On today’s menu by yours truly is..

Teochew Porridge. It’s actually plain rice porridge eaten with a tad salty side dishes. And I cooked the side dishes today for lunch;

  • Steamed Szechuan Pickled Mustard Root (Char Choy) with Chicken
  • Omelet with Preserved Salted Radish (Choy Poh)
  • Fried Anchovies

DSCN8403 DSCN8402

The red packet one is the preserved salted radish and the green one is the pickled mustard root.


The chicken have to be marinated with soy sauce, pepper, olive oil, sesame oil and a little corn flour. After that, you mixed it with the pickled mustard root. Add some water and steam it.


It’s one healthy dish and is one of my favorites.


This is easy but there’s a skill you need to acquire for this. Mom helped me out with this dish. It’s omelet with the preserved salted radish. Pretty simple. And I totally love it cause I love anything with eggs.


This is idiot-proof. Just fry them.


I cooked this three dishes. I’m so not a burnt out chef anymore. :D

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