Happy Birthday, my dear.

IMG_1433He turned 9 yesterday. And yes, he is still annoying everyone. Not the best picture of you, I'm not sorry. Haha.

"Time, is going by, so much faster than I" - Never Gonna Be Alone, Nickelback

You'll know that you have failed miserably as a sister when you are capable of not remembering when your brother's birthday is on. It's not that I have completely forgotten it's my brother birthday, it just slipped my mind yesterday... until dad called mom and I overheard. I've lost track of time, along with the workloads and the tests.

IMG_1430 Taking a picture along with his cake.

I wouldn't say I completely forgotten, I do know his birthday was on 25th of May. It's just that the 26th of May overshadowed his birthday. Today, the 26th is the CFAB orientation dinner in which I'll be emcee-ing along with Reuben Pak. It's a pretty important dinner, considering how much preparation was put into this dinner. And I’ve been working on the emcee script with Reuben, somehow I’m just so afraid I’ll screw up.  The script is approximately 2 and the half page long only. What if it’s not enough, I just keep asking myself that. I think this is when being spontaneous helps a lot. I just hope I don’t sound too casual. It’s a formal event after all.


I just realized I keep seeing the word Happy Birthday in my pictures. Guess it is obvious that this is a birthday post after all. Duh. What am I crapping, man.

IMG_1427Sissy and my bro.


That is a picture of a fried chicken, yes I do know that. I’m a freaking health freak but my brother wanted to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for his birthday. He wins, he is the birthday boy after all.



He obviously loved it.

Happy Birthday, boy!

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