Eeesh. Is it possible to die twice?

Today wasn't productive. I'll tell you why tomorrow, when I got more time to post more than a filler here. I'm off now because I have yet to start studying for my final exam. Doom-ness.

Today was a bad day. Period.

I'm having one of those days.

[One of those days is an English idiom describing a period when everything that can go wrong does. This is taken from one of my favourite blogger, Nury Vittachi's blog post. Read the full post here. ]

Today was bad. I can't help but to further emphaize my point. Bear with me on this (since I do seldom rant on my life), okay? Or you can just skip reading this post.

The alarm rang at 6 am, I woke up at 6.42 am. I had to get dressed in 18 mins (an almost impossible feat for me) which then left me only 10 mins for my breakfast. I made peanut butter toast but I lost my appetite after drinking a glass of milk. I stuffed my bread into a container, thought I'll eat it in college instead. Class started, it was okay for the first test. Then, I had a feeling that daddy forgot that I had class today. I texted him and he said mummy will fetch me (that means he forgot). And best thing is mommy doesn't know the way here well enough. For God's sake, mommy doesn't even drive that much which explains why she drives an ancient car (as per her). After a short 10 minutes break, we have to do 2 tests in an obviously very limited time. Ms. Geetha started rushing us and I just can't think anymore. So, even though Chapter 6 - Budgeting was easier than Chapter 5 - Pricing I got a record low marks. I didn't read the questions properly and I got like a lot of wrongs. That was enough to make me emo.

So, yeah. That was it. I know you'll probably think like it isn't so bad actually but when you have a final exam this Saturday, it's bad enough already.

Of the best (grilled chicken wing) and the worst (beef noodles).

If you had read my tweets from my Twitter, then you would have already known that I had the best grilled chicken wings yesterday. It was so heavenly, one I can bet no one can even come close to it, taste-wise.
It comes with cucumber and chili too. The chili sauce is not bad.

This is so what heaven looks like to me.

The best way to enjoy the wings is to eat them while they are still piping hot and prepare to get messy, cause you've got to eat them with your hands! As you take the first bite, you can taste the juicyness of the skin and the tenderness of the meat. God, it all fits so perfectly.

 You can see how juicy it is here.

I obviously have no complains about the chicken wings, but I do find the size of the chicken wing slightly smaller in size.

Look at the amount of chicken wings he's grilling. So many!

For all those foodies out there, you'll probably already know of Ah Wah Chicken Wings. But for those who don't, they are located in Queen's Restaurant, Jalan Peel (it's not a restaurant by the way, more of a coffeeshop). It's RM 1.80/wing. It's so worth the try and the drive down to Kuala Lumpur. But I have to warn you that once you start eating, it so easy to get addicted. There, you have been warned.

Thanks Daddy for bringing me there.

Oh, this sour plum drink taste good too. Do order one too from the Queen's Restaurant especially when are you are planning to eat tonnes of chicken wings. It helps cure sore throat and it really works.

While we were there, mommy had the sudden craving for beef noodles. She wanted to eat Ngau Kee beef noodles but I wanted chicken wings, so she settled to eating the beef noodles, located near the chicken wing stall. And that was the biggest mistake ever.

The noodles still had a strong taste of 'kan shui' which means the noodles wasn't rinsed properly after it was cooked. This in turn made the noodles sticky and dry. There was little sauce in the beef noodles altough it was a dry one. It was just horrible and a torture to finish the bowl of noodles. And the best thing was that mommy said that they used to be one of the best ones in Kuala Lumpur.

More of Cammy's Pictures

I'm here with like more of Cammy's food pictures. Initially, I was blogging about yesterday; I only managed one line, but then I gave up. It's caused I'm not used to blogging from, I always blog from my Live Writer but I can't do that since my laptop died on me. Now, I've got to wait for Dad to fix it. So, in the meantime, I'll just post more pictures taken by Cammy.

Orange orange.

Yellow mango.

Oh, I love this shot. I like how the fish looks like a crocoranha (crocodile + piranha). It's looks pretty scary too.

