Pre-Accounting Finals Stress Syndrome

I have the weirdest way of de-stressing; I ate a super chocolatey moist chocolate cake which makes my throat go icky. I am also here blogging when most of my classmates are probably studying, pouring themselves over the books and are not on Facebook. The lack of new notifications only proves it, so is my phone. I guess it is only at times like these when having a blog is useful; I get to release some stress over here. It’s better than keeping it all inside.

I think it’s kind of obvious that my final Accounting paper is just round the corner. It is on this Sat, I've got my second last Accounting class today, last one is tomorrow and then from Wednesday till Friday, it is study break. Hmm, I ought to be fully utilizing that break. I can’t slack, man. I can’t afford it especially after my test results are like the rollercoaster ride.

I wouldn’t want any unpleasant surprises on Sun, when the results is purported to be out. It wasn’t release on the expected date the last time. Let’s hope it does this time.


This ought to serve as a wake-up call for me. I have not been sleeping early, my usual go to bed time: 1-2 am. It’s pretty late, I know. The eye bags are getting more obvious. As the days passed, I think I begin to look more like a zombie. I look like shit. Period.

So, at 11.30 pm tonight, I’m going to go to bed. 

That leaves me less than 30 minutes to get ready for bed then.


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