Eat : Let's Chill at AfterWerk, Scott Garden!

Scott Garden has long been known as one of the more happening places, once the sun goes down. Located along conveniently along Old Klang Road, it’s obvious why many head over there to have a couple of drinks, chill or even party … which is mainly because of the central location, ample of parking, and abundance of food to eat. One of  these such establishment is Afterwerk – the cornershop of  Scott Garden with bold signage which you cannot miss if you ever drove past it before.

I drove by the outlet countless amount of time but I have never once stepped foot in it until I dropped by for a food tasting review recently. Afterwerk has always crowded and I’d wonder why the place is so happening… it appears that I will find out why now! Read on further about my experience dining in Afterwerk.

Although Afterwerk may appear to be more of a bar, they do serve main courses as well, in addition to the small bites like tapas which are commonly served in bars. For the mains, we were served the Piggy Ribs Half Slab, Pan Seared Salmon, Chicken Chop and After Werk Pork Chop. These are the recommended mains to try when dining at Afterwerk, with my personal favourite being the Pan Seared Salmon.

Pan Seared Salmon | RM 38

Chicken Chop | RM 22

After Werk Pork Chop | RM 32

Unlike most places, you’ll find a huge chunk of salmon on your plate when you ordered this dish. But Afterwerk’s version is a expertly cut slice of salmon, which I prefer over the chunks. I love how crispy the salmon skin and the spicy creamy caper sauce which accompanied the salmon was a surprise! I had not expected it to have the tangy taste, but kudos for trying something different. 

Piggy Ribs Half Slab | RM 45

Pork lovers would be delighted to know that you can have ribs here, just order the Piggy Ribs Half Slab! There’s a generous serving of pork ribs which is charbroiled and then topped homemade BBQ sauce. Unlike the usual mash potatoes, the ribs are served with Irish colcannon which is mash potatoes and cabbage!

Whilst I was there, a live band was performing and it was one of the amusing performance I have watched before, because one of the singers could sing Chinese Mandarin songs. Now it would have been been really common except that it was an Indian man who could not only enunciate but sing in Mandarin. Boy, was I amazed. He sang those really popular Mandarin songs of the older generation, some from Beyond boy band. In Afterwerk, the bands that performed are on a rotational basis, so you’ll get a variety of different type of performance. Besides that, you can also play a game of dart or pool (blackball) at just RM3 per game.

If you’ll like to come for the drinks, the happy hour actually starts from 4PM up till 10PM with beers like Tiger, Guinness and Heineken. There are also bottles of hard liquor on promotion; brandy, whisky, rum, vodka…..choose your poison! Do check out the on-going promotion that they currently have!

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// G-02 & 03, The Scott Garden, 28900, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur //
// 03 79722520 | 0196222423 //

EAT : Cosy neighbourhood “Vin Wine Bar” at Sri Petaling

In areas such as Hartamas, Damansara or Bangsar, you’ll definitely be able to find establishments like bars and pub at these “happening” locations. But for some us, travelling to these areas can be quite a nightmare-ish given the distance from where we live and considering how ridiculously jammed it can get. Parking in these areas are virtually impossible during peak hours.

This is when you wished that there would be a neighbourhood bar for you to chill and hang out without going through the hassle. Why, say hello to Vin Wine Bar, a cosy boutique wine bar located in quiter side of the bustling Sri Petaling area. Sri Petaling is no stranger to the cafe hoppers since it houses  an array of hipster cafes. But Vin Wine Bar is an interesting new concept of wine bar & shop where you can enjoy a few glasses of wine or even just walk-in to purchase wines.

The wines available at Vin Wine Bar are sourced and handpicked carefully, taking into consideration the history of the winery and signature taste of the wines. This is the bar, where you come to be surprised by the varied selections of wine from New World regions and also the Old World. Just to show you how extensive their collections are the wines originates from the following countries; Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and Lebanon too. There are in total more than one hundred different type of labels!

Like I said, you’ll be spoilt for choices or maybe overwhelmed with all the possible selections. If that happens, you can always opt to go for the Wine of the Month option, or better still, get help from the sales assistant to help you. Just let them know what your preferences are and enjoy your fine wine selection! Besides the typical red and white wine, Vin Wine Bar also carries rosé wine, sweet wine and sparkling wine! If wine is not your kind of poison, there is also imported crafted beer and even mead, that you can try!

I’m the kind of person who love to pair my drinks with food, because my love for food is insurmountable. To my delight, Vin Wine Bar have a very interesting choices of food for you to accompany your drinks. It ranges from appetizers of small bites to skewers to main meals like pasta and occasionally, a rice dish would make an appearance. Here are some of the dishes that I tried when I was at Vin Wine Bar.

