SPM Results Day; it was bittersweet.

Note: This post contains a hell lot of words cause I want to be able to remember what it felt like on the results day. Some pictures is grabbed from Ee Laine’s Facebook.

Yesterday tasted a lot like eating chocolate (or beer); you pop them in your mouth, melting process begins and you taste the sweetness of it. Then, it turns ugly when you try to swallow it cause that’s when the sweetness is overloaded and turns bitter. Sorry if I make eating chocolate seems like hell; it’s really cause I don’t like eating them. Anyway, I’ll tell you in a bit why I said that.



  • Reached school at 9 to 10ish and they wouldn’t let us in. That’s how much they love us seniors. (Or probably they just want to organize the results without us freaking out there.)
  • Went in about 10.30ish. I wanted to be among the first cause I really don’t want to wait in line while others got their results. It makes me more nervous.
  • Principal went on stage to announce a top-scorer who got straight A+; Erin Chuah, as expected. And, she suddenly said she wanted to announce another 22 students who got straight A’s too.
  • I was like, “Shit. What if she didn’t mention my name?” Then, I start hearing names like Marc, Yee Ming and etc etc. “My name is not there. Shit. Shit.” I was worrying cause she said a lot of names already. Haha. But she did finally say my name. And I screamed.

SPM Slip

  • Honestly, I didn’t expect to get 8A+. I just wanted straight A’s, meaning no A-. But I would have been happier if I got an A+ in Chemistry. I’m so sorry for disappointing Mrs Lee, my Chemistry teacher.
  • EST was a nice surprise too, well coming from someone who once got a D for it. And I didn’t realize how badly EST affected the total number of straight A’s student in our school until later. If it hadn’t been EST, we would have a whooping number of 41 students who scored straight A’s. So, I shall consider myself lucky to have scored an A.
  • Hmm, two A’s away from scoring a straight A+. Oh, well. I’m happy and contented with my results. Really.
Bahasa Melayu A+
Bahasa Inggeris A+
Pengetahuan Moral A+
Sejarah A+
Mathematics A+
Additional Mathematics A+
Prinsip Perakaunan A+
Physics A+
Chemistry A
  • Oh, I actually made a pledge too. I’m going to be a vegetarian for half a day on the 1st and 15th of every month.



Gues what? I’m not going to blog about why I felt bitter yesterday. Turns out I got over it already. Haha.



I was planning to celebrate my results with a cocktail drink for myself;  whiskey with coke. Mom gave me the green light to drink the Johnny Walker but then, I realized I didn’t have any Coke with me. So, yeah. And I still haven’t decided how I want to celebrate yet, besides with a drink. Any suggestions?

Well, I did go out after the results; Times Square. There was a lot of catching up and talking. I had fun but I would have preferred to have more action; like bowling. I need to brush up on my bowling skill anyway. So, I want demand for another celebration!

Haha. I’m serious, there’s like a total of 24 of us in Starbucks and only 4 of us bought drinks from them. At least they didn’t chased us away.


And I discovered a new love. Gelato! It’s Italian ice-cream, I love the Strawberry Yogurt flavor (it’s the one in pink) from Gelato Fruity. It’s so sour-ish and heavenly at the same time.


  1. hi.. XD congratz for getting straight A's!! ^__^

    i'm sorry for suddenly intruding here. i was browsing google about SPM as i am in form 5 this year. i took an additional subject, EST. it will be only self study and with no teacher.. >.<"

    i see that you used to get D before and now A.. Do you have some tips for me to get an A for EST.. i hope you dont mind. i really want to get A for EST.. Thanks for reading my comment.. XD

  2. Hey Allen,

    Oh, thanks!

    Honestly, I wouldn't recommend you to take EST as an additional subject. This year, most of my school usual straight A students didn't manage to get straight As because they got a B for EST. As you can see EST is pretty unpredictable. But if you really want to take it, I would advise you to do more reading on scientific terms and do memorise them. Then, when you're doing your essay please include those terminologies and formulas you've learnt in Physics, Chem and Bio. That'll help.

    And thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi, i've got spm in 2 weeks lol. just wondering if you could share how you prepared for moral and bm?

    P/S why did you not get an A+ for Chem? i find i quite easy lol. but bm/sej is killer hard mann

  4. Haha, it's been a year plus since I took SPM but I can still roughly figure out how I prepared for it.

    Well, since it's only 2 weeks left, for Moral, I'll suggest you to make sure you memorize the definitions and read more examples on which vales should be used for which situation. And in the exam, if you got time, please do write more points.

    For BM, I can't tell you much because it really depends on the test paper and questions and not forgetting yourself too. But what I did, was to read a lot of essays because scoring in essays is much easier than the 'tatabahasa' part. Be careful with the questions, they are usually tricky.

    As for my Chemistry, I have absolutely no idea why I didn't an A+. Chemistry was actually the one subject I was certain in getting an A+. Guess this shows that anything can happen.

    And one more thing, don't worry so much if you think you screw up your papers. The grading is usually quite low, meaning it's quite easy to get an A.

    Good luck!

  5. Thank for bothering to reply! Appreciate it!

  6. Hey!...congrats for getting straight A's for your spm last year..well im a fifth former this year,and just recently finished my spm...just wanna ask,is the standard of A plus reli that sky high?i believe i can get an average of 80 and above for all the subjects but i fear the standard for a plus is like 90 and above(according to schools)..so can i have your opinion?

  7. Hey there,

    Firstly I'm sorry for my absolutely late reply. Been rather busy.

    If you want my honest opinion, I'll tell you not to worry. If you can score an average of 80 plus, you're on your way to a straight A + results. However, like my Chemistry results, I only got an A, although I always scored the highest for Chem. Somehow rather, I think I may have screwed that paper up.

    So anyway, if I were you, I wouldn't worry and I'll just enjoy the hols!

    Good luck and all the best to you!

    Carmen Hong.