If life gives me shit, I’ll give life a piece of me.

I thought yesterday was hell for me; but at least yesterday was about managing my time well which I thought I did pretty well except the fact that I went to bed at 1.30 am. But it was worth it. So, I can safely say that yesterday’s ‘shit’ was still within my control. But today’s ‘shit’ was “Whoa.” It was obviously beyond my control and yes, because of what happened I screw up my oh-so-good time management. I took a far too long nap than what I needed; yes, I like to punish myself for taking a long nap. And up to now, I haven’t done anything productive unless you count slacking as productive. But I need get a shorter fringe after my class ended today.


See the last picture of the three; the one on your right hand side? Yes, that is my latest look. I’ll probably keep that look for say two weeks at most?

Today is the day when yellow is lime green. How awesome is that. Does that mean that today could be a day where I am just not myself?

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