When innovation meets CFAB students.

Note: Pictures are grabbed from the CFAB/ICAEW group on Facebook.
I honestly thought last Thursday class was pretty amusing especially since innovation and innovative products were somehow the unspoken theme of the day. There’s two different incidents relating to the theme and you’ll soon understand after you read them. It’s rather umm, say hilarious.
Incident 1: Chocolates + Sex
24225_322632313014_620093014_3648307_4645764_n  24225_322632113014_620093014_3648290_1964815_n24225_322631598014_620093014_3648247_7113700_n
Hmm, these guys are posing with an innovative product which I like to call, Product C, for now at least. And product C happens to be the little pink packet they are holding. Take a wild guess, what’s inside the innocent looking packet.
Ta-da. This is Product C. It’s actually a strawberry flavored chocolate shaped into a condom and packed like one too.
And here’s the close up of the chocolate. Really does look like one. I tried it, although I don’t eat chocolates, just for the fun of it. Oh, and I highly doubt that chocolates is better sex.

Incident 2: Camera versus Flower
I’ve always loved English class and I’ve got more reasons to love it even more now. For Thursday class, we were separated into two same sex group, boys and girls. Then, with 30 balloons we were to built an innovative structure. And this is what you get from the CFAB students.
24225_322631668014_620093014_3648253_7403735_n 24225_322631653014_620093014_3648252_2423257_n
Watch as the girls assemble our masterpiece:
24225_322631773014_620093014_3648260_910913_n 24225_322631903014_620093014_3648271_8245463_n
And not much from the boys, cause they kept thinking that we are spying on them whenever Shih Xuan tried to take pictures.
Finally, it’s the battle of the sexes.
24225_322632198014_620093014_3648296_7416338_n 24225_322632203014_620093014_3648297_5226624_n
I’m a girl, so of course I’ll pick the camera as it’s more innovative but I like the flower, a lot. I think the guys won in the end. Doesn’t really matter cause we had loads of fun.

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