Duck Confit | RM 35

Duck Confit | RM 35

Tomyam Argentine Red Shrimp Spaghetti | RM 30

Sakura Shrimp Spaghetti | RM 26

Nobi Pork Sausage Platter | RM 25

Ginger Chicken Wing | RM 20

These few dishes are some of the signature dishes that I tried, with my favourite being the Duck Confit! The confit was rich in flavour and very juicy too! The portion is a generous too, making it perfect for sharing. My next choice is the Tomyam Argentine Red Shrimp Spaghetti which is a spicy tomyam pasta, served with a huge prawn from Argentine!

Sabi Salty Chicken Popcorn | RM 15  //  Fishball | RM 8

VWB Lok Bok | RM 15

Shishamo Fish | RM 15 for three sticks

Shishamo Fish | RM 15 for three sticks

Pork Belly + Mixed Veggie | RM 15 for three sticks

Fresh Salted Prawn | RM 15 for three sticks

These are some of the tapas which you can have, together with your wine. The choices of available here is catered to the Malaysian tastebuds which you can tell by the VWB Lok Bok and Fishballs, both being a favourite snacks for most Malaysians alike. Frankly tho, I’m more inclined towards the Sabi Salty Chicken Popcorn which pairs perfectly which alcoholic drinks, of your choice depending on your poison. The salty combination with the bitter sweet alcohol sparks a new taste sensation! If you fancy skewers, there are many options for you to pick from but my favourite would be the prawns! Again, this one is salted, giving you the combination of bitterness combined with tinge of salt! I’m already drooling just thinking about it.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you up for an adventure to discover wines of different kind from various parts of the world in cosy, neighbourhood wine bar? If you are, hop on over to Vin Wine Bar!

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47-G, Jalan Radin Anum, Bandar Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-9054 7431

Open from Mon – Sat, 3PM to 1AM
Closed on Sundays!

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Beauty : Trying the Curél Sebum Care Trial Kit, by Kao!

Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of sensitive skin episodes where I found out the hard way that I’m allergic to excessive chlorinated water. The skin exposed to those water would itch so badly that I needed to take medication or apply calamine lotion. Besides that, I also suffer from exfoliative keratolysis, where the skin on my palm and feet would peel, most of the time for no reason at all. It took me years before I realised that the products I was using was not suitable for my skin.

From this experience, I realised the importance of using the right product which is suited for sensitive skins. It was something I had overlooked and thinking back, if only I had known it earlier…. I wouldn’t have to go through those episodes. Sensitive skin is actually caused by a lack of ceramide, which is an essential ingredient in the skins as it helps to replenish moisture between the skin cells. Ceramides are naturally found within our skins, however sometimes our body don’t produce enough of it, leading us to have ceramide-deficient skin. When this happens, our skin is likely to be aggravated by external irritation, causing problems like dryness, chapping, redness and itch.

This is how I found out about Curél, a dermatologist-recommended skincare formulated with hydrating and moisture-retaining Ceramide Care, specially formulated for sensitive skincare needs. Curél is Japan’s No. 1 leading brand for sensitive Asian skin, brought to you by Kao. The Curél skincare range have just been made available recently in Malaysia. Their products ranges from skincare, to even body care products also… providing us the complete solution for those who has sensitive skin at different parts of the body, like myself.

There are three different type of product range which is Intensive Moisture Face Care Series, Intensive Moisture Body Care Series and Sebum Care series. The Intensive Moisture Face Care Series has the ceramide functioning ingredient which helps to restores moisture in the skin, helping to resists external irratation… resulting in healthy and beautiful skin. On the other hand, the  Intensive Moisture Body Care Series has a complete line of products which includes body wash, moisturizing and UV protection products to restore the healthy skin and defend against external irritants.

Personally, I have never heard of this brand and their range of products before which is why I am quite excited to give it a try especially the Sebum Care series, as my face is the combination type of skin with an oily T-zone. The products in the Sebum Care series help with controlling excess sebum secretion and helping to strengthen the skin for a calmer skin throughout the day.

Whenever I’m trying new products, I’d prefer to get samples or use a trial version. Thankfully Curél has a trial kit for each of the series I mentioned above, but as I’m interested in the Sebum Care series,  I opted for the Curél Sebum Care Trial Kit. The trial kit consists of three products in the Sebum Care series which is the Foaming Wash (90ml), Sebum Care Lotion (30ml) and Sebum Care Moisture Gel (30ml). So it’s basically a three step process – cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Curél Sebum Care Foaming Wash is gentle on the skin, yet refreshing using the foamy texture to provide a cushioning against harsh cleansing motion. Two pumps on a wet face is all you need, it’s easy to wash my face with the foam. I found that my skin feel clean and refreshed after the wash, with the sebum removed from my face.

