Laden with works.

The weekend has been pretty hectic for me. Firstly, I had the Student Council (I’m going to refer to it as SC) Leadership camp, from Friday till Sunday. And on Monday, I’ve got my second Progress Test which I obviously didn’t have time to study for. After that, I have to rush on my assignments; a Powerpoint presentation and a report, both of which, at time of blogging, have yet to be completed. 

So, I’m just going to post some short updates today.



















Believe it or not, but I actually submitted this picture and it’ll be used to campaign for the Vice President post in Student Council. What do you think? Too informal?

Guess what?! I survived the 2nd Progress Test. At least, I passed and got an A. But I have yet to tell my parents about it, cause compared to the first test, I got 90 and now I dropped. And the best thing is I could have gotten higher, I made like 4 stupid, careless mistake. I think I was too nervous during the test. Well, I didn’t study. What’d you expect?


I’m going to get back to my assignments now. Wish me luck.

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