Did I screw it up?

With only approximately 4 hours of sleep yesterday, it’s a miracle that I made it through today’s final accounting paper.

I thanked God that I didn’t completely blanked out during the paper, but I did spend quite some time figuring out the months. God, I was just so confused with the beginning and the end of the month. It’s kind of like this:

“Shit. How many months is there from 1/3/x5 – 31/8/x5?”

*starts counting using my finger*

“Is it 6 or 7 months?”

I think if my results come out below what I expected, I know for sure what went wrong. It’s this freaking month counting issue I have. I’m praying hard I didn’t screw up the months now. I’ll pass, but I might not be happy with the result. Especially knowing where I could have went wrong.

Of course, there were other questions where I just stared at the screen, re-reading the question again and again but I just don’t get what it wants. Damn. I had to do the worst thing anyone can ever imagine doing but would have at least did once in their lifetime; I ‘tembak-ed’ the answer. Even though I had 5 minutes more to actually understand and attempt the bloody question, I didn’t. I guessed I just gave up.  I feel guilty now. Can I blame my consistent slacking over the past three days of study break? That would mean blaming myself. Hell yeah, why not?

Oh, well. I’ll know my marks tomorrow and we’ll see if I did screw up or not. Hopefully not. I’ll be in Malacca though and I’m not sure if I could get online in the afternoon.

We’ll see then. Oh, yeah. We’ll see.


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