Looking for: Knight in Shining Armor?

Sighs. Any takers?  These few days had been a rollercoaster of emotions. I could be feeling okay and the next, I’m emotional and upset and then, I’m close to crying. I really need to stop moping around, this is not doing any good to my soul. Oh, that explains why I haven’t been blogging as often as I usually do.

Anyway, sometimes I just can’t pull myself into pouring, baring it all on my blog. Despite the fact that I do so very much like to do that but I can’t. Because there are just some things that are not meant to be shared with everyone.

I did learnt my lesson after receiving a hate mail. Thank you very much, Bastard/Bitch.


I ought to get over what I’m moping around.  And I’ll be okay. Don’t worry.

He is a freaking jerk and a freaking player. He is not even worth of my attention. So long, sucker.

Where are you, my knight in shinning armor?

I’m feeling much better now.And yes,

I’m still looking for that knight.



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