The I-Lost-Something Blues

Have you ever had that feeling when you lost something, you just had to find that something back? And that no amount of money can replace that something which you lost? Even if you bought back something similar, you still can’t really replaced what you have lost and you definitely can’t forget what you lost either?

I’m having one of those moments. It really sucks because I bought a replacement but I didn’t really liked it. It just wasn’t the same; the casing, the brush, the design, the color. And you must be wondering what-the-hell did I lost. I lost my irreplaceable lip gloss.

I can imagine you laughing and saying, “Oh puh-lease. Don’t be so dramatic. It’s just a lip gloss.” Well, it’s not for me. It is so much more than that. I dug out like every other lip gloss I had but the texture is just not right. Sighs.


The lip gloss I lost is the one with the black thingy in between. The one in the picture belongs to my sister. So, if you ever find one similar to that, please tell me where I could get it. Thanks. I’ll love you forever.

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