Yesterday was whaaaaat……

Hey peeps. Firstly, do thanked God that you didn’t see me yesterday. If you did, bless you. You have officially seen me at my worst (actually not really, I went even worse than that before and no, that one is not for public viewing). Thanks to my friends who tried to cheer me up, really appreciate that you gals and guys were there.

If you’re lost as to why I was so upset yesterday, well I basically screwed my sure-cannot-fail-Business-Mathematics paper. I couldn’t even answer the first bloody question, the other remaining four questions were just a blur to me. To make matter worst, the exam hall was so cold till I couldn’t even feel my fingers. Thanks a lot.


Can you see the many many paper of formulas I painstakingly wrote? Like all 14 chapters worth of formulas in there, you know. Sighs, it all went down the drain yesterday at 11 am in the North West building of Sunway University College.  And the best part was that after the exam ended, we were given the marking scheme. It just made things worse because as soon as I saw the first page of the scheme and my answers didn’t tally with it, I died on the spot.

And the rest was history. I was emo from then onwards, had a sudden craving for ice-cream but they didn’t have my favourite strawberry gelato in college and I couldn’t get to Pyramid for it, so I settled for some strawberry cheesecake flavoured ice-cream cone which was a huge mistake. Ugh. I shall not torture myself to eat ice-cream I don’t even like.

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