The 12km Wesak Day procession.

Firstly, I would like to wish all Buddhists a belated Happy Wesak Day.  I’m not sure how the Wesak Day comes along (yes, that would probably mean I need to brush up on my general knowledge) but my parents read in TheStar's newspaper yesterday in the Metro section about a Wesak Day procession. Mom wanted to see it so badly, so we headed out right after we finished our vegetarian curry dinner.

One of the first few floats.
I’m not going to write that much in today’s post, not because I don’t want to but it’s because there is really nothing much and I am tired. It’s 2 freaking am in the morning, by the way.

And oh, this is probably one of the first time I brought Cammy, my Canon S90 for an outdoor night photoshoot. So, mind you, the pictures might not be that sharp and all. After all, I haven’t really learn how to use my camera.

I actually didn’t intend to take such a close shot of this float, but I forgotten to un-zoom my camera then. But I liked how the shot turns out. It’s still pretty sharp to me. The ISO is set to 800 in this picture.

The picture is not as clear as the rest, mainly because I used the low light function on my camera. The ISO was pushed to the 12800! At ISO 12800, it is not even that blur. I love Cammy.

Oh, holy water.
I wouldn’t mind being splashed by the holy water, I mean it’s supposed to bring good luck or to cleanse your soul or something like that. But the thing was I had Cammy in my hand all the time. I didn't want to get it wet, so yea. I kinda like had to avoid getting splashed. But thanked God, I had lens protector on Cammy.

More holy water.
And then, we decided to watch the whole procession from a different view. We went up a nearby bridge and watched it from there instead. I got pictures from a different angle but I liked the eye level angle better.

This was one of the grandest float there.

The devotees carried a huge banner throughout the procession.

A portion of the 30 000 devotess who participated.

After a while, I got bored. So did my sis. And we started cam-whoring there. Haha.

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