Ah, finally I found time to blog.

I know I haven’t been updating my blog, it’s a rare occurrence I can promise you that. It’s just that I have a final exam coming up and I’ve got like tonnes of works; used to be MI worksheets but MI class ended already. We are left with MI revision class. And English I class ended today and the final exam for it is this Friday.

Cool, huh? I have everything clashing. You ask, what’s wrong with my life? It’s damn disoriented, that I can tell you. Today was just exhausting too, I woke up like 7 am to so call study but I ended up god-knows-doing-something-else. Then, before I know it I had to leave for college and voila, I arrived to help out with the Student Council booth. Things were pretty mellow there.


Nice board right? Notice the borders? I did those tiny little pictures. They look something like this.

I was so busy last week doing like 50 plus of these. But it’s worth cause it looks good.


And, here’s another one of Student Council’s board. As you can see, on the board are faces and description of the Council’s future President and Vice President. Spot me. I’m running for Vice and I’m the one right next to the ‘Candidates’ paper. Anyway, the results is out tomorrow. Haha, can’t wait to see who becomes the President and the Vice.

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