I’m delusional and Adam Young stole my heart…

.. with his latest single, that is. Vanilla Twilight is the sweetest love song I’ve ever heard. Mind you, I was already crazy about this song for a few weeks already. It’s just that today, I felt the need to tell the whole world about it. Somehow, today I’m feel like I’m in a sing-song mode.


The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

- My favorite part from the song, Vanilla Twilight.

If you haven’t heard it yet, go hear it down. And you have been warned; you’ll fall hopelessly in love with it.

Placebo 04shoot02

Placebo is pretty good too with this song; For What Its Worth. It’s a sad emo song about having no friends about life and how it betrays you at times.

No one cares when you’re out on the street
Picking up the pieces to make ends meet
No one cares when you’re down in the gutter
Got no friends got no lover

- My favorite part from the song, For What Its Worth.

Now that I’ve got the songs-you-must-listen to aside, let’s talk about me being delusional. Well, I think I am. I’m really not sure about this. Sometimes, being delusional seems so easy and all, but in reality I am actually trying to make myself believe something that I’m not even sure of. Maybe it’s just me being over damn sensitive. Ala, I so wish I could turn back the clock. I said so many times that I’d rather not know. Eeee, you don’t know how much I hate myself for being this god damn delusional. Haha, self-hatred is good for the narcissist soul sometimes. Which is why I hoped that the coming Progress Test and the Student Council Leadership Camp would serve as a distraction for me.


If only, I can concentrate on my studying for me test that is. By the way, take note that I’ll be at camp from this Friday till Sunday. I might be gone or I just might pre-post some posts.

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