Beauty In Breakdown?

God, I feel like shit. I tweeted that, it is on my Facebook. And I could probably like say that a million times cause it is pretty much true.

I am tired, sleep-deprived, laden with far too many things; study and work, issues to handle, Mother’s Day, read something that broke my heart in a million pieces again, 86 accounting questions to do, dozens of pages to read from my Accounting study manual, caterer who sells lunch set at RM 3 per pack to find, riddles to write, room to clean up, body to be toned, things to explain, progress test to worry about, script to write, scholarship issues to sort out, transportation problems, insufficient amount of time in a day, songs to upload to my phone, on the verge of tearing up, eyes bags to worry about, emo-ness to overcome, worrying if I had made the right decision or not,  need to try to stop doubting myself, finding the strength to move on, looking for that piece of determination inside me, need to stop thinking so much about some stuff, stop reading things that breaks your heart again and again, have more control over my own bloody feelings and and …. (there are like a million other things I can list but hell, I have no time.)


I’m just going through some really tough time, so just bear me. Sorry.

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