee logo, intriguing me to find out what they represent. Back then, what I knew is that the logo represent a new app in town which is called honestbee, an app and website which enables you to shop online for your groceries. Fast forward to now, honestbee have officially launched in Malaysia just a couple of weeks back in The Bee, Publika. (Did you notice what they did here by choosing to launch at The Bee?)

Out & About : Wine Tasting with Mr Pedro Pereira by Boozeat

There is a quote that goes like this, “The finer things in life are acquired tastes.” This is something I believe in, simply because of how true it is. A simple survey to your friends, friend will show why. You can ask a handful of people if they liked oysters, and I can assure you that not all will say “YES!”. Things like caviar, foie gras, oysters, wine … are just some examples of finer things which usually requires an acquired taste. For me, I absolutely love oysters and I’m still learning to appreciate wine. So, when I was recently invited by Boozeat ( for the event; Wine Tasting with Mr Pedro Pereira, I was happy to perhaps be able to learn more about wines.

Eat : Chinese New Year Cookies with SCS Butter!

Chances are you may have heard me say this before, ‘'I’m actually allergic to the kitchen.” This basically translates to, I can’t cook and even if I do, I might bring the kitchen down or turn it upside down. A couple of weeks earlier was the Chinese New Year and I had the opportunity to try an assortment of artisanal cookies baked with SCS butter.

Eat: Italiannies’s New Menu at The Gardens Outlet

I remember years ago, I was craving for a hearty Italian meal and my foodie friend brought me to Italiannies. That was my first visit there and true to my friend's suggestion, it was indeed a restaurant which served comfort, hearty meals that is sure to satisfy any cravings for Italian food. It is as authentic as it can be as the head chef of Italiannies, is from Italy itself. And recently Italiannies have introduced a new menu, making its debut at their Gardens Mall outlet. The new menu is not only designed to provide high quality delicious Italian food, but to also proudly root the Italian tradition in all its dishes. Our night of feasting begins with the Classic Caesar, which is an Italian-style of caesar salad with toasted foccacia bread. As for the antipasto, we had both the Spinach & Artichoke Formaggio and Bruschetta.

Classic Caesar | RM 26.70 Regular

Eat : Pablo’s Matcha and Chocolate Cheese Tarts & Frute

The No.1 Japan’s world famous cheese tart can be found in the grounds of One Utama Shopping Complex (Second Floor at the Old Wing) in PABLO’s Malaysia first ever outlet. Ever since PABLO’s Malaysia opened, their PABLO mini cheesetart have always sold out daily. Whilst I love the Mini, I do also enjoy eating their Freshly Baked Cheese Tart too. The texture of the crust and the cheese fillings are fluffier and lighter in the Cheese Tart. So it came as a delightful news when I found out that PABLO’s Malaysia is introducing their range of Matcha and Chocolate products! If you’re curious what these products are, read on more below !

Review : Althea’s Box Collection –The Glitter Box

Do you remember a few years ago, there was a beauty box trend where you subscribe to a monthly box subcriptions and every month, you’ll receive a box of beauty products of samples sizes? That trend have since died down, thank goodness for that. I remember receiving a few boxes and to be honest, those products were given at random and most of the items were not even suitable for me. I ended up having a pile of beauty products samples which I will never use.

But before you decided never again to try beauty boxes, let me enlighten you with the specially curated boxes from everyone’s favourite Korean beauty website; ALTHEA. Unlike those monthly subscription boxes, these boxes from ALTHEA have specific theme behind each of the box. The box I have received is called the Glitter Box,  so it’ll have all the sparkly and glitter products for that fancy night out or for that extra sparkle. Other themes of the boxes released are like Base Makeup, Pore Care, Year-end Party, Life-Proof and etc.!

Eat : Chinese New Year Festive Spreads at Ti-Chen, Saujana Hotel

Nestled among the lush greeneries of Saujana Hotels & Resorts is Chinese restaurant, Ti Chen in which the name translates to ‘Emperor’s Palace’. Hence, it is only befitting to be greeted by the imperial guards (which reminds me of the Terracota Army) at the entrance of the restaurant. A step into the restaurant will take you back to the days of glorious China dynasty, especially with the live music of chinese instrument “guzheng” playing in the background.

