Today was a bad day. Period.

I'm having one of those days.

[One of those days is an English idiom describing a period when everything that can go wrong does. This is taken from one of my favourite blogger, Nury Vittachi's blog post. Read the full post here. ]

Today was bad. I can't help but to further emphaize my point. Bear with me on this (since I do seldom rant on my life), okay? Or you can just skip reading this post.

The alarm rang at 6 am, I woke up at 6.42 am. I had to get dressed in 18 mins (an almost impossible feat for me) which then left me only 10 mins for my breakfast. I made peanut butter toast but I lost my appetite after drinking a glass of milk. I stuffed my bread into a container, thought I'll eat it in college instead. Class started, it was okay for the first test. Then, I had a feeling that daddy forgot that I had class today. I texted him and he said mummy will fetch me (that means he forgot). And best thing is mommy doesn't know the way here well enough. For God's sake, mommy doesn't even drive that much which explains why she drives an ancient car (as per her). After a short 10 minutes break, we have to do 2 tests in an obviously very limited time. Ms. Geetha started rushing us and I just can't think anymore. So, even though Chapter 6 - Budgeting was easier than Chapter 5 - Pricing I got a record low marks. I didn't read the questions properly and I got like a lot of wrongs. That was enough to make me emo.

So, yeah. That was it. I know you'll probably think like it isn't so bad actually but when you have a final exam this Saturday, it's bad enough already.

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