The day everything went wrong. [Snapshots of the day.]

Yesterday just sucked really badly. Almost nothing went right and everything bad that could not have possibly happened did happen. Sighs. It's pointless talking about it now. I shall just post some pictures and we shall marvel at Cammy's [and my ability] to take such ah-mazing shots.

Myself and Cik Rahayu, my BM teacher.

Myself and Cik Sri Devi, my Sejarah teacher.
A great big thanks to the both my teachers for teaching me since I was like Form 1. If it wasn't for their effort, I can say that I wouldn't have gotten A+ for the subjects. Of course, I'll like to thank all my other subjects teachers too. And even though, I didn't managed to get A+ for Chemistry (I think I may have let her down since she expected that from me), Puan Lee was one of the best teacher I ever had, albeit only teaching me for two years.

Myself and Puan Lee, my Chemistry teacher.
Remember I mentioned earlier about how everything went wrong? Well, what I'm talking about is that I basically missed the whole prize-giving event because I went to get flowers for my teachers. Plus I didn't expect the event to finish so fast. And when I finally made it there, I couldn't find Puan Lee at all. I searched like all four corners of the hall but I still couldn't find her. Eventually, after the hide and seek game, she called me. Said she was in Methodist Boys School. Daddy drove all the way there and finally found her. Haha, things I'll do for my teacher.

So, you want to see the pictures of the flowers that caused me to be late for the event? They are really pretty. Red roses, my favourite. I bought white too, but the picture didn't look so good. So, I'm not going to post it here.

I just love how beautiful roses are. Even those not fully bloomed yet.

At first, I didn't really like the arrangements for the red roses. I thought the white flowers were too small. But they turned out to be quite pretty on camera.

You can't really see the curves of the petals here but I like how sharp the image is.

And this would have to be the best shot I got of the rose. It looks like I managed to lift the rose of the picture.
Not bad for my Cammy. DSLR could of course do this with ease since it's something related to the Depth of Field which prosumer compact doesn't have or something like that. Please do correct me if 'm wrong.

Anyway, I'm hooked on origami roses; I have been folding and perfecting the art of folding it. Well, take a look and tell me which is better.

The purple rose origami; I coloured the inside of it. Do you like this or ...
... Or the red rose origami better? This is is of course much simpler than the other.
 Hmm, I'm undecided. My brother, Kah Lok prefers the purple one.

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