Eat : Chinese New Year Steamboat at Yezi, 1Mont Kiara

In about one month time, we’ll be celebrating my favourite festive season in the whole year,  which is the lunar Chinese New Year in 2017! There is just so many reasons that it’s my favourite season, excluding the ang pao(s), the best part about Chinese New Year is being able to feast endlessly. It is meals after meals, eating after eating.. all the delicious food that I will have. One of my all-time favourite food is the steamboat and I remember it being a common food to have, usually for reunion dinner.

Shout-Out: The cheapest unlimited daily passes from digi, only RM1!

Back in my school days, I remember my friends and I had handphones which we would so often use to text one another after schooling hours. In those days, prepaid plans was the most economical plan around for us students on the budget. For me, this is still true till today which explains why I’m still using prepaid plans, rather than postpaid. I honestly haven’t found a reason to switch from prepaid to postpaid, mainly because I like being able to control how much I spend on my mobile plans. I really enjoy the flexbility of being able to pay as I use my phone - be it data, calls or texts.

These days, we call and text less but we need the Internet Data connection for us to keep in touch with our family, friends and social media platforms. Being connected is ever so important for me, and I’m sure it is the same for everyone else! So it is really no surprise that a huge chunk of my prepaid mobile spending goes to buying monthly Internet Data for my phone.

But I have discovered that Digi now offers the Unlimited Daily Passes from RM1, for its prepaid users like myself. These Digi Unlimited Daily Passes allows us to enjoy unlimited talking, surfing and streaming from only RM1/day. There are three different type of passes which are the Unlimited video streaming (Lite), Unlimited Social (Lite) or Unlimited Internet Calls via WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. These days even a roti canai costs more than RM1, so I’m glad that with only RM1… I can subscribe to any of the three daily passes for 24 hours after the activiation.

Eat : Shuck It, Whiskey Time! by Boozeat

I first heard of Boozeat when I came across their free flow of freshly shucked oysters at only RM99. Considering that I've paid for fresh oysters which goes up to RM18 per piece, RM99 for an unlimited supply of it seems like a good deal. Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend of these events because my weekends are so often packed with activities and I couldn't also find a friend who loves oysters as much as I did.

EAT: Christmas Menu at Dining Room, Macalister Mansion

The Macalister Mansion is a gorgeous, boutique hotel  which is located along the historic Macalister Road in Georgetown, Penang. The Macalister Mansion is a 100-year old colonial mansion which was built in the early 1900s and have been restored into the beautiful state currently. Within the mansion, there are food and beverage outlets which is branded as distinct rooms in the mansion; Dining Room, The Den, Living Room, The Cellar, The Lawn and 8 Rooms.

This really reminds me of the many movies/dramas we watched of the huge mansion or palace, which has different names with unique concepts and themes. It sounds like a very interesting place to visit if anyone had the opportunity to. As for me, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of dining at Macalister Mansion’s  Dining Room, thanks to the gracious head chef, Mr Johnson Wong.

The Dining Room is a fine-dining restaurant of a white colonial decor, with a giant faux white tree in the centre of the room. As you enter the doors to the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the courteous waiters/waiteress who will then guide you to your seats. Calvin and I had unfortunately been caught in a massive jam which took us 9 hours to reach Penang, but Chef Johnson Wong and his impeccable team had still graciously hosted us despite us arriving much later than scheduled. 

For our dinner in the Dining Room, Chef Johnson have prepared us two different course meals; one is the current menu that they are serving and another is the Christmas Menu which I have the privileged to sample before it was launched. As Christmas is coming in a few days, I have decided to focus on just the Christmas Menu at Dining Room for this post.

EAT: Christmas Buffet at Big Apple, Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Christmas is one of the most magical season of them all, and I think that has to do with it being the season of joy and gifts! Of course, Christmas comes along with plenty of delicious yummy feast, I’d always remember how every year my family will visit my dad’s close friend and we’ll have our Christmas meal with them which is usually followed by the exchange of gifts and watching movies marathon too!

If you’re wondering how to spend Christmas this year, I have a good suggestion on where you might want to head to for Christmas’s Eve. You can head on over to Big Apple Restaurant at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. The amazing chefs of the restaurant have put together a feast offering a wide array of approximate 200 plus dishes.

Eat : Fortuna Palace Seafood Restaurant, Kajang

When it comes to food, the distance travelled to get there is negligible when the food is deliciously amazing. This time around, my gastronomic adventure brought me to the quaint Kajang town. Located along a row of shops, stood a grand restaurant called Fortuna Palace and true to its name it feels like a palace of three storeys high.