End of my world.

Maybe the title is a bit too dramatic, but guess what, it’s perfect for me to describe what happened to me. Well, for a start this didn’t happen today. It happened a few days ago when I was in Malacca for a family trip (yes, I’m supposed to blog about that too).

Something happened in the morning that made my heart broke into a million pieces. I can say that 99% of you out there would think that the reason for this is absurdly ridiculous. But you don’t understand just how important Cammy, my camera is to me. She means the world to me and I dropped her on the cold, hard, rocky stone floor of a temple in Malacca. Screw myself. I was stupid enough to slip on a step and dropped my unzipped pouch with Cammy in it. She was practically thrown out from the pouch and was flung open from her leather case. Imagine the bloody impact the floor had on her. When I saw her on the floor, my heart cracked. When I saw the scratches and the cracks all over her, my heart broke and shattered into a million pieces. Sighs, I can’t even bear to look at her anymore. I haven’t touched her since I came back from my trip. I hate myself.

To make matter worst, on that very same day, the results for my Accounting Final came out. I was in the middle of Malacca with no wi-fi connection. I couldn’t check my results and I had to depend on my friends for it. Can you imagine the agony of not being able to check my very own results? I was dying to hear the message alert tone of my phone. I waited and waited and finally, the monkey called. He said I got 77. I thought it was a joke. It’s not. By then, I knew I’ve screwed up already. I couldn’t count the months, that was what went wrong.

I suck.


  1. I'm doing the ACCA tax paper (UK stream) and it has even more "month-counting" than accounting and I kept making mistakes at first. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. :)

  2. Thanks. Guess what, I do have a Tax paper in ICAEW too. I'm just hoping I'll get a hang of the months soon.