The burnt-out chef.

If you know me, then you’ll probably know that I can’t cook. Yes, this is despite the fact that I’m a girl and society enjoys stereotyping girls as natural cooks. Well, I’m a defect in the society then. But I’m learning, maybe a little too adventurous.
Attempt 1: I started with baking pizza.
From top: Tomato puree, hot dogs, button mushrooms, garlic, raw tomatoes, canned pineapple, onions
I used pita bread as my pizza base and I topped it with all the ingredients. A tad greedy of me to overload my pizza. =)
Looks good doesn’t it? At least, it’s edible and and only slightly burnt.
Damn, I take my words back. The base is like totally burnt. It almost tasted like charcoal. And, I ate it all simply cause I made it.

Attempt 2: I tried cooking fried rice.
I was like forced to cook my own lunch one day cause my parents were out. I was contemplating whether to starve or to risk burning the kitchen. Well, as you can see I chose the other and thanked God the kitchen survived.
It actually taste not bad, maybe a pinch of salt will make it delicious. Oh, if you are wondering why I’m not a big fan of cooking, it’s cause I totally abhor the preparation process and I tend to over do things; like putting more salt into the food. Hmm, so anyone interested to teach me how to cook?

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