I’m tired.

I am tired; emotionally, physically, mentally. Monday was hell. I had a 6 hours Law class and a 3 hours Business & Finance class. Today, I only had 3 hours of Law and 3 hours of B & F. This weekend I have two progress tests. I know this is part and parcel of what I signed up for when I enrolled myself in this course. But hey, I am here to release some of those stress that have been building up inside me. Emotionally drained because I’m so tired of the whole thing which seem to happen again and again. Just when I thought things was getting better, it had to screw up. Sighs. I have other obligations too. I’m going to need to sort those things out. I’m in a fix too. Should I quit? But I am not a quitter.

Anyway, I haven’t been posting much pictures. I’ll post some random pictures here, kays?

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