I’m sick of…

…being so sick in everything.

“Sick of feeling like everything it’s my fault. Sick of feeling like this. Sick of my wishful thinking. Sick of thinking of every possibilities that might happen but obviously wouldn’t.”

I suck. Being sick makes me more emotional. I’m still sick and I’ve got like a presentation tomorrow too. I’m just hoping I won’t have a cough attack when I’m presenting.


And, this is what I’m been taking to hopefully help me heal faster. Well, at least, the sore throat and the flu phase is done and over with.


And I’m taking multi-vitamin pills too. I’ll do whatever it takes for me to be normal again. Hmmph. This is why I’m such a health freak, I can’t stand being sick.


“Note to *insertsnamehere*: Though I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I think we should talk more often.”

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