I'm back.

Let's hope it's for good. I know it's freaking obvious that I haven't blogged since like 21 days ago. I've been busy with a lot of stuffs (of which I will be blogging about soon). I will have to find time to blog.

Just so you know, I'm....
  • Already in college. It's Sunway University College which I'm totally loving it there except my classroom is in the new building, quite a walking distance from the entrance.
  • Made friends. Really funny and cheerful bunch. We have colour dress code. Tomorrow is grey, I don't have any. So, I'm doomed. Not really.
  • ..... I so need a specific topic to write on.
I'm just going to leave the blog with this post now. I'm installing Windows Live Writer, my absolute must-have when I blog, it's so easy with the Writer. Be back soon!

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