Hunting for a new skin.

Not for myself, though I highly doubt that it's even possible. If the scientists are researching, can I make a request? I want a new flawless skin. Thanks. :)

Anyways, it's my blog who needs a new skin. And if you didn't already noticed, the skin or layout if you prefer to call it that has indeed been changed. I striped the old one off, with a heavy heart of course, but I had to since I couldn't identify the problem, It's something to do with Photo Bucket and exceeding bandwidth, which I didn't understand because I'm a noob when it comes to these stuff. So, before I took down the old skin I was looking for a new one but I didn't quite like what I found. I'm still looking around. If you know where I could find skins that you think I might like or is suitable for my blog, drop me a comment or a mail or leave the link in my Form Spring box at the side toolbar.

Right now, I guess we all have to deal with this Blogger layout. Oh, what do you think of my header? It's not much; I didn't photoshop-ed it anyway since my laptop died on me like a few weeks ago. And I'm using my brother's desktop. Super slow. But is doing its job well.

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