When boredom strikes,

I tend to do crazy stuff. I would not exactly consider filing my Management Information notes as crazy stuff, but maybe sticking Post-its notes in a particular order with particular color codes. Oh, it also matters if it is transparent or matte. Yes, it’s to that precision. Which is why I said it’s crazy stuff.


This is just half of my coloured Post-its collection.


Arranged in such a way to resemble the stairs and so they don’t overlap.


The left one is semi-transparent which I use to indicate the notes and the solid coloured one is used to stick on questions.


I coloured my textbook, sort of. Those who know me well, will know I never use any other colour besides yellow. But I’m using green, orange, yellow, green, yellow, orange, yellow, green… okay maybe it’s not that much of colour. It’s only three. Still.

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