Talk about perfect timing.

Yesterday, I'll say that most CFAB-ians played a game called 'The Waiting Game'.

Heard of it? Maybe not.

It's probably caused the real name for the game is 'The Waiting For The Results Game'. Still not familiar with the game? Don't fret, it has another name too which is 'Clicking Refresh Like A Maniac on The Results page Game'. Try playing the game with us CFAB-ians; it's very likely for your blood pressure to rise and the game even throws in heart/anxiety attack to add to the already sky high tension.

If you didn't understand the first few paragraphs earlier, let me just rephrase it here. In my last entry, I posted about the first e-exam I sat for. And the result for the exam was supposed to be out 24 hours after the exam. So, logically speaking 24 hours after my exam would be 4th of April 2010, 11 am. But somehow rather, some of my classmates told me it's out at 3 pm instead. I was already frustrated when the results wasn't out at 11 am. Fine, 3 hours later won't make much difference I told myself. But then at 3 pm, the results still wasn't out. Oh, did I mention that throughout the 11-5 pm period, I was in front of the computer clicking on the 'View Your Exam Results' icon again and again. Even when I tried this morning, all I see is this:

I'm so very tired of seeing this page already. I wish to see my Management Information results on that page, pretty please? I'm already asking very politely despite how frustrated I really am now. As it turns out, I wouldn't be able to get my results today either. Simply because today is Easter Monday holiday in London and yesterday was Easter Day holiday.

Grrrrr-eat. It means that the results will only be out on Tuesday, around 5-ish pm. I decided to spare myself from the many many anxiety attacks I may get from refreshing the page and not seeing my result there with converting the London time to local time.
" 10:00:00 Tuesday April 6, 2010 in Europe/London converts to 17:00:00 Tuesday April 6, 2010 in GMT+8 "
So, classmates I think by now I'm pretty sure we should all stop opening like 6 tabs and refreshing the page. It's Tuesday and that's still a long day to go.

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