I'll be off to camp tomorrow and I'll be back by Sunday noon. I have a progress test on Monday. I haven't finished studying. I forgot what teacher taught for the earlier chapters. I am dead. Save me.

Although, I might just die but I know the camp will be hell of fun. So, guess what? I'm going to drown myself with tonnes of caffeine to make it an all-nighter. If I die, it'll be cause I had caffeine overdose. So, good luck to me.

Updated: I'm such a procrastinator. I didn't drink coffee, had tea instead. And I still haven't finished studying yet and yess, I haven't pack for camp either. Haha, thanked God class starts at 2.30 today. Well, I could always skip it. Oh, sleeping is such a torture when you have so many things to think about.

Oh, I really like Jie Chong's FB status. He wrote this: Crushes are meant to crush your heart. And the best thing is that it's oh-so-true.

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