Lou Shi Fun [Mouse Noodles] – I made these for lunch.


This morning I just wasn’t in the mood for breakfast. Water was a a good substitute, well until 11 am that is. I woke up around 8ish this morning, a very ungodly time indeed when everyone else is fast asleep till 12 pm. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, not today at least.

When I finally decided that I wanted to eat breakfast, I realized it was close to lunch time then. Brunch, it is! But mommy just started eating her breakfast. So, she suggested that I cook lunch. Of course, I’m up for it. Yes, that is despite the very fact that I am indeed a bad cook. 

Cooking proved to be a good therapy but somehow, midways I find myself staring blankly at the wok. I was obviously thinking while cooking. Thanked God Mom kept talking to me, subtly reminding me that I was cooking.

Can you imagine me juggling between cooking and taking photographs? Thanked God, I didn’t burn lunch. Plus I didn’t want to use the Auto mode on my camera, the pictures taken using that mode usually are over-exposed.

God, I love taking photographs of food.  They are so photogenic, but of course I had to adjust things a little.  Add some spring onions to bring out the color of the toppings. Add some black sauce to the noodles to make it look less bland. Yeah, you get my point.

It seems like my cooking is getting better. I’ve always been interested in cooking but (last time) all my mom would let me do was help her in the cooking preparations; like washing the vegetables and all. That just killed all my interest in cooking. Assisting is so not my thing, I’d rather be the one cooking.  Which explains why I do (sort of) enjoy cooking now. I still loathe the preparations part of cooking.

But still, I’m dabbling with cooking because as the saying goes; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Haha. Though, I so wouldn’t mind if a guy can cook. Then, we could like experiment with crazy food ideas and make a mess in the kitchen. Ah, what a nice daydream.

Me? A model? Nah.

Check out today's TheStar newspaper, main section. Pg 37.
I'm even sure if what I did could consider me as a model. Well, technically it was sort of model-ish work, though it wasn't much like a fashion shoot. And yes, I do laugh at the advertisement every time I see it. HAHA. It was hilarious. I mean, we were asked to look at this bright light and be amused by it. I was like, okay.. look and be amused.

"Wow, that's one bright light."

I know it's a short post. It's just a filler anyway. I've got test later this afternoon.

Think twice?

I haven't got much to say now, I blame myself because I'm far too tired and I want to sleep. In fact, I actually have an exam tomorrow but I'm planning to study in the morning of the exam itself. Smart move, I know. Tomorrow shall be a fun day because I'm playing futsal with my yellow team mates. :D I'd say our chances of winning is about 50%, maybe more. Well, you'll hear about it on Monday perhaps. Cause I've got a Congress to attend on Saturday. Sunday is taken up already for exam preparation. So, yea.

Note: I don't think I'm giving love a second chance anymore. I mean I have given it so much time to prove its worth but still. And I'm done trying too, *insertsnamehere*. I give up. Goodbye. If you ever want me, you know what my number is and where to find me too. :D I'm glad it had to be this way :) So long sucker.

I have high fever, flu and cough.

You wouldn't believe how sick I was yesterday. I had fever with a sky high temperature of 39.5 Celsius which is equivalent to like 100 plus degrees Fahrenheit. And the best thing was I didn't even know I had high fever until my mum came into my room and saw me wearing sweater with my fan turned off. She guessed something was wrong and she was right. I downed like a total of 4 Panadol ActiFast and I did nothing but sleep all day. And yet, this morning I woke up at 4 am to find huge eye bags. Sighs. Being sick really really sucks. I have to eat selectively too; I can't take salty food neither can I take rice.

Anyway, today I was still feeling rather sick in the morning which is why I decided not to go to college. I hoped I didn't miss out much on Accounting class. Mom went out to buy a more potent medication for me and yes, I'm feeling much better now though I'm experiencing a slight giddiness. I want to get back to college as soon as possible. I wouldn't want to be missing anymore classes.

I think I'm falling ill.

