Haha, I told you so.

See, I’m back to blogging. K, so it seems like I’m happier today. Yeah, kinda. But I think my insomnia back, the Jasmine tea I had may have triggered it and now I’m doomed. I can never get why some people can just fall asleep so easily but I simply can’t. And boy, do I envy them. Ugh.

Anyway, my inability to sleep yesterday made me feel somewhat inspired and I can honestly tell you I haven’t had that feeling since like eons. Form Fives’ would know. So, I started thinking and just let the creative juices flow and I’ve decided to write love haikus since it’s the Month of Love and Feb 14 is coming. Not that I have anyone particular I would dedicate these haikus to, just enjoy and stop asking questions. Don’t laugh if it’s too cheesy. We are all cheesy, but we just don’t know it yet. Well, I know I am.


Here’s a prelude;


When he’s not around,

The heart longs to see his smile,

And feel the warmth of his hands.


Hmm, for those who don’t know what haiku is, it’s actually a short Japanese poem. Go Google it up. I’m in a rush to go.

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