I have high fever, flu and cough.

You wouldn't believe how sick I was yesterday. I had fever with a sky high temperature of 39.5 Celsius which is equivalent to like 100 plus degrees Fahrenheit. And the best thing was I didn't even know I had high fever until my mum came into my room and saw me wearing sweater with my fan turned off. She guessed something was wrong and she was right. I downed like a total of 4 Panadol ActiFast and I did nothing but sleep all day. And yet, this morning I woke up at 4 am to find huge eye bags. Sighs. Being sick really really sucks. I have to eat selectively too; I can't take salty food neither can I take rice.

Anyway, today I was still feeling rather sick in the morning which is why I decided not to go to college. I hoped I didn't miss out much on Accounting class. Mom went out to buy a more potent medication for me and yes, I'm feeling much better now though I'm experiencing a slight giddiness. I want to get back to college as soon as possible. I wouldn't want to be missing anymore classes.

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