Sighs. If there is one thing I hate, it'll have to be falling sick. I couldn't sleep well yesterday's night regardless of how tired I was after helping out at the Accounting Career and Education Fair. My body's temperature was like high, I could like feel the heat on my mattress. And I had body aches all over my body too but it may be caused by my workout session on Saturday. Or I could be having fever. I just feel like sleeping the whole day today but I doubt I can do that since my insomnia seems to be back. Sighs. Life sucks.

PS - I might or might not blog about ACEF. But one thing for sure, I'll post the pictures for all to see. :)

A walk in the park. {With Cammy}

I need to exercise more often. I'm thin but my body is in dire need of a toning. Plus, I need to get fit by next Friday because I'll be playing futsal again. But it's a competition this time, so it's no longer child's play. And I've already picked my team; Liang Bin's team! Haha. If you had read my previous post about my first Futsal Experience, then you'll know why I chose to be in Liang Bin's team.

Anyway, most people would bring their dogs for a walk in the park but I bring my camera instead. Well, I don't have a dog and I badly need to need to know how to use my camera's functions. I need someone to explain to me the shutter speed and aperture settings too.

I took this picture after it rained. I tried to take the same picture another day but it didn't turn out this nice.

I basically spent 30 minutes kneeling on the sand trying to get a nice shot of the pink flower above. Guess why? Because of all days I decided to take a walk with Cammy, I choose one day when it was windy. And most of the flowers were swaying from left to right. Which is why I gave up and took pictures of the sunset instead. I thought those pictures were pretty good. 

I like this because you could see the rays of sunshine here. It's not that obvious and I want to get a picture where the rays are obvious.

God, I love the hues of orange here.

The sun morphed into a star. Wait, it's already a star. Hehe.

I love this shot. Took it single handedly as my other hand is in front of the lens.
So. what do think of the pictures? I hope to be able to get better shots soon. Maybe I should bring Cammy to the jungle. I will, one day.

Guardian Angel - Part II

I have actually intended to blog a longer post than the previous one. But then, on that night I had to finish a proposal and by the time I was done it was far too late for me to start blogging and I really needed the rest for my 6 hours Accounting class. So, I'll continue from where I left.

I think most of us do know what the Guardian Angel game is about, right? Well, for those that aren't too sure how the game is played, basically you randomly pick a paper that contains a name and that person is your mortal. And you're obviously the person's guardian angel. Throughout the period of the game, your job as an guardian angel is of course to look after your mortal. Be it writing a note or bringing breakfast for your mortal, there is no limits to what you can do. That is basically the gist of the game.

I played the game with my classmates but we added a different twist to the game. The guardian angels would be of the opposite sex of the mortal. Meaning, I would have a guy as my angel and my mortal would also be a guy. At least, it is not so gay for a guy to give a guy something. Haha.

My boat is not sinking, Reuben Pak. And you're not my angel also.

I can't tell if this is really from my angel or not. It could have been Reuben again.

Girls, you'll agree with me right? That you'll prefer roses?

Oh, did I mention that I have a Malaysian Studies class today? In which like 83% of my classmates are not going, especially after the lecturer didn't come for the class last Friday and didn't even bother to inform us in advance. So, God knows why am I even going today. Well, actually I have to settle some things in college and since I'm already there I thought why not just attend the Malaysian Studies class. It's 3 freaking hours and I will be bored to death. Thanked God, Reuben is coming after all. Thanks man, I owe you one. And like you said, this is an emergency.

To my Guardian Angel,

 I'm not sure if my Guardian Angel is indeed reading this, but if you are I'd like to say thanks.

Sour, my favourite. How'd you know? I don't eat sweet things. Easy peasy.

A note! Haha, I wished I looked cute.
Sorry, for the awfully short post. Will post more about Guardian Angel if he does something. I have a 6 hours class tomorrow, that's why.

Hungry now? Then, don't read this.

Before I go on about the delicious Dim Sum I had for breakfast with my family, I'd like to say something about yesterday night. Well, I was pretty down yesterday night. I was being rather over-sensitive over something, but the point is I was emo-ing, like big time. Thanked God for friends who were there. And the best thing was this issue affected me so badly till I couldn't sleep and woke up at 6 am in the morning. Sighs. But I think I got over it already. I have to move on despite what had happened.


