Review: Sales Alert for your online shopping at!

Having such a busy schedule means that there is little time left for me to do my shopping, so I’d usually resort to online shopping since I could do that at my own convenience without even leaving my house. The best part of online shopping? The shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year! I remember years ago when the online shopping scene was just at its infancy stage, things were so much different then. I even managed to dabble in that scene with my very own online shop!

Nowadays, things are so much different and there are so so many online shops available, we‘re all spoilt for choices. To be honest, sometimes it can be a bit hard to keep track with all the products from these site. You can not imagine how my email is bombarded every few days with the newsletters from the shopping sites.

This is where Off The Rack, a fashion discovery website comes in handy as it enables shoppers to find and compare from over 100,000 products from online stores from Malaysia, Singapore (soon) and UK and buy direct from them. What makes it even more amazing is the search filter on the site which makes it easy for shoppers to search for men's apparel, women's dresses, tops, shoes, skirts, bags, jewellery and more! Besides that, you can also upload your very own Outfits Of The Day ("OOTDs") or looks with their favorite outfits and get inspired by those of other members. You can also customize your own personal style by following brands and other users of the sites to latest trend updates from them.

I think of all the features the website has, the best feature from the site is the Sale Alerts, a website feature that monitors any item in your free alerts list and sends an email notification when the price drops. I love this feature the most, because more often that not, I’d fall so in love with a dress…. but I didn’t get it in the end because it’s too expensive. :(

With this Sales Alert feature, you can monitor sale prices on the products you’re interested in. When you save an item on the Sale Alerts list (by selecting "Get Sale Alert" below the product), you will receive an email notification when the price drops. Then, you can then buy direct from the online shop at the newly discounted price.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to to start saving and shopping! 

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