A walk in the park. {With Cammy}

I need to exercise more often. I'm thin but my body is in dire need of a toning. Plus, I need to get fit by next Friday because I'll be playing futsal again. But it's a competition this time, so it's no longer child's play. And I've already picked my team; Liang Bin's team! Haha. If you had read my previous post about my first Futsal Experience, then you'll know why I chose to be in Liang Bin's team.

Anyway, most people would bring their dogs for a walk in the park but I bring my camera instead. Well, I don't have a dog and I badly need to need to know how to use my camera's functions. I need someone to explain to me the shutter speed and aperture settings too.

I took this picture after it rained. I tried to take the same picture another day but it didn't turn out this nice.

I basically spent 30 minutes kneeling on the sand trying to get a nice shot of the pink flower above. Guess why? Because of all days I decided to take a walk with Cammy, I choose one day when it was windy. And most of the flowers were swaying from left to right. Which is why I gave up and took pictures of the sunset instead. I thought those pictures were pretty good. 

I like this because you could see the rays of sunshine here. It's not that obvious and I want to get a picture where the rays are obvious.

God, I love the hues of orange here.

The sun morphed into a star. Wait, it's already a star. Hehe.

I love this shot. Took it single handedly as my other hand is in front of the lens.
So. what do think of the pictures? I hope to be able to get better shots soon. Maybe I should bring Cammy to the jungle. I will, one day.

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