Is today a SAD day for me?

I think I read somewhere that Happy Single Awareness Day (SAD, for short) was a sarcastic oxymoron. I could have agreed but I am not so sure how I actually feel about this whole SAD day. It’s pathetic enough that they have to call it a SAD day. But heck, I am not going to be a sour puss about not being  able to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Plus, whoever said you needed a guy to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And February 14 could not have been a better time for me to toss out some love haikus I’ve written in my small black book. Oh, just a note; I was not thinking about anyone in particular when I was writing these. So, don’t start conjuring images. Just read them and enjoy.

Define Love :
Does the heart skip a beat || When the mind thinks of him || Girl, this is love.

I Never Knew :
All of a sudden || My life revolves around him || I’m complete with him.

Liquored Chocolate :
It was bitter sweet ||This relationship of ours ||But still we made it.

Twinkle :
Our eyes met ||
I hold his stare || I realized his eyes are twinkling.

Curiosity :
I asked why ||He simply said || Sometimes love is blind.

Holding On :
Love is painful || But I’ll never let go || That’s my promise.

And that’s about it. Well, I do have more but I think I’ll post them another time. I’m not sure which one is my favourite but I kind of really like Define Love and Curiosity or even Holding On.
I know roses are so cliché but somehow I’d prefer them over chocolates. But as you do know, is that I don’t eat chocolates.
It’s sad that Valentine’s Day had to clash with Chinese New Year. I do wonder what will happen if it didn’t. But then again, I knew it wouldn’t happen just how I imagined it to be. Cause sometimes, we all get tired of waiting.

To everyone,
Happy Valentine’s Day and
Happy Chinese New Year
To myself,
Happy Single Awareness Day
=( Sorry, I couldn’t resist myself. )=

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