Of course, now it's cooked by mommy.

Cammy’s Portrait Pictures

That’s my brother and I hope one day when he realized how weird he looks here, he wouldn’t come and kill me. :)
This is the guy who got me my camera. And yes, you can laugh harder the next time you get me my car.

I don't know.

I'm feeling rather... I don't know how to put my feelings into words. The point is I don't feel too good. Today had been a pretty awesome day but there were stuffs that well, didn't make it that awesome after all. I think I'll sleep on it and hope I feel much better tomorrow. I'll be okay, don't worry.

Cammy’s Food Pictures

Do refrain yourself from drooling while looking at the best Ampang Yong Tau Foo I have ever tasted. I need to emphasize it again. It is the best ones I have ever tasted in my whole entire life. I don’t have the exact address but I can tell you that it’s in Bandar Baru Ampang. It comes along with a rich brownish soup which totally complements the Yong Tau Foo.
Since I just got Cammy, I was experimenting with Cammy and I took the picture below. What do you think?

Ah, finally I found time to blog.

I know I haven’t been updating my blog, it’s a rare occurrence I can promise you that. It’s just that I have a final exam coming up and I’ve got like tonnes of works; used to be MI worksheets but MI class ended already. We are left with MI revision class. And English I class ended today and the final exam for it is this Friday.

Cool, huh? I have everything clashing. You ask, what’s wrong with my life? It’s damn disoriented, that I can tell you. Today was just exhausting too, I woke up like 7 am to so call study but I ended up god-knows-doing-something-else. Then, before I know it I had to leave for college and voila, I arrived to help out with the Student Council booth. Things were pretty mellow there.


Nice board right? Notice the borders? I did those tiny little pictures. They look something like this.

I was so busy last week doing like 50 plus of these. But it’s worth cause it looks good.


And, here’s another one of Student Council’s board. As you can see, on the board are faces and description of the Council’s future President and Vice President. Spot me. I’m running for Vice and I’m the one right next to the ‘Candidates’ paper. Anyway, the results is out tomorrow. Haha, can’t wait to see who becomes the President and the Vice.

People, meet Cammy!

This is Cammy, my camera which I bought just now. Say hi! I know it’s a rather short post but I’m going to have to go now. I’ve got to charge Cammy’s battery and read the manual too. And I bought accessories for her too. I’ll post it up really soon, together with all the other posts I’m supposed to blog along. I pinky promise, k?


Thanks, daddy.

I’m sick of…

…being so sick in everything.

“Sick of feeling like everything it’s my fault. Sick of feeling like this. Sick of my wishful thinking. Sick of thinking of every possibilities that might happen but obviously wouldn’t.”

I suck. Being sick makes me more emotional. I’m still sick and I’ve got like a presentation tomorrow too. I’m just hoping I won’t have a cough attack when I’m presenting.


And, this is what I’m been taking to hopefully help me heal faster. Well, at least, the sore throat and the flu phase is done and over with.


And I’m taking multi-vitamin pills too. I’ll do whatever it takes for me to be normal again. Hmmph. This is why I’m such a health freak, I can’t stand being sick.


“Note to *insertsnamehere*: Though I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I think we should talk more often.”

Outcome from “Daddy, we need to talk.”

I’ve done my part of the deal I made with Daddy before I sat for my SPM examinations, so it was only fair that he fulfilled his part of the deal. And mind you, they are a few deals I’ve made but Daddy says no to some of them. Let’s have a run through the deals.

1st Deal
It’s the Nikon D5000. It’s a freaking DSLR that I have wanted since like Form 4. The deal was if I got straight A’s, they’ll get this for me. But somehow, my cousin who own a DSLR too, scared my parents by saying that you need to buy tonnes of additional items for it; which actually is only the dry box. Plus, I can pay and buy my own lens, thank you very much.

