Fun in Mid Valley. And oh, bowling is for the brain genius.

Note: Pictures are all grabbed from Yee Ming's Facebook.

You know they say there’s always a first time for everything. Well, I bowled at Mid Val yesterday. Don’t laugh, but it really is my first time bowling. Haha, yes and like a beginner, the ball kept rolling into the gutter or the ‘longkang’. I’ve only like been able to at most knock down two pins. That is so pathetic of me.
And there you see Julia trying to explain to me how to bowl; all I heard is momentum, pendulum and what not. Which is why I thought bowling is for the genius and I’m obviously not getting it.
Now, you see Yee Ming teaching me exactly how to roll the ball which basically all I did was throwing it on to the lane. Of course, it failed to hit any pins.
The bowling shoes are like bright blue and red. It’s like.. like.. a fashion disaster.
That’s probably the lightest bowling ball there. It’s a 6.
Posing at the bowling centre. Too bad Julia didn’t take a picture of the scoreboard, you would have seen 0 after 0 after 0. Haha, I’m sure there’ll be a next time.
Again, I’ve never played one of these racing games in the arcade. But I didn’t suck all that bad, managed to get 4th place out of 5. Okay, that’s kind of bad. But they were all guys, though Julia managed to get first once.
I think I had eel/unagi with rice for lunch. Not as heavenly as Yee Ming said it’ll be but it was good.

Oh, we managed to catch the movie titled Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. It’s a pretty okay movie, not as bad as the review in TheStar yesterday, 20th Feb in the Weekender section.
Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson who is totally an eye candy. He’s cute.

Oh, thanks, Yee Ming for the chocolates. Even though, you know I don’t eat chocolates. Will give it a try though.

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