So, it's April Fool. Meh.

I'm trying to come up with a prank worthy enough to pull off on my blog but I can't. Maybe it's not in me to come up with a brillant trick or sorts. I tried pulling some pranks, of which I failed miserably. I suck (or either the other person was far too smart).

On the other hand, I wouldn't blame myself for falling for pranks. Maybe I was too gullible but it did sounded so real (Being admitted to hospital because of a surgery due to digestion problem, and I had to promise to keep it a secret too. Another being the ICAEW UK President is coming to Malaysia, told by a senior). See how real it sounded like? I mean like who'd joke about this kind of things. Gah. I should have known. But it was a good laugh, so yeah. It reminds me again that it was indeed April's Fool Day today.

Oh, still remember *insertsnamehere*? Haha, well things are getting better with *insertsnamehere*. But only slightly. Sighs, what more can I actually ask? But I wish over time, things will get much better.

Anyway, I'll be sitting for my final paper, it's Management Information subject. I should be off to study now. Wish me luck.

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