Yesterday was a joke.

Well, you see I was supposed to have a 10 hours class straight back to back with only like say 30 minutes of break in between. Boy, was I worried that I'll be dozing off in class seeing the fact that I only slept at 1 am the day before. In fact, in the morning before I went to college, I was so tempted to make myself a cup of coffee that I pretty know will make me puke just by the smell of it. I opted for an apple instead because I heard it could make you more energised.

Anyway, I reached there on time at 8 am. I thought I was late; daddy used another route to go to college and it was jam. But then, after a few minute a lady, most probably from Sunway TES came in and said that class is cancelled. Hallelujah, not. I mean a day before that, the class was cancelled too but we got text from Sunway TES.

Most of us, at least. Not Derrick, of which I actually took the opportunity to prank him back after his April Fool's prank. HAHA. The day before yesterday I told him all class was cancelled and he gratefully thanked me for informing him. How gullible. And the best thing is he already made plans to go out within 10 minutes I told him the classes were cancelled.

But it didn't make much difference either because the 10 hours class we were supposed to have was cancelled. We would have went home if we knew it was all going to be cancelled. The thing was that we knew that the first two class was cancelled but we still couldn't go back home because we had a third class. We only found out that the third class was cancelled while we were watching 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

See that guy over here. He's Hiccup, the lead of course.
And meet the dragon, Toothless. He's really cute.
The movie was due to begin at around 12.10 pm, so we had around 2 hours to kill in Sunway Pyramid. Since the CFAB dinner is coming, the girls decided to shop around for dresses. And the boys just tagged along since they had nowhere else to go, as per them. Haha. I can bet with you that the two hours they spent tagging along with the girls was probably one of their most torturing moments in their life. Every shop we entered, having chairs there were considered as heaven to them. If there wasn't, you'll find them outside the shop, sitting on one of those chairs along the walkways. Well, Reuben said this was like training for the future girlfriend next time. Lucky her, then.

Look, my first origami rose! Taught by Crystie.
The rose looks pretty close to the real one (albeit being slightly too boxy, but I'm a beginner), don't you think? We both wished that some guy who will romantic enough to fold us the roses. It's not easy I can tell you. If you're interested in learning how, this website has got pretty good instructions there.

And there's my classmate in the background.

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