This is followed by Sebum Care Lotion, a watery like solution to help prepare the skin for better absorption of the Sebum Care Moisture Gel which is used after the lotion. I found that the lotion absorbs really quickly, leaving my skin hydrated and dewy. The formula is close to the skin’s pH to help reduce any possible irritation on the skin. Did I mentioned that it is odorless as well, so it’s perfect for those who’d prefer no fragrance product.

The last step is the Sebum Care Moisture Gel , a slightly milky liquid gel which spreads and is absorbed easily. I like how my skin felt refreshed, matt yet comfortably hydrated after applying the gel. It has the Zero-in Sebum Control technology which helps to regulate sebum secretion. Personally, I’ve noticed that the oil production on my face have reduced ever since I started using Curél Sebum Care Trial Kit. I’ve always had trouble with my T-Zone, so I’m really glad to be able to find the products to solve my problem.

If you are also facing the same issues as I am, I would really suggest you to give the Curél Sebum Care Trial Kit a try! The products are suitable for all skin types, but those with sensitive or oily skin, can benefit further from this! You can get this trial kit from 11Street which will be running a promotion from 17-27 July , so do look for it! Alternatively, you can purchase them from Lazada and Lmall as well.

By the way, the pictures above are without any make-up at all, and after using the Curél Sebum Care Trial Kit for a week! I’ll leave it to you to decide just how amazing this product is for your skin! If this range is not suitable for you, you can also consider Intensive Moisture Face Care Series.

For more information on these Curél products, you can head on to the official website of Kao Malaysia >> or check out their social media links as follows ;
// Curel Official site : //

Till next time,

Eat : Spicy Seafood Feast at Fatt Kee Roast Fish!

As a Malaysian, I'm proud to say that I can take spicy food with a fairly good tolerance for them. Not only can I handle spicy food, I actually love them passionately too. If you love spicy food as much as I do, then you must have heard of Fatt Kee Roast Fish. Fatt Kee Roast Fish rose to fame last year when its concept of serving an array of seafood on a silver pan, with a spicy broth went viral on social media. Riding on the wave of the hype they have created, the couple which hails from China came up with another “viral” social media  concept of serving their seafood dish but this time, a jumbo sized version. It’s called the Jumbo Seafood Platter, which comes in several different sizes too and a whole lot of different type of seafood too!

Similar to their normal seafood silver platter, the soup base used is the same in the normal and the jumbo platter, in which the main ingredients are actually the mung bean sprouts or as in the Cantonese dialect, “tai tau ngah”  which basically translates to big head taugeh. If these were boiled in soups, you’ll find that it’ll be super sweet, delicious and absolutely appetizing! Another ingredient used is the preserved salted vegetables to give the soup, a hint of salty to the sweet soup. Bear in mind that, the sweetness of the soup is derived naturally from all the ingredients used.

So, you may ask, what actually makes this soup so spicy? It’s because of the addition of chillies mixture to the soup, giving you that fiery sensation which leaves the spicy loving fans, just craving for even more! There is a combination of chillies from different countries used which are from Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam and China. Another tip from me while you feast on this is to beware of this tiny super spicy preserved chilli  which looks just like an innocent cherry tomato!

From all the pictures I have shared here, you can see that there is loads of different kind of seafood that you can find in the Jumbo Seafood Platter. Let me try to name all of them; fresh water prawns, tiger prawns, green mussels, scallops, clams, squids, flower crabs and also fish (this is an add-on option)! To add on the fish, you only need to pay an additional RM11, regardless of the size of your platter. The platter comes in three sizes which are Small (RM288), Medium (RM488) and Large (RM788). I would say that small can feed a group of perhaps 4-5 persons and large for a group of more than 10 persons definitely!

Being able to try the Jumbo Seafood Platter from Fatt Kee Roast Fish, is a tick off my bucket list especially since I’ve seen so many pictures of it being shared on Facebook. The experience certainly lived up to its hype and it was truly satisfying! Do drop by to Fatt Kee Roast Fish if you haven’t tried this before! I assure you, that you’ll enjoy this thoroughly, especially when you dine with your friends and family!

* * * * * * * * * *

No.25, Lrg Yap Hin Off, Jalan Pasar
016-916 3999

Note: There is an air-conditioned shop for a more comfortable seating, just across the street. It’s the same restaurant so don’t worry about its authenticity.

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