2nd Deal
So, then I thought; “Fine, I’ll opt for an iPhone instead.” And they said yes, at first. After that, godknowswhathappened they changed their mind.. again. Daddy says I could still have it but I wouldn’t really be able to enjoy the phone cause he wouldn’t subscribe the data plan for me. Finela. I got a better deal anyway.

3rd Deal, and final one.
Yess, we finally came up with a deal. There’ll be no DSLR or iPhone but I get a prosumer camera for myself and a new phone. I’m not sure which one yet but I kinda like the Nokia Xpress Music ones.
14047_nokia_5530So, I settled for the last deal seeing that I get both a new camera and a new phone too. And an external hard drive to store all my new pictures in there.
And Daddy and Mommy will be bringing me to eat all any thing I want to celebrate my results. It’s not TGIF, okay despite what I said about it. Honestly, I’ll pick a good hawker food anytime over TGIF.
Deal done. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Haha, yet to be delivered. Well, I know I somehow sounds like such a demanding kid but but but but I deserve this. Plus, I’m not forcing it on Daddy. He made the deal with me first. Love you guys to bits.

Life sucks when you’re sick.

I hate to start this post with a whiney tone to it but I’m really sick. I have a

sore throat that feels like long witch-like fingernails scratching against the insides of my throat. This makes it hard for me to swallow anything, to eat anything, to talk; basically to do anything at all. And the best thing is I feel my forehead heating up now which can only mean that I might have fever. I can’t seem to breathe properly either, it’s blocked and it’s probably cause I’ll be having flu soon too. My lack of sleep these few days could now be taking a toll on me. For the past few days, I’ve been waking up at 6 am. What an ungodly hour to wake up at; it’s FREAKING school wake-up time, CARMEN! Stupid insomnia, it’s acting in the reverse direction now. I would very much like to use the f word now, but I’m against profanities on my blog. I have a headache and my eye feels like it’s burning. Every inch of my body aches. And I really can’t take this anymore.


So, it was Sun-U Open Day today and I helped out at the ICAEW/CFAB booth. Not going to elaborate too much, I’m just too tired. The ICAEW T-shirt is pretty nice. I’ve always love Polo tees.

Because that was before I experienced the domino effect of having a sore throat.

I managed to get a self-portrait done by a Fine Arts student; Esther. So, does it looks like me?

Hacks. I’ll be needing a hell loads of these for the next few days. And the best thing is that my presentation is Thursday next week. I better heal by then. So, I’m not talking anymore now.

SPM Results Day; it was bittersweet.

Note: This post contains a hell lot of words cause I want to be able to remember what it felt like on the results day. Some pictures is grabbed from Ee Laine’s Facebook.

Yesterday tasted a lot like eating chocolate (or beer); you pop them in your mouth, melting process begins and you taste the sweetness of it. Then, it turns ugly when you try to swallow it cause that’s when the sweetness is overloaded and turns bitter. Sorry if I make eating chocolate seems like hell; it’s really cause I don’t like eating them. Anyway, I’ll tell you in a bit why I said that.



  • Reached school at 9 to 10ish and they wouldn’t let us in. That’s how much they love us seniors. (Or probably they just want to organize the results without us freaking out there.)
  • Went in about 10.30ish. I wanted to be among the first cause I really don’t want to wait in line while others got their results. It makes me more nervous.
  • Principal went on stage to announce a top-scorer who got straight A+; Erin Chuah, as expected. And, she suddenly said she wanted to announce another 22 students who got straight A’s too.
  • I was like, “Shit. What if she didn’t mention my name?” Then, I start hearing names like Marc, Yee Ming and etc etc. “My name is not there. Shit. Shit.” I was worrying cause she said a lot of names already. Haha. But she did finally say my name. And I screamed.

