Think twice?

I haven't got much to say now, I blame myself because I'm far too tired and I want to sleep. In fact, I actually have an exam tomorrow but I'm planning to study in the morning of the exam itself. Smart move, I know. Tomorrow shall be a fun day because I'm playing futsal with my yellow team mates. :D I'd say our chances of winning is about 50%, maybe more. Well, you'll hear about it on Monday perhaps. Cause I've got a Congress to attend on Saturday. Sunday is taken up already for exam preparation. So, yea.

Note: I don't think I'm giving love a second chance anymore. I mean I have given it so much time to prove its worth but still. And I'm done trying too, *insertsnamehere*. I give up. Goodbye. If you ever want me, you know what my number is and where to find me too. :D I'm glad it had to be this way :) So long sucker.

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