How is working life?

Problem: I got a three weeks break from college. I didn’t want to rot at home.                                                       Solution: I found myself a job, working in a toy shop.                                                                                                

Some of my college friends, when they heard that I was going to work for entire three weeks of my semester break called me lifeless ( :] you know who you are ). Well, I don’t exactly blame them. I mean this is my first holiday after studying for around 5 and the half months. I mean it is the first break I get and I dedicated it to work. Not to myself. Only because I know myself too well. Knowing me, I would have rot at home, doing basically nothing everyday. Though I did realize I have a lot of blogging to do; like catching up some bits of my life I have yet to share with the world. Hmm.

What is done and over is I guess, done and over. No point musing in the ‘what ifs’ because I did actually had fun working in Spiele and Schenken; I’ll admit that yes, it was tiring at times but most of the time, I enjoyed myself working there. Here are some snapshots of my workplace.

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Of all the different types of jobs I was assigned to, the one I felt was the hardest was completing the packing slip. That means I have to find each items according to the list and guess what, the hundreds over items are scattered everywhere in the storeroom. It doesn’t just end there; I still have to find which rack the items comes from and then find the codes again and finally pack it according to the list. These racks are super high, that is why there is a need for a ladder as you can see from the pictures. I’m lucky I’m not afraid of heights.

My other jobs include

  • Counting stocks (Where I would take boxes out, empty them and physically counting them one by one. Not my favourite job but guess what went through my mind when I was doing that; this is somewhat similar to what I’m going to do later, auditing.)
  • Placing items into their display racks (Where I am given returned items from stores like Tangs and I have to take out the price tags and put them back into their respective places in the rack)
  • Sticking price tags (Where I get this stack of price tags and I stick them to the products. I like doing this.)
  • Wrapping up products using a machine (See the machine next to the ‘Chocoholic’ picture? Yeah, that is the machine I’m talking about. I like doing this too but the downside of it is that it gets so hot because it uses heat to shrink the plastic. It wraps a product till it is air tight.)

It was a whole new experience working there, doing things I usually won’t do. Even if it is called work, it was fun and what makes the whole experience better was my colleagues. They speak Cantonese. I do too, just not that fluent and yes, if you ever heard me speaking Cantonese, you will laugh your heads off. I am that bad.

Anyway, they are a really nice, friendly and funny bunch of people. On my last day (which was yesterday), two of the girls; Erin and Pei Lin treated me to lunch at a nearby restaurant. And there is also another colleague who was supposed to join us too but he couldn’t as he had to deliver some products. He is nice too; bought me lunch and snacks sometimes. 


I might actually miss work and them. :) Thanks, Koo Cheh.

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