The 12km Wesak Day procession.

Firstly, I would like to wish all Buddhists a belated Happy Wesak Day.  I’m not sure how the Wesak Day comes along (yes, that would probably mean I need to brush up on my general knowledge) but my parents read in TheStar's newspaper yesterday in the Metro section about a Wesak Day procession. Mom wanted to see it so badly, so we headed out right after we finished our vegetarian curry dinner.

One of the first few floats.
I’m not going to write that much in today’s post, not because I don’t want to but it’s because there is really nothing much and I am tired. It’s 2 freaking am in the morning, by the way.

And oh, this is probably one of the first time I brought Cammy, my Canon S90 for an outdoor night photoshoot. So, mind you, the pictures might not be that sharp and all. After all, I haven’t really learn how to use my camera.

I actually didn’t intend to take such a close shot of this float, but I forgotten to un-zoom my camera then. But I liked how the shot turns out. It’s still pretty sharp to me. The ISO is set to 800 in this picture.

The picture is not as clear as the rest, mainly because I used the low light function on my camera. The ISO was pushed to the 12800! At ISO 12800, it is not even that blur. I love Cammy.

Oh, holy water.
I wouldn’t mind being splashed by the holy water, I mean it’s supposed to bring good luck or to cleanse your soul or something like that. But the thing was I had Cammy in my hand all the time. I didn't want to get it wet, so yea. I kinda like had to avoid getting splashed. But thanked God, I had lens protector on Cammy.

More holy water.
And then, we decided to watch the whole procession from a different view. We went up a nearby bridge and watched it from there instead. I got pictures from a different angle but I liked the eye level angle better.

This was one of the grandest float there.

The devotees carried a huge banner throughout the procession.

A portion of the 30 000 devotess who participated.

After a while, I got bored. So did my sis. And we started cam-whoring there. Haha.

Happy Birthday, my dear.

IMG_1433He turned 9 yesterday. And yes, he is still annoying everyone. Not the best picture of you, I'm not sorry. Haha.

"Time, is going by, so much faster than I" - Never Gonna Be Alone, Nickelback

You'll know that you have failed miserably as a sister when you are capable of not remembering when your brother's birthday is on. It's not that I have completely forgotten it's my brother birthday, it just slipped my mind yesterday... until dad called mom and I overheard. I've lost track of time, along with the workloads and the tests.

IMG_1430 Taking a picture along with his cake.

I wouldn't say I completely forgotten, I do know his birthday was on 25th of May. It's just that the 26th of May overshadowed his birthday. Today, the 26th is the CFAB orientation dinner in which I'll be emcee-ing along with Reuben Pak. It's a pretty important dinner, considering how much preparation was put into this dinner. And I’ve been working on the emcee script with Reuben, somehow I’m just so afraid I’ll screw up.  The script is approximately 2 and the half page long only. What if it’s not enough, I just keep asking myself that. I think this is when being spontaneous helps a lot. I just hope I don’t sound too casual. It’s a formal event after all.


I just realized I keep seeing the word Happy Birthday in my pictures. Guess it is obvious that this is a birthday post after all. Duh. What am I crapping, man.

IMG_1427Sissy and my bro.


That is a picture of a fried chicken, yes I do know that. I’m a freaking health freak but my brother wanted to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for his birthday. He wins, he is the birthday boy after all.



He obviously loved it.

Happy Birthday, boy!

In love …

.. with songs. I mean these days in college I actually do bring my earphones to listen to music. Haha, I don’t usually do that but I find solace in music especially with the state of my life now.

“You’re worried you’re falling for me?” I remembered the question.

Out of the blue, that question pops up in my phone. It’s what I call random-ness and cause I send that song over to you.

Yeap, this post is random. Oh, I might be on a unannounced hiatus this week.

Weird + Funny Encounters

Hmm, so which one should I begin on first? The weird ones or the funny (also sort of embarrassing) one? I think I shall start with weird ones. I wouldn’t really consider it as really freaky weird-ish, it is just not normal.

Weird Encounter 1

This one happened last Friday after we managed to persuade our Business Maths teacher to release us early so that we could ‘watch’ the Malaysian team in action in the Thomas Cup match. So, anyway most of my classmates went back leaving behind just a handful. I wanted to access the Internet which I can’t do from the East Block because Sun-U WLAN is only limited to the main building. =.= I know. They ought to do something about it. Like, seriously.

So, I lugged my laptop to the almost empty cafeteria and started surfing there. Out of a sudden, an overly excited girl with one of those green bag started talking to me. God, I don’t even remembered what she said now. She started taking out a clear glass bottle, which turns out to be perfume. Next thing I know she sprays it on her hand and then, smudge it on my hand. All this while I was using my laptop. Whaatt. Then, she starts promoting the perfume. Boy, was I lost that time.

When she finally stopped talking, I politely said no. I’m surprised that I didn’t just ran away. Haha. She gives me the creeps, you should have seen her smile. And the best thing is that the perfume is awfully strong and stinks like cheap perfume. Eww. Could have been dog’s pee according to Reuben.

Weird Encounter 2

This encounter isn’t as weird and as long as the first one but it caught me by surprise. I was on my way to McDonalds after the scholarship ceremony in Sunway University College. While I was on my way there, a salesgirl suddenly came into my way and asked me, “You must be in college, right?”

I didn’t even know she was talking to me until I saw her smile directed at me. Man. She looked so happy for idon’tknowwhy reason. I was like, “Huh?” and she said, “Oh, you’re working already?”. Me; “No.”  And I walked as fast as I could to McDonalds. God.

