The past.

Yay, I’ve almost reached 200 posts on my blog. And that’s something I ought to celebrate considering I missed out on the 100th post. Oh, I found some really old drafts I never got to post. They were just to emo for me to post them, I didn’t like to see it on my blog. Like I said, it’s really old and maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I wrote them. Somehow rather, I’m going to post them today because I want to delete my drafts.


On 1/28/09,  I hurt my leg. Trying to nurse the wound was a futile attempt – blood kept oozing out. No amount of tissue or antiseptic could stop the bleeding. This proved just how deep the wound was. Beads of dark red blood are forming, a few seconds later they started to trickle down, leaving faint trails behind them. This was bound to leave a scar, a constant reminder of how careless I was. I know the bleeding would stop but my broken heart would never stop bleeding. I could nurse and put a plaster on the wound but not this heart of mine.. On 1/25/09, "That's the whole point, if you love someone it has to be obvious.. On 7/4/08,  Cause I used to once believe in forever. But now forever had shattered. I don't believe in forever. But I want to believe in forever.


Maybe not. I changed my mind.

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