Haven’t you heard that textured nails are all the rage?

Honestly, I have no idea how textured nails are supposed to look like. It’s just a term I coined up when I woke up from my nap and took a look at my not-so-freshly-coated nails. They look like this;


Omigod, right? Imagine my horror when I woke up to find my nails being texture-ized by (I think) my constant tossing-around-in-my-bed during the nap. And I can say it is a very bad habit of mine to sleep after applying a fresh coat of paint to my nails; it happens almost every time. Guys, if you’re thinking that it is the process of doing my nails that exhaust me I would actually agree with you. I kind of actually loathe the process of doing my nails. The worst part of it would have to be painting my nails. I never do get it right. I’d either have air bubbles or textured nails. I’d figure that since this is the state my nails is going to be for a long long time, I might as well start liking having textured nails.

And oh, my mum can paint nails really really well. I so envy her. She did my toe nails and boy, they are perfect. Why didn’t I get that gene from her?

I think I shall end my post here. I’ve got to pack for tomorrow. It’s back to college and this time around I will be armed with notepad (something I didn’t had to use in my first semester), highlighters in multiple colour and a positive mindset that I can indeed take on Law and Business Finance. 

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