SPM Slip

  • Honestly, I didn’t expect to get 8A+. I just wanted straight A’s, meaning no A-. But I would have been happier if I got an A+ in Chemistry. I’m so sorry for disappointing Mrs Lee, my Chemistry teacher.
  • EST was a nice surprise too, well coming from someone who once got a D for it. And I didn’t realize how badly EST affected the total number of straight A’s student in our school until later. If it hadn’t been EST, we would have a whooping number of 41 students who scored straight A’s. So, I shall consider myself lucky to have scored an A.
  • Hmm, two A’s away from scoring a straight A+. Oh, well. I’m happy and contented with my results. Really.
Bahasa Melayu A+
Bahasa Inggeris A+
Pengetahuan Moral A+
Sejarah A+
Mathematics A+
Additional Mathematics A+
Prinsip Perakaunan A+
Physics A+
Chemistry A
  • Oh, I actually made a pledge too. I’m going to be a vegetarian for half a day on the 1st and 15th of every month.



Gues what? I’m not going to blog about why I felt bitter yesterday. Turns out I got over it already. Haha.



I was planning to celebrate my results with a cocktail drink for myself;  whiskey with coke. Mom gave me the green light to drink the Johnny Walker but then, I realized I didn’t have any Coke with me. So, yeah. And I still haven’t decided how I want to celebrate yet, besides with a drink. Any suggestions?

Well, I did go out after the results; Times Square. There was a lot of catching up and talking. I had fun but I would have preferred to have more action; like bowling. I need to brush up on my bowling skill anyway. So, I want demand for another celebration!

Haha. I’m serious, there’s like a total of 24 of us in Starbucks and only 4 of us bought drinks from them. At least they didn’t chased us away.


And I discovered a new love. Gelato! It’s Italian ice-cream, I love the Strawberry Yogurt flavor (it’s the one in pink) from Gelato Fruity. It’s so sour-ish and heavenly at the same time.

Doom’s Day - 110310

No, it’s not 2012 yet but I can bet with you that tomorrow is indeed Doom’s Day. Ask any students that sat for SPM and they’ll agree with me. It all boils down to tomorrow. I have so much to lose if the results is not what I wanted; it’s more than what I can gain from it.
Yet, despite the fact that tomorrow might be my funeral, I’m still going to have fun after I resuscitated myself from the deathbed. I’m considering bowling cause I suck so badly at it and I see this as an opportunity to vent my feelings on that poor bowling ball.
“I really wish I knew what is going through *insertsnamehere’s* mind. I want to know what *insertnamehere* really feels.” Haha, try to guess who insertnamehere is. :D

Laden with works.

The weekend has been pretty hectic for me. Firstly, I had the Student Council (I’m going to refer to it as SC) Leadership camp, from Friday till Sunday. And on Monday, I’ve got my second Progress Test which I obviously didn’t have time to study for. After that, I have to rush on my assignments; a Powerpoint presentation and a report, both of which, at time of blogging, have yet to be completed. 

So, I’m just going to post some short updates today.



















Believe it or not, but I actually submitted this picture and it’ll be used to campaign for the Vice President post in Student Council. What do you think? Too informal?

Guess what?! I survived the 2nd Progress Test. At least, I passed and got an A. But I have yet to tell my parents about it, cause compared to the first test, I got 90 and now I dropped. And the best thing is I could have gotten higher, I made like 4 stupid, careless mistake. I think I was too nervous during the test. Well, I didn’t study. What’d you expect?


I’m going to get back to my assignments now. Wish me luck.

I’m back from camp! But I’ve got to study now.

This is so anti-climatic. It’s like “Hello, I’m back from camp, man. And I need like 48 hours of real sleep in my bed. But, damn shit. I’ve got a test on Monday. So, like I have to study instead."

Riiiiiiiiight. *sighs*

I’m smiling but I’m actually really really tired. I think I’ve got to go now. Need to refresh myself and bury my head into the books and pray hard that everything will enter my brain.


I'll be off to camp tomorrow and I'll be back by Sunday noon. I have a progress test on Monday. I haven't finished studying. I forgot what teacher taught for the earlier chapters. I am dead. Save me.

Although, I might just die but I know the camp will be hell of fun. So, guess what? I'm going to drown myself with tonnes of caffeine to make it an all-nighter. If I die, it'll be cause I had caffeine overdose. So, good luck to me.

