Life sucks when you’re sick.

I hate to start this post with a whiney tone to it but I’m really sick. I have a

sore throat that feels like long witch-like fingernails scratching against the insides of my throat. This makes it hard for me to swallow anything, to eat anything, to talk; basically to do anything at all. And the best thing is I feel my forehead heating up now which can only mean that I might have fever. I can’t seem to breathe properly either, it’s blocked and it’s probably cause I’ll be having flu soon too. My lack of sleep these few days could now be taking a toll on me. For the past few days, I’ve been waking up at 6 am. What an ungodly hour to wake up at; it’s FREAKING school wake-up time, CARMEN! Stupid insomnia, it’s acting in the reverse direction now. I would very much like to use the f word now, but I’m against profanities on my blog. I have a headache and my eye feels like it’s burning. Every inch of my body aches. And I really can’t take this anymore.


So, it was Sun-U Open Day today and I helped out at the ICAEW/CFAB booth. Not going to elaborate too much, I’m just too tired. The ICAEW T-shirt is pretty nice. I’ve always love Polo tees.

Because that was before I experienced the domino effect of having a sore throat.

I managed to get a self-portrait done by a Fine Arts student; Esther. So, does it looks like me?

Hacks. I’ll be needing a hell loads of these for the next few days. And the best thing is that my presentation is Thursday next week. I better heal by then. So, I’m not talking anymore now.

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