For once, I’m going to do a photo post since I did spent some amount of my time editing the pictures I took from the wedding. As for the wedding, there is actually nothing much to talk about it. It is one of my cousin’s dinner wedding but the thing is, well, I am not that close to her. So, I wasn’t involved in the wedding. I’m just attending a wedding dinner and there is really nothing more to elaborate. There was food and it was good, yes. Mandarin songs karaoke, blasting through the speakers. Oh, yes. That is about it. Now, it’s time for the pictures.



sis and i

Haha, I know there is more pictures of my sister and I than the wedding itself. Well, at least now you can guess how interesting the wedding was or how vain are the both of us. But hey, you are at my blog. Publishing rights is what I have after all. :)

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