Updated: I'm such a procrastinator. I didn't drink coffee, had tea instead. And I still haven't finished studying yet and yess, I haven't pack for camp either. Haha, thanked God class starts at 2.30 today. Well, I could always skip it. Oh, sleeping is such a torture when you have so many things to think about.

Oh, I really like Jie Chong's FB status. He wrote this: Crushes are meant to crush your heart. And the best thing is that it's oh-so-true.

I’m delusional and Adam Young stole my heart…

.. with his latest single, that is. Vanilla Twilight is the sweetest love song I’ve ever heard. Mind you, I was already crazy about this song for a few weeks already. It’s just that today, I felt the need to tell the whole world about it. Somehow, today I’m feel like I’m in a sing-song mode.


The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

- My favorite part from the song, Vanilla Twilight.

If you haven’t heard it yet, go hear it down. And you have been warned; you’ll fall hopelessly in love with it.

Placebo 04shoot02

Placebo is pretty good too with this song; For What Its Worth. It’s a sad emo song about having no friends about life and how it betrays you at times.

No one cares when you’re out on the street
Picking up the pieces to make ends meet
No one cares when you’re down in the gutter
Got no friends got no lover

- My favorite part from the song, For What Its Worth.

Now that I’ve got the songs-you-must-listen to aside, let’s talk about me being delusional. Well, I think I am. I’m really not sure about this. Sometimes, being delusional seems so easy and all, but in reality I am actually trying to make myself believe something that I’m not even sure of. Maybe it’s just me being over damn sensitive. Ala, I so wish I could turn back the clock. I said so many times that I’d rather not know. Eeee, you don’t know how much I hate myself for being this god damn delusional. Haha, self-hatred is good for the narcissist soul sometimes. Which is why I hoped that the coming Progress Test and the Student Council Leadership Camp would serve as a distraction for me.


If only, I can concentrate on my studying for me test that is. By the way, take note that I’ll be at camp from this Friday till Sunday. I might be gone or I just might pre-post some posts.

When innovation meets CFAB students.

Note: Pictures are grabbed from the CFAB/ICAEW group on Facebook.
I honestly thought last Thursday class was pretty amusing especially since innovation and innovative products were somehow the unspoken theme of the day. There’s two different incidents relating to the theme and you’ll soon understand after you read them. It’s rather umm, say hilarious.
Incident 1: Chocolates + Sex
24225_322632313014_620093014_3648307_4645764_n  24225_322632113014_620093014_3648290_1964815_n24225_322631598014_620093014_3648247_7113700_n
Hmm, these guys are posing with an innovative product which I like to call, Product C, for now at least. And product C happens to be the little pink packet they are holding. Take a wild guess, what’s inside the innocent looking packet.
Ta-da. This is Product C. It’s actually a strawberry flavored chocolate shaped into a condom and packed like one too.
And here’s the close up of the chocolate. Really does look like one. I tried it, although I don’t eat chocolates, just for the fun of it. Oh, and I highly doubt that chocolates is better sex.

Incident 2: Camera versus Flower
I’ve always loved English class and I’ve got more reasons to love it even more now. For Thursday class, we were separated into two same sex group, boys and girls. Then, with 30 balloons we were to built an innovative structure. And this is what you get from the CFAB students.
24225_322631668014_620093014_3648253_7403735_n 24225_322631653014_620093014_3648252_2423257_n
Watch as the girls assemble our masterpiece:
24225_322631773014_620093014_3648260_910913_n 24225_322631903014_620093014_3648271_8245463_n
And not much from the boys, cause they kept thinking that we are spying on them whenever Shih Xuan tried to take pictures.
Finally, it’s the battle of the sexes.
24225_322632198014_620093014_3648296_7416338_n 24225_322632203014_620093014_3648297_5226624_n
I’m a girl, so of course I’ll pick the camera as it’s more innovative but I like the flower, a lot. I think the guys won in the end. Doesn’t really matter cause we had loads of fun.