I.am.childish. [Part 1]

You can’t blame me for being childish because I have every right to. Let me tell you a secret. Pinky promise, you won’t tell anyone? Here it goes. There is a child trapped inside my body. I look like a normal teenager but the truth is, I am moonlighting as a kid.
You want proof? I have some for you here.
What would a college student do when she first enters her classroom?  Settle down in her place and get ready for class.  Me? I whip out my stationary and start role-playing with my friend, Crystie. It is child’s play for me all over again. I guess playing with the dolls back when I was a child wasn’t enough.  
(Pictures credit of Crystie; taken from http://crystiex-lulux.blogspot.com/)                                               
PS: I simply put Part 1 in the title because I believe there is going to be a Part 2, Part 3 and so on for other posts with the same title.
I am proud to be childish.

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