Things happen when you least expect them.

Life has a way of making things happen, especially when you didn't expect it to happen. In my last post, I ranted on the possibility of only getting the e-exam results on Tuesday (today) since it was a Easter Monday holiday in London. Of course, since I know it was holiday I brushed off thoughts of the possibility of getting the results yesterday (Monday). I happily went for a photo shoot which I shall blog about later, placing the results of the e-exam right at the back of my mind.

And all of a sudden, while waiting for shoot to begin, I got texts from friends saying that the results was out already. I was like, 'Really? Are you serious?' Damn. Thanked God, I brought my PSP out with me. I checked immediately and the website was taking eons to load, which it finally did after a long time of course. And the best thing was the PSP browser messed up the ICAEW's website layout. All I could see was pass. But I'm happy enough already. I eventually saw my marks, after scrutinizing the screen much further. It was good, better than what I'm expected.

I have to thank a few people because without their help I wouldn't have gotten this. Let's call them the angels. And of course, Miss Geetha, my lecturer. Friends too. Did I mention that I have to cook for them now? I'm planning to do the White Cheese Sauce Spaghetti which I thought was heavenly, made by mummy. I'll have to learn from her first. We'll see then.

PS - Someone who claimed he failed after the test owes me lunch.

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