Guardian Angel - Part II

I have actually intended to blog a longer post than the previous one. But then, on that night I had to finish a proposal and by the time I was done it was far too late for me to start blogging and I really needed the rest for my 6 hours Accounting class. So, I'll continue from where I left.

I think most of us do know what the Guardian Angel game is about, right? Well, for those that aren't too sure how the game is played, basically you randomly pick a paper that contains a name and that person is your mortal. And you're obviously the person's guardian angel. Throughout the period of the game, your job as an guardian angel is of course to look after your mortal. Be it writing a note or bringing breakfast for your mortal, there is no limits to what you can do. That is basically the gist of the game.

I played the game with my classmates but we added a different twist to the game. The guardian angels would be of the opposite sex of the mortal. Meaning, I would have a guy as my angel and my mortal would also be a guy. At least, it is not so gay for a guy to give a guy something. Haha.

My boat is not sinking, Reuben Pak. And you're not my angel also.

I can't tell if this is really from my angel or not. It could have been Reuben again.

Girls, you'll agree with me right? That you'll prefer roses?

Oh, did I mention that I have a Malaysian Studies class today? In which like 83% of my classmates are not going, especially after the lecturer didn't come for the class last Friday and didn't even bother to inform us in advance. So, God knows why am I even going today. Well, actually I have to settle some things in college and since I'm already there I thought why not just attend the Malaysian Studies class. It's 3 freaking hours and I will be bored to death. Thanked God, Reuben is coming after all. Thanks man, I owe you one. And like you said, this is an emergency.

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