I recalled telling Mom Dad before that I was craving for Dim Sum since I haven't had them for a long time. And all of a sudden, this morning, Mom said that we're going for Dim Sum but it's not at our regular place. Hmm, I was rather sceptical at first. I mean, I do have a pretty high standard in food and not many can match it. So, anyway Dad drove us to this restaurant which was recommended by Aunt Christina.

Pretty informative picture, don't you think? You know where to find the restaurant already.

Fried varieties and pastries.

Dim Sum that has yet to be steamed.
This restaurant took a pretty practical approach to ensure that the Dim Sum would be steaming hot when it arrives at the table. It's simple really. Common Dim Sum restaurant would bring the Dim Sum in huge hot trays from one table to another. But not this one, they brought cold, uncooked Dim Sum to the table and takes down the order and then only steamed the ordered Dim Sums. I like that, I mean they can prevent wastage too.

Uncooked unidentified Dim Sum. Haha.

Siew Mai. Tastes pretty good. They don't skimp on the meat.

Har Kau. Didn't really like it. I thought the dough was tad thicker than usual.

I'm not sure what this is called but it's good.

This is so-so only. I've tasted better fish ball than this.
Siew Long Pau. It's famous Shanghai's meat dumpling with soup. But their version falls short.

As you can see the dough is a bit too thick and dry.

Pork Ribs with black beans. Not bad.

Hong Kong style steamed Chee Cheong Fun with shrimps. Again, they skimped on the shrimps.
Egg Tarts. If you like thicker and flaky tarts, this one would suit you.

Fried Yam with fillings. This is so god damn good. One of the best ones I have tasted.

It feels like eating cheese. The fillings practically melts in your mouth. Oh my.

This looks pretty normal right? But guess what? It's even better than the Fried Yam.

It's Fried Shrimps! Surprisingly, they didn't skimp on this one which makes it tastes so good.

Grren Chilies. This is one of the Yong Tau Foo you can choose from.

Ladies Finger Yong Tau Foo. If you want the best, I'd suggest you go get them from Bandar Baru Ampang.

In conclusion, most of the Dim Sum here in terms of taste are average with a few really good ones. However if you're talking about the serving size, then I think it's pretty value for money. The Dim Sum starts at a price of RM 3.50 per plate. If you're around the place and you don't know what to eat, you can always try the place out.

The day everything went wrong. [Snapshots of the day.]

Yesterday just sucked really badly. Almost nothing went right and everything bad that could not have possibly happened did happen. Sighs. It's pointless talking about it now. I shall just post some pictures and we shall marvel at Cammy's [and my ability] to take such ah-mazing shots.

Myself and Cik Rahayu, my BM teacher.

Myself and Cik Sri Devi, my Sejarah teacher.
A great big thanks to the both my teachers for teaching me since I was like Form 1. If it wasn't for their effort, I can say that I wouldn't have gotten A+ for the subjects. Of course, I'll like to thank all my other subjects teachers too. And even though, I didn't managed to get A+ for Chemistry (I think I may have let her down since she expected that from me), Puan Lee was one of the best teacher I ever had, albeit only teaching me for two years.

Myself and Puan Lee, my Chemistry teacher.
Remember I mentioned earlier about how everything went wrong? Well, what I'm talking about is that I basically missed the whole prize-giving event because I went to get flowers for my teachers. Plus I didn't expect the event to finish so fast. And when I finally made it there, I couldn't find Puan Lee at all. I searched like all four corners of the hall but I still couldn't find her. Eventually, after the hide and seek game, she called me. Said she was in Methodist Boys School. Daddy drove all the way there and finally found her. Haha, things I'll do for my teacher.

So, you want to see the pictures of the flowers that caused me to be late for the event? They are really pretty. Red roses, my favourite. I bought white too, but the picture didn't look so good. So, I'm not going to post it here.

I just love how beautiful roses are. Even those not fully bloomed yet.

At first, I didn't really like the arrangements for the red roses. I thought the white flowers were too small. But they turned out to be quite pretty on camera.

You can't really see the curves of the petals here but I like how sharp the image is.

