Mac And Cheese

Before I go on about how the Mac and Cheese mom and I made over the weekends, I thought I'd like to share an interesting article from New York Times -  First Camera, Then Fork. It's about people who photograph food and display the pictures online. "Oh my gosh, that's so like me." Haha. I know I know. Sometimes, my obsessive compulsive need to snap pictures of food can irk my parents. Imagine; a steaming, piping hot delicious dish of food arrives at the table, you get your fork and knife ready to tuck in the dish but you can't because someone is taking pictures of the food. Yeap, that someone would be me. But I think over the years my parents had learnt to tolerate me already. And really, my OCD isn't that bad. I know the limits; there are times when I know I shouldn't take pictures.

Now, let's get back to something more interesting. The Mac and Cheese.

Macaroni-es. I really love this picture.
Now. covered with white cheese sauce. The sauce itself is heaven and best thing of all, it's pretty simple to make.

The macaronies are placed into a baking tray and covered with crushed cornflakes and cheddar cheese.

Ta-da! You have mac and cheese now.
Honestly speaking, I thought the Mac and Cheese was okay only. Yes, I'm saying this despite the fact that the pictures itself can make you salivate. I blame my camera. Well, my sister and brother loved it but, nah not my type. I didn't like the cornflakes mom decided to put in. It reminds me of milk, and you know how much I hate milk. But I can say that it was good,  it's just not what I like.