Either there is something wrong with me or the salesgirls these days are getting way too creepy and they obviously do not have any sense in being polite. Though I wouldn’t mind if it was cute sales guy instead. Yes, I’m shallow, got a problem with that?

Weird Encounter 3

Okay, so now I’m in McDonalds already (it’s on the same day, place at the second encounter) and there was this other guy in the queue in front of me. So, he ordered and stood at the side waiting for his order after he finished placing his order. It’s my turn next, so I ordered what I wanted after he did. I waited patiently for him to get his food, assuming that after his order it would be mine. 5 mins later, he got his order and left. The waiter placed a tray in front of me along with fries on it.

Naturally, I assumed that the tray was my order. And since the waiter was taking eons with my burgers, I thought I’ll might as well munch on the fries first. So, I happily took one, and another, feeding it to my brother this time. I was this close to taking another when the waiter finally came and placed a McFlurry (which I didn’t order ) on the tray…… and in that split second, realization hits me. That tray is not my order! OMZG.

And I’ve been eating from it. And the guy behind him stepped in front to claim the tray. And he was standing behind me all the time, watching me munch on his French Fries. And he took the tray. And I apologized and apologized again. Thanked God, the cute guy smiled and said it was okay. Aww, at least he wasn’t a mean person. He was friendly and nice. And my oh my, I was so embarrassed that time. Lesson learnt; don’t ever assume. It makes an ASS out of U and ME. But in the case, it’s just me. Not the guy.

Holler back at you.

I honestly didn’t realize just how long I haven’t been blogging  until today when I had lunch with Crystie, Arthur and Cheok today at SS3. Cheok, the ‘beruk’ was the one who mentioned that my last post was ‘Beauty in Breakdown.’

“Damn, I haven’t been blogging.” I thought to myself.

So, lunch was apparently the best Chee Cheong Fun in Petaling Jaya or one that Arthur do know of. Well, I tried it and it was good but not fantastic. No pictures though, I didn’t bring my camera. (Don’t worry, I do have delicious food pictures. Coming soon.)

Anyways, I’ve been pretty busy these days. I mean I have Accounting classes everyday with basically no time to revise my chapters because I’m in college from 8 am till 6 pm. I have to wake up at 6 am every freaking morning, man. And then, I have Council activities to handle. We’re like in the midst of organizing the Amazing G(reen) Race. I think it’s going to be one hell of an event, the first one organized under the Special Task Department.

Besides that, I’ve got this emcee script to write on and I have absolutely no idea where and how to write it. And my other emcee, Reuben Pak still have the guts to play a prank on me. Says he is going to quit being an emcee because he is simply too busy. And that Danny was going to replace him. Of course I believed him. I mean why shouldn’t I? But turns out it was a prank. Blueks. This is why I find it hard to trust them. Haha.

Hmm, what else should I blog? Oh, remember that period of time when I kept posting “Screw you” everywhere? Like it was on my MSN, Twitter and my Facebook. Well, Ian wrote a poem after being inspired by my constant screwing of people. [My sincerest apologies, I was going through a tough period of time.]


Screw You by Chew Jern Ian

Screw you,

Oh screw you dear,

For all the nights I dream,

For all the days I live,

For you.

Screw you,

Oh screw you sweetheart,

For all the hell you give,

For all the shit I feel,

For you.

Oh screw you,

Screw you screw you.

Love love love love you.



And there you have it. So, I’ll be blogging quite soon. This is my promise.

Beauty In Breakdown?

God, I feel like shit. I tweeted that, it is on my Facebook. And I could probably like say that a million times cause it is pretty much true.

I am tired, sleep-deprived, laden with far too many things; study and work, issues to handle, Mother’s Day, read something that broke my heart in a million pieces again, 86 accounting questions to do, dozens of pages to read from my Accounting study manual, caterer who sells lunch set at RM 3 per pack to find, riddles to write, room to clean up, body to be toned, things to explain, progress test to worry about, script to write, scholarship issues to sort out, transportation problems, insufficient amount of time in a day, songs to upload to my phone, on the verge of tearing up, eyes bags to worry about, emo-ness to overcome, worrying if I had made the right decision or not,  need to try to stop doubting myself, finding the strength to move on, looking for that piece of determination inside me, need to stop thinking so much about some stuff, stop reading things that breaks your heart again and again, have more control over my own bloody feelings and and …. (there are like a million other things I can list but hell, I have no time.)


I’m just going through some really tough time, so just bear me. Sorry.

Looking for: Knight in Shining Armor?

Sighs. Any takers?  These few days had been a rollercoaster of emotions. I could be feeling okay and the next, I’m emotional and upset and then, I’m close to crying. I really need to stop moping around, this is not doing any good to my soul. Oh, that explains why I haven’t been blogging as often as I usually do.

Anyway, sometimes I just can’t pull myself into pouring, baring it all on my blog. Despite the fact that I do so very much like to do that but I can’t. Because there are just some things that are not meant to be shared with everyone.

I did learnt my lesson after receiving a hate mail. Thank you very much, Bastard/Bitch.


I ought to get over what I’m moping around.  And I’ll be okay. Don’t worry.

He is a freaking jerk and a freaking player. He is not even worth of my attention. So long, sucker.

Where are you, my knight in shinning armor?

I’m feeling much better now.And yes,

I’m still looking for that knight.