And this would have to be the best shot I got of the rose. It looks like I managed to lift the rose of the picture.
Not bad for my Cammy. DSLR could of course do this with ease since it's something related to the Depth of Field which prosumer compact doesn't have or something like that. Please do correct me if 'm wrong.

Anyway, I'm hooked on origami roses; I have been folding and perfecting the art of folding it. Well, take a look and tell me which is better.

The purple rose origami; I coloured the inside of it. Do you like this or ...
... Or the red rose origami better? This is is of course much simpler than the other.
 Hmm, I'm undecided. My brother, Kah Lok prefers the purple one.

Mac And Cheese

Before I go on about how the Mac and Cheese mom and I made over the weekends, I thought I'd like to share an interesting article from New York Times -  First Camera, Then Fork. It's about people who photograph food and display the pictures online. "Oh my gosh, that's so like me." Haha. I know I know. Sometimes, my obsessive compulsive need to snap pictures of food can irk my parents. Imagine; a steaming, piping hot delicious dish of food arrives at the table, you get your fork and knife ready to tuck in the dish but you can't because someone is taking pictures of the food. Yeap, that someone would be me. But I think over the years my parents had learnt to tolerate me already. And really, my OCD isn't that bad. I know the limits; there are times when I know I shouldn't take pictures.

Now, let's get back to something more interesting. The Mac and Cheese.

Macaroni-es. I really love this picture.
Now. covered with white cheese sauce. The sauce itself is heaven and best thing of all, it's pretty simple to make.

The macaronies are placed into a baking tray and covered with crushed cornflakes and cheddar cheese.

Ta-da! You have mac and cheese now.
Honestly speaking, I thought the Mac and Cheese was okay only. Yes, I'm saying this despite the fact that the pictures itself can make you salivate. I blame my camera. Well, my sister and brother loved it but, nah not my type. I didn't like the cornflakes mom decided to put in. It reminds me of milk, and you know how much I hate milk. But I can say that it was good,  it's just not what I like.

Yesterday was a joke.

Well, you see I was supposed to have a 10 hours class straight back to back with only like say 30 minutes of break in between. Boy, was I worried that I'll be dozing off in class seeing the fact that I only slept at 1 am the day before. In fact, in the morning before I went to college, I was so tempted to make myself a cup of coffee that I pretty know will make me puke just by the smell of it. I opted for an apple instead because I heard it could make you more energised.

Anyway, I reached there on time at 8 am. I thought I was late; daddy used another route to go to college and it was jam. But then, after a few minute a lady, most probably from Sunway TES came in and said that class is cancelled. Hallelujah, not. I mean a day before that, the class was cancelled too but we got text from Sunway TES.

Most of us, at least. Not Derrick, of which I actually took the opportunity to prank him back after his April Fool's prank. HAHA. The day before yesterday I told him all class was cancelled and he gratefully thanked me for informing him. How gullible. And the best thing is he already made plans to go out within 10 minutes I told him the classes were cancelled.

But it didn't make much difference either because the 10 hours class we were supposed to have was cancelled. We would have went home if we knew it was all going to be cancelled. The thing was that we knew that the first two class was cancelled but we still couldn't go back home because we had a third class. We only found out that the third class was cancelled while we were watching 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

See that guy over here. He's Hiccup, the lead of course.
And meet the dragon, Toothless. He's really cute.
The movie was due to begin at around 12.10 pm, so we had around 2 hours to kill in Sunway Pyramid. Since the CFAB dinner is coming, the girls decided to shop around for dresses. And the boys just tagged along since they had nowhere else to go, as per them. Haha. I can bet with you that the two hours they spent tagging along with the girls was probably one of their most torturing moments in their life. Every shop we entered, having chairs there were considered as heaven to them. If there wasn't, you'll find them outside the shop, sitting on one of those chairs along the walkways. Well, Reuben said this was like training for the future girlfriend next time. Lucky her, then.

Look, my first origami rose! Taught by Crystie.
The rose looks pretty close to the real one (albeit being slightly too boxy, but I'm a beginner), don't you think? We both wished that some guy who will romantic enough to fold us the roses. It's not easy I can tell you. If you're interested in learning how, this website has got pretty good instructions there.

And there's my classmate in the background.