“Dinner is solely made by me …. ”

..with the supervision of my mom, of course. And she upgraded me from the burnt-out chef to the first grade chef. *beams with pride* :D

And I know it’s hard to believe that someone like me could marginally, possibly make dinner without burning something in the process. (Well, if you didn’t know the story; I’m a pretty bad cook with zero experience albeit the fact that I’m a girl.)

So, I managed to cook a pretty simple dinner for my family of five. It was just fried fish with stir-fry vegetables.

The tail is slightly burnt though. But frying fish is basically risky business; the oil could spluttered and at 100 degree Celsius, it could hit you. OUCH.

Ah, slightly burnt too. Oh, I have to fry all the three together and I wasn’t paying enough attention on that particular one.


Stir Fry Vegetables Topped with Garlic and Fermented Bean Curd





Fermented bean curd


Chicken Stock



Wash vegetables.

Fry garlic till fragrant.

Add two bean curd.

Put those two aside.

Stir-fry vegetables.

Serve vegetables.

Top it with toppings.




It is really that easy. So, it seems that just maybe my future husband and children may not have to torture themselves to eat my always burnt charcoal food. But then, maybe someone before that future husband have to suffer. Don’t worry, I’m brushing up on my cooking skills now. Plus, mom is a superb, fantastic, ah-mazing chef. Which is one of the reasons why I never bothered trying to cook. Where’s the point in trying to cook